Metropolitan School District of Wabash County


Teachers in years 3, 4, and 5 will use this process annually and then every fifth year unless requested by their administrator to return to the Teacher Performance Evaluation (TPE). This is an on-line process. All principals will add teachers to the system and provide them their log in and password by August 30. The principals’ link is

The teachers’ web site address is: By September 15, each participating teacher completes his or her professional growth plan, indicating 1-3 behaviors on which they will focus. By October 1, the principal or other administrative designee reviews the plan and provides feedback. The principal has the final determination of any or all of the indicators. During the evaluation period, the teacher will add evidence of progress toward meeting professional goals to the plan document. The teacher and principal collaborate online and add notes to the plan to document progress. By April 15, a summative evaluation meeting will occur.