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Department of American Studies College of Arts and Sciences

Cross-listed Courses

Cross-listed courses that may fulfill American Studies distribution credit

African American and African Diaspora Studies
A205 Black Electoral Politics (3 cr.)
A210 Black Women in the Diaspora (3 cr.)
A249 Afro-American Autobiography (3 cr.)
A250 U.S. Contemporary Minorities (3 cr.)
A255 The Black Church in America (3 cr.)
A265 Sports and the Afro-American Experience (3 cr.)
A277 Images of Black in Film (3 cr.)
A278 Contemporary Black Film (3 cr.)
A290 Sociocultural Perspective of Afro-American Music (3 cr.)
A330 African American Cinematic Experiences (3 cr.) (A & H)
A352 Afro-American Art II: Afro-American Artists (3 cr.)
A354 Transnational Americas (3 cr.)
A355 Afro-American History I (3 cr.)
A356 Afro-American History II (3 cr.)
A359 Ethnic/Racial Stereotypes in American Film (3 cr.)
A360 Comparative Slavery (3 cr.)
A379 Early Black American Writing (3 cr.)
A380 Contemporary Black American Writing (3 cr.)
A382 Black Community, Law and Social Change (3 cr.)
A383 Blacks in American Drama and Theatre, 1767-1945 (3 cr.)
A384 Blacks in American Drama and Theatre, 1945-present (3 cr.)
A386 Black Feminist Perspectives (3 cr.)
A388/E388 Motown (3 cr.)
A391 Black Nationalism (3 cr.)
A392/F394 Afro-American Folklore (3 cr.)
A393/Music M393 History of Jazz in America (3 cr.)
A397/Music M397 Popular Music of Black America (3 cr.)
A405 Civil Rights and Black Power Movements, 1954-1974 (3 cr.)
A407 Afro-American and African Protest Strategies (3 cr.)
A408 Gender, Race and Class in Cross-Cultural Perspective (3 cr.)
A415 The Political Impact of Black Religion (3 cr.)
A430 Cinema of African American Women (3 cr.)
A447 Race, Crime and Media (3 cr.)
A452 History of the Education of Black Americans (3 cr.)
A479 Contemporary Black Poetry (3 cr.)
A480 The Black Novel (3 cr.)
A481 Racism and Law (3 cr.)
A489 Rap Music (3 cr.)
A496 Black Religious Music (3 cr.)


E320 Indians of North America (3 cr.)
E400/E600 The Anthropology Race (3 cr.)
P330 Historical Archaeology (3 cr.)

Art History (Fine Arts)
A342 Twentieth Century Art (3 cr.)
A348 American Architecture (3 cr.)
A446 American Art 1860-1900 (4 cr.)
A447 Modernism and Anti-modernism in American Art, 1900-1945 (4 cr.)
A452 Art of Pre-Columbian America (4 cr.)


Criminal Justice
P301 Police in Contemporary Society (3 cr.)
P302 Courts and Criminal Justice (3 cr.)
P375 The American Juvenile Justice System (3 cr.)
P381 History of Social Control in the U.S. (3 cr.)
P435 Minorities, Crime and Social Policy (3 cr.)
P471 Comparative Study of Criminal Justice Systems (3 cr.)
P482 The Family and Formal Control Systems in America (3 cr.)

East Asian Languages & Cultures
E101 The World and East Asia (3 cr.)

L223 Ethnic American Literature (3 cr.)
L241 Jewish American Writers (3 cr.)
L295 American Film Culture (3 cr.)
L358 American Literature, 1914-1960 (3 cr.) A & H
L359 American Literature, 1960-Present (3 cr.) A & H
L364 Native American Literature (3 cr.)
L374 Ethnic American Literature (3 cr.)


Folklore & Ethnomusicology
E112 Black Music of Two Worlds (3 cr.)
E295 Survey of Hip-Hop (3 cr.)
E297 Popular Music of Black America (3 cr.)
E345 Hip-Hop Music and Culture (3 cr.)
E394 Survey of African American Music (3 cr.)
E496 Black Religious Music (3 cr.)
F111 World Music and Cultures (3 cr.)
F131 Introduction to Folklore in the U.S. (3 cr.)
F351 North American Folklore/Folklife/Folk Music (3 cr.)
F353 Native American Film and Video (3 cr.)
F354 African American Folklore/Folklife/Folk Music (3 cr.)
F356 Chicano Folklore/Folklife/Folk Music (3 cr.)

Gender Studies
G101 Gender, Culture, and Society (3 cr.)
G102 Sexual Politics (3 cr.)
G206 Gay Histories / Queer Cultures (3 cr.)
G225 Gender, Sexuality, and Popular Culture (3 cr.)
G340 Gender, Geography, Sex and Space (3 cr.)
G410 International Feminist Debates (3 cr.)
G430 Kinsey’s Sexual Behavior in the Human Female (1953): Genealogies and Legacies (3 cr.)
G485 Gender and Discourse (3 cr.)


G314 Urban Geography (3 cr.)
G315 Environmental Conservation (3 cr.)
G323 Geography of Latin America (3 cr.)
G324 Geography of the Caribbean (3 cr.)

A200 Introduction to Native American History (3 cr.)
A225 Elvis and Post World War II American History (3 cr.)
A259 American Jewish History (3 cr.)
A261 Modern American Women’s History (3 cr.)
A300 Issues in United States History (3 cr.)
A301-A302 American Colonial History I-II (3-3 cr.)
A303-A304 United States, 1789-1865 (3-3 cr.)
A307 American Cultural History (3 cr.)
A309 The South before the Civil War (3 cr.)
A310 Survey of American Indians I (3 cr.)
A311 Survey of American Indians II (3 cr.)
A313 Origins of Modern America, 1865-1917 (3 cr.)
A314 The United States, 1917-1945 (3 cr.)
A315 United States since World War II (3 cr.)
A317 American Social and Intellectual History (3 cr.)
A337-A338 The American Frontier I-II (3 cr.)
A345-A346 American Diplomatic History (3 cr.)
A347 American Urban History (3 cr.)
A352 History of Latinos in the United States (3 cr.)
A353-A354 American Economic History I-II (3 cr.)
A355-A356 Afro-American History (3-3 cr.)
A361-A362 Studies in American History for Teachers I-II (3-3 cr.)
A379 Elivs, Dylan and Postwar America (3 cr.)
A380 The Vietnam War (3 cr.)
A381 Civil Rights in the United States (3 cr.)
A382 The Sixties (3 cr.)
A383 From Ragtime to Rap: Popular Music in the Making of America (3 cr.)
A384 America Before the Civil War (3 cr.)
A386 History of the American Home (3 cr.)
A389 Twentieth-Century American Intellectual History (3 cr.)
H208 American-East Asian Relations (3 cr.)
H212 Latin American Culture and Civilization 2 (3 cr.)
H220 American Military History (3 cr.)

History and Philosophy of Science
X222 Big Science in the Twentieth Century (3 cr.)
X369 History of American Science (3 cr.)


Latino Studies
L104 Latinas in the United States (3 cr.) (S & H)
L396 Gender & Migration - Caribbean (3 cr.) (S & H) (CSA)

School of Music
Z201 History of Rock n' Roll Music I (3 cr.)
Z202 History of Rock n' Roll Music II (3 cr.) (3 cr.)
Z301 Rock Music in the '70s and '80s (3 cr.)
Z320 Special Topics in Popular Music (3 cr.
Z373 The American Musicals: Context and Development (3 cr.)
Z390 Jazz for Listeners (3 cr.)
Z401 Music of the Beatles (3 cr.)
Z402 The Music of Frank Zappa (3 cr.)
Z403 The Music of Jimi Hendrix (3 cr.)
Z413 Latin American Popular Music (3 cr.)

Political Science
Y212 Making Democracy Work (3 cr.)
Y249 Religion, Politics, and Public Policy (3 cr.)
Y301 Political Parties and Interest Groups (3 cr.)
Y302 Public Bureaucracy in Modern America (3 cr.)
Y303 Formation of Public Policy in the United States (3 cr.)
Y304 Constitutional Law (3 cr.)
Y305 Constitutional Rights and Liberties
Y308 Urban Politics (3 cr.)
Y311 Democracy and National Security (3 cr.)
Y313 Environmental Policy (3 cr.)
Y324 Gender, Sexuality, and American Politics (3cr.)
Y325 African American Politics (3 cr.)
Y326 American Social Welfare Policy (3 cr.)
Y329 Racial and Ethnic Politics in the United States (3 cr.)
Y360 United States Foreign Policy (3 cr.)
Y363 Comparative Foreign Policy (3 cr.)
Y367 International Law (3 cr.)
Y376 International Political Economy (3 cr.)


Religious Studies
R160 Religion and American Culture (3 cr.)
C220 American Religion and Politics (3 cr.)
C325 Race, Religion, and Ethnicity in the U.S. (3 cr.)
C330 Evangelical America (3 cr.)
C340 American Catholic History(3 cr.)

S210 The Economy, Organizations and Work (3 cr.)
S302 Organizations in Society (3 cr.)
S308 Global Society (3 cr.)
S312 Education and Society (3 cr.)
S315 Work and Occupations (3 cr.)
S335 Race and Ethnic Relations (3 cr.)
S361 Cities and Suburbs (3 cr.)
S419 Social Movements and Collective Action (3 cr.)

Spanish and Portuguese
S435 Literatura Chicana y Puertorriquena (3 cr.)