The Indiana University Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design Department would like to acknowledge the kind facilitation and support of: Art Jewelry Forum Exhibition Grant, the College Art and Humanities Institute (CAHI) Conferences, Performances, and Workshops Grant, Indiana University College of Arts and Sciences Ostrom Grant Program, and the Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design Guild at Indiana University.


Indiana University - Metalsmithing & Jewelry Design Department, Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Arts, Bloomington, IN

Updated 06. 17.14

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The Indiana University Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design Department and Guild at IU would like to extend Thanks to all the Zoom Participants for coming to Bloomington for the event.

Long overdue - the website has now been updated with images from the weekend of Oct 18th and 19th, 2013 - during which over 150 people joined us for two days of sharing ideas, learning, and discussions about the future of the field.

There are also several VIDEOS of lectures as well as workshops.


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