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Dear High School Teachers and/or Prospective Students and Parents of Students:

If you have question, please contact us:

We would love for you or your students to pay us a visit. We can arrange for you to sit in on the Honors Physics Class and/or other physics courses. We could also arrange for you to meet other members of the physics faculty and physics majors. Just fill out the form below. We hope to hear from you!

wsnow @ (Mike Snow), Faculty, Undergraduate Recruitment. Phone: (812) 855-3881
jpilgrim @ (Jane Pilgrim), Undergraduate Academic Advisor. Phone: (812) 855-6768
halharmo @ (Hallie Devido), Associate Director of Recruiting, Phone: (812) 855-2403
sclemmon @ (Scott Lemmon), Director of Recruiting, Phone: (812) 855-7440

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