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WIM is served by two advisory boards – one comprised of faculty and one of graduate students – from a wide range of schools and departments across campus. These advisory boards serve as liaisons with faculty and graduate students in their home departments and schools. Advisory board members not only aid in disseminating information about WIM presentations and other activities, but also collect information from their constituents about interest in specific workshop topics. Most importantly, advisory board members help provide creative input concerning WIM activities, our website presence, and countless other items.

If you are a faculty member or graduate student, do not see your school or department represented below, and are interested in becoming a liaison, please contact Dr. Pridemore.


Faculty Advisory Board

Steve Benard (Sociology)
Bill Bianco (Political Science)
Kelly Caine (School of Informatics and Computing)
Rinku Roy Chowdhury (Geography)
Alan Dennis (Kelley School of Business)
Juan Carlos Escanciano (Economics)
Kirsten Gronbjerg (SPEA)
Joanne Peng (School of Education)
Alice Robbin (SLIS)
Dong-Chul Seo (School of Public Health)
Rick Viken (Psychological and Brain Sciences)
Virginia Vitzthum (Anthropology)
Michael Trosset (Statistics)

Graduate Student Advisory Board

Nate Birkhead (Political Science)
Brian Chen (School of Public Health)
Sarah Larson (SPEA)
Ann McCranie (Sociology)
Rosemary Pennington (School of Journalism
Meghan Rogers (Criminal Justice)
Dingjing Shi (School of Education)
Nicholas Vaughn (Geography)
Taylor Wells (Kelley School of Business)
Fuxioa Xin (School of Informatics and Computing)
Erjia Yan (SLIS)
Dan Yurovsky (Psychological and Brain Sciences)

WIM Video Production

Zach Herndon, intern

Woodburn Hall 200
1110 East Seventh Street
Bloomington, IN 47405