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P201 Web Resources

These videos present equipment used in the Indiana University P201 Laboratories. They have been produced to help students familiarize themselves with the equipment before going to the labs. The videos are intentionally short. They are not intended to be a detailed explanation of how to do the labs. Unless otherwise told by your lab instructor, if there are conflicts between what the video demonstrates and what the lab manual asks for, the lab manual should always be used.

Title Stream Video (Quicktime)
Archimedes Principle Launch Stream
Atwood Machine Launch Stream
Ballistic Pendulum Launch Stream
Centripetal Force Launch Stream
Collisions On An Air Track Launch Stream
Conservation of Energy Launch Stream
Introduction to Motion Launch Stream
Simple Harmonic Motion Launch Stream
Speed of Sound Launch Stream
Uniform Acceleration Launch Stream
Vector Addition Launch Stream
Lecture 1 (Walker Ch 23)
Force between current carrying wires:
Faraday’s Experiment:
Faraday’s Exp interactive:
Metal detector:
Lecture 2 (Walker Ch 23)
LENZ’s Law interactive:
Faraday simulations:
AC generator:
Lecture 3 (Walker Ch 23)
Faraday’s Experiment:
How a transformer works:
Lecture 4 (Walker Ch 24)
Circular motion & sinusoid:
Phasors & sinusoids:
Lecture 5 (Walker Ch 24)
Lecture 6 (Walker Ch 24)
RLC circuit:
Tuning a radio:
Lecture 7 (Walker Ch 25)
Radiowaves simulation:
Dipole radiation (2nd down):
Lecture 11 (Walker Ch 26)
Human Eye:
Color blindness:

Magnifying glass: ation/

Chromatic aberration:
Other Interesting Links

Educational encyclopedia:
Electricity and Magnetism:
Another convex lens:
Another Faraday exp:
Faraday’s EM lab simulations:
How a speaker works:
Mag field between two current carrying rings – very artistic:
AC generator:
Impedance triangle interactive:
RC circuit:
RLC circuit: