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Department of American Studies College of Arts and Sciences

Undergraduate Minor

The minor in American Studies provides training in interdisciplinary thinking, analytical writing, and comparative cultural studies.

  • This interdisciplinary minor equips students to better
    • evaluate the methods and approaches of any particular discipline;
    • make connections between different objects of study; and
    • open up new areas of inquiry or innovative perspectives on familiar topics.
  • Students learn not only how to answer questions related to their areas of study, but how to keep asking better questions and thus to generate rich, new possibilities for creative activity.
  • The minor stresses the diversity of United States cultures. This comparative approach to diverse populations, histories, and traditions within the nation complements our emphasis on the international dimensions of American life. Students are encouraged to understand local and national phenomena as embedded in larger social and economic systems to explore how American cultural forms and practices have been and continue to be shaped by the movement of people, ideas, commodities, and resources across national borders.

All American Studies classes emphasize analytical writing, or the ability to define issues, develop their implications, and propose interpretations in persuasive, expository prose.


Students must complete 15 credit hours in the minor, including all other College Requirements for Minors and the following:

1. Introductory Courses - Complete the following:
  • AMST-A 100 What is America? (3 cr.)
2. Intermediate Courses - Complete one of the following:
  • AMST-A 200 Comparative American Identities (3 cr.)
  • AMST-A 201 U.S. Movements & Institutions (3 cr.)
  • AMST-A 202 U.S. Arts & Media (3 cr.)
3. Advanced Courses - Complete three American Studies courses at the 300-400 level for a total of 9 credit hours.