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College of Arts and Sciences

Senior Honors Thesis

For Physics Majors, completed independently or via enrollment in S406. For Applied Physics Majors, enroll in S409.

Instructions/Procedures for Senior Thesis

Samples of Past Senior Theses:

Date Title Name
4/2003 The IP over IDE Project: A New Tool for Lattice QCD Zach Etienne
4/2003 Design of a Combined Steering and Focusing Quadrupole Brock Sayre
5/2003 Design and Fabrication of "Cosmic Dance'' An Exhibit at WonderLab Museum of Science, Health, and Technology Pamela A. Young
6/2003 Urban Surface Characteristics for Turbulent Source Areas: Calculation of Roughness Length under Neutral Conditions Reiko Toriumi
8/2004 Development of a High Bandwidth Preamplifier and Associated Components for the PICASSO Dark Matter Detector Edward Roland Behnke
5/2005 High Energy Neutron Detection for LENS Jonathan Horton
12/2005 Use of Slot Cars for Measurement of The Doppler Effect for Introductory Physics Students Neal Gleitz
5/ 2007 An Investigation of an Alternative High Efficiency Lighting Solution for Naval Use Charles W. Colglazier
5/2007 Modes of the Upper and Lower Bout of the Violin Top Plate Julie DiNitto
5/2007 Approximating the Evolution Time of the Eye: A Genetic Algorithms Approach Dov J. Rhodes
6/2007 Dynamics of Complex Neural Networks: An Experimental Approach Robert M. Koffie
4/2008 Studies of High Voltage Breakdown in Superfluid Helium and SQUID Noise: a R&D Effort to Support the Neutron Electric Dipole Moment Experiment at SNS Craig Huffer
5/2009 Refurbishment of a Short Range Gravity Experiment at Indiana University Sean Lewis
5/2009 Determination of Transverse Rotational Axis of Multi-joint Robotic Arm: Application to Computed Tomography Jeff Hajewski
5/2009 Spring Loaded Camming Device for rock climbing: analysis and optimization Phillip Anuta
1/2010 Faraday Cup Design and Geant4 Simulation for the ALPHA Project at IUCF Patrick McChesney
5/2010 Unifying Inflation and Dark Energy Using an Interacting Holographic Model Abagail Besemer
5/2010 Studies of a Pyroelectric Crystal to Develop a Tabletop Monoenergetic Neutron Source via Nuclear Fusion Gregory J. Pauley