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Archibald W. Hendry

Archibald W. Hendry Professor Emeritus
Elementary Particle Physics (Theoretical)

B.Sc., Glasgow University, Scotland, 1958.
Ph.D., Glasgow University, Scotland, 1962.
Postdoctoral Positions: Univ. of California at San Diego, Oxford Univ. England, Univ. of Illinois

Email: hendry at

Curriculum Vitae
Personal Webpage

Most of my research in the past has been in the area of strong interaction physics (quarks) and neutrino physics. In recent years however, my interests have shifted primarily to various topics in the history of physics.

For details on my Research, Teaching, Service, research funding, awards, recognition etc, see my Personal Webpage.

Selected Publications

  • Johannes Kepler and Extra Dimensions, The Physics Teacher 41, 460 (November 2003).
  • A Triple Rainbow? The Physics Teacher 42, 39 (February 2004)
  • Kepler's Relentless Pursuit of the Suns Energy
  • Newton's Apple, The Physics Teacher, 45, 294 (2007).
  • A Physicist's Odyssey - from orbits to gravity, Robt Boyd publ., Oxford UK (2018)