OCSP 2013-2014 Ambassadors Application

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*Note: Applicants MUST mail in the most recent copy of their report card. A GPA of at least 2.5 is required.

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    Application: 2013 Ambassador
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    For more information, please contact Kim Morris-Newson kmorrisn@indiana.edu 812-856-6003

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21st Century Scholars
Black Cultural Center
Asian Cultural Center
Hudson & Holland
Latino Cultural Center
First Nation Cultural Center
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Which program(s) would you like to apply for?

College Kids - 1-day program for 4th--6th graders
College Life Tour - visit middle schools in Indiana
Campus Tours - panel discussions & campus tours
Spring Shadow - mentor high school students
       Required: Please Select Session(s) and Mentors for Spring Shadow
       Session 1 March 30 - April 1        Session 2 April 6 - 8
       Lead Mentors          Day Mentors

* Lead Mentors will meet, greet and stay with Mentees in the dorm. The Mentors and Students will stay all together in the dorm for two night. Lead Mentors will go to dinner, bowling and attend a Tuesday morning presentation.

* Day Mentors will meet and greet Mentees on Sunday and pick up their Mentees on Monday at 8:00am from their dorm, take the Mentees to classes and bring them to dinner at 5:00pm. Day Mentors may stay for evening activities if your schedule allows.

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misdemeanor felony

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