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After years of hard work by many people, the new Social Science Research Commons (SSRC) will open in 2013. Woodburn Hall 200 is being completely remodeled, turning an already beautiful space into a first-class hub for social scientists in the center of campus.

Below are photos of the old Woodburn 200, the new SSRC under construction, and some potential configurations for the new space. The SSRC will be home not only to Workshop in Methods presentations and the ICPSR courses that WIM hosts during the summer, but to a range of services provided for social scientists and their work.

Many thanks to all those involved in making this happen, and to the College of Arts and Sciences, the Vice Provost for Research, the Provost, and University Information Technology Services, for their monetary and material support.

Woodburn Hall 200
1110 East Seventh Street
Bloomington, IN 47405