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Department of American Studies College of Arts and Sciences

Committee on Native American and Indigenous Studies

Picture of Nicholas BelleNicholas Belle
Director of First Nations Educational and Cultural Center
nbelle at
712 E. 8th St.
(812) 855-4814
Picture of Kelly BerksonKelly Berkson
Assistant Professor of Linguistics
kberkson at
1020 E. Kirkwood Ave.
Ballantine Hall 844
(812) 855-6456
Picture of Eduardo S. BrondizioEduardo S. Brondizio
Professor of Anthropology
ebrondiz at
Student Building 263
(812) 855-1994
Study of rural populations and small farmers in Brazil and Latin America
Picture of Della Collins CookDella Collins Cook
Professor of Anthropology
cook at
Student Building 260
(812) 855-6368

Human osteology, Paleopathology, Mortuary practices, Demography

Picture of Serafín M. Coronel-Molina Serafín M. Coronel-Molina
Associate Professor of Language Education
scoronel at
EDUC 3036
(812) 856-8232
Indigenous languages (Quechua and Aymara)
Picture of Ilana GershonIlana Gershon
Associate Professor of Anthropology
igershon at
Student Building 170
Room 215
(812) 856-3728
Anthropology of democracy, indigenous self-representation; U.S. ethnic formations; globalization
Brian Gilley
Professor of Anthropology
bjgilley at
Student Building 306
(812) 855-1041
Gender, sexuality, the body, power and difference, HIV/AIDS, the nature of the subject, institutional logics in late liberalism, body movement in sport
Picture of Jeffrey GouldJeffrey Gould
James H. Rudy Professor of History
gouldj at
Ballantine Hall 829
(812) 855-6934
Central American social movements, ethnic conflicts and political violence
Picture of Frederika KaestleFrederika Kaestle
Associate Professor of Anthropology
kaestle at
Student Building 248
(812) 855-3164

Molecular anthropology, molecular evolution, population genetics, ancient DNA

Picture of Stacie M. KingStacie M. King
Associate Professor of Anthropology
kingsm at
Student Building 245
(812) 855-3900

Ancient & Colonial Mexico, household archaeology, identity, food practices, soil chemistry and microscale methods in archaeology, soundscapes, social theory, culture contact

Picture of Susan LepselterSusan Lepselter
Associate Professor of Anthropology
slepselt at
Student Building 164
(812) 856-3878
American popular culture, social theory, semiotics, native american studies
Picture of Philip S. LeSourdPhilip S. LeSourd
Associate Professor of Anthropology and Second Language
plesourd at
Student Building 336
(812) 855-4649

Linguistic theory and its application to the analysis of Native American languages, comparative Algonquian linguistics, Maliseet-Passamaquoddy

Picture of Lauren Morris MacLeanLauren Morris MacLean
Associate Professor of Political Science
macleanl at
Woodburn Hall 404
(812) 856-2376
Politics of state formation, social welfare, and citizenship in Africa and in American Indian/Alaska Native communities in the United States
Picture of Douglas R. ParksDouglas R. Parks
Professor of Anthropology
parksd at
422 N. Indiana Avenue
(812) 855-4086
Anthropological linguistics
Picture of Anya Peterson RoyceAnya Peterson Royce
Chancellor's Professor of Anthropology and Comparative Literature
royce at
Student Building 046
(812) 855-0248
Indigenous peoples of Mexico, especially the Isthmus Zapotec of Oaxaca
Picture of Laura ScheiberLaura Scheiber
Associate Professor of Anthropology
scheiber at
Student Building 030
(812) 855-6755
Zooarchaeology, Faunal Analysis, North American Archaeology, Native American Ethnohistory, Culture Contact, Archaeological Theory and Practice, Historical Anthropology, Landscapes, Identity, Archaeological Fiction
Picture of April K. SievertApril K. Sievert
Senior Lecturer of Anthropology
sievert at
Student Building 028
(812) 856-5108
Lithic analysis, south-central Andes, Mississippian archaeology, historical archaeology, archaeological ethics, anthropological pedagogy
Picture of Jayne-Leigh Thomas Jayne-Leigh Thomas
Director of NAGPRA
thomajay at
Student Building 318
(812) 856-5315
NAGPRA; repatriation; ethics; human osteology; bioarchaeology; mortuary practices