Please enter your school's College Board Code (CBC) in the box below.

If your assigned College Board Code does not work in our system, please e-mail the HSSSE office and provide your school name, school location (city and state), and College Board Code. We will enter your school information in the HSSSE database and let you know when your school is cleared to register.

If you do not know your school's College Board Code, click here.

  • Enter the city and state in which your school is located, and the school's name.  Then click on "Search."
  • When you find your school in the list that is generated, note the number next to your school name. Enter this number in the box above.
  • Please contact the HSSSE office if you are not able to find your school's College Board Code; another number will be assigned to your school.

NOTE: If you have difficulty with the College Board Code link provided above, you can go directly to the College Board website, Once there, click on "Register for the SAT." Then find "Tools" on the left side of the screen and click on "Code Search." Then click on "High schools" and follow the steps outlined above.

If you have any technical problems, please e-mail yjchang @; or call 812.856.1813.