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Indiana University faculty experts whose research contributes to a greater understanding of Europe and its role in the modern world.


Bahloul, Joelle Research Interests: Jewish ethnography in Europe and North Africa, European ethnography, social anthropology of kinship and gender, ethnicity and migration, religion in urban society, collective memory, French social thought.

Kelley School of Business

Hauskrecht, Andreas Research Interests: International Economics and Finance, Money, and Banking Mafi-Kreft, Elham Research Interests: International financial institutions; Monetary policy; European Monetary Union

Central Eurasian Studies

Hooker, Lynn Research Interests: National, transnational, and global identities, especially as seen through music; Music and modernism, particularly in the careers of Bartók and Liszt; European minority issues, particularly the Roma Raun, Toivo Research Interests: Cultural survival and national identity: the Baltic case; Rise and impact of literacy in the Baltic region; Social and political thought of the Young-Estonia movement

Communication Studies

Whitchurch, Gail Gráinne Research Interests: Applied family communication research. Socio-historical research on the famine-era Achill Mission, Achill Island, County Mayo, Ireland

Comparative Literature

Chaitin, Gilbert Research Interests: 19th- & 20th-century French & European novel; thesis novel; theory, criticism & rhetoric; literature & psychoanalysis, philosophy, politics, education Clüver, Claus Research Interests: Interrelations of literature, the visual arts, and music, especially visual poetry and other "hybrid" text forms, focusing on questions of representation and "translation" in the arts Hertz, David Research Interests: Modern poetry (European and American); Musicology and architectural history, especially in relation to literary study; Eugenio Montale and modern poetry Julien, Eileen Research Interests: Intellectual significance of Paris for black identities and gender, as it relates to diaspora longing, national identity, and narrative form Marks, Herbert Research Interests: European literary history; Biblical interpretation; Lyric and narrative poetry; Nineteenth- and twentieth-century novel; Psychoanalysis; European popular culture McGerr, Rosemarie Research Interests: Images of kingship in medieval European literature and art; Resistance to closure; Gender studies; Allegorical narrative; Textual criticism

Cognitive Science

Hofstadter, Douglas Research Interests: Computational models of conceptual fluidity; Analogy-making, and creativity; Verse translation (from French, Italian, and Russian); Discovery, insight, and clarity in mathematics (especially in Euclidean geometry); Order and chaos in a class of recursive number-theoretical functions ; Role of analogy in physics


Glomm, Gerhard Research Interests: Economic growth; Income distribution; Political economy; Public finance Spechler, Martin Research Interests: Comparative economic systems, euro, and European economic polic.


Anderson, Penelope Research Interests: Renaissance and Restoration literature; Queer, feminist, and gender studies; Early modern political theory; Manuscript studies and history of the book Charnes, Linda Research Interests: Shakespeare and Renaissance studies; Shakespeare and Postmodernism; Critical and cultural theories; Feminist cultural studies Gayk, Shannon Research Interests: Poetics; Middle English Literature; Religious Writing; Medieval Art and Iconography; Fifteenth-century England Greiner, D. Rae Research Interests: Novel theory; Novel genre and modes (1750-1900); Scottish Enlightenment and moral philosophy; Theories of sympathy Linton, Joan Research Interests: Trickster poetics in early modern English literature and drama Lochrie, Karma Research Interests: Utopianism; gender and sexuality before modernity Watt, Stephen Research Interests: Irish Studies; Drama and Theatre, 1800-present; Contemporary university and the profession of English

Fine Arts

Facos, Michelle Research Interests: Identity (national, ethnic); Scandinavian art and culture; Enlightenment Copenhagen Knox, Giles Research Interests: Southern European art of the 15th to 17th centuries; art and the Counter-Reformation; the civic politics of religious art; Veláquez and Italian art theory Rothstein, Bret Research Interests: Visual enigmatology; Hermeneutic risk; Social value of optical wit

French and Italian

Ansart, Guillaume Research Interests: 18th-Century French Literature and Philosophy, with particular emphasis on the novel, political theory, and anthropology Arnaudo, Marco Research Interests: Baroque literature; Italian detective fiction; Comic books Auger, Julie Research Interests: French linguistics and colloquial French; Picard; Sociolinguistics, language and gender; French in North America; Acquisition of sociolinguistic patterns Berkvam, Michael Research Interests: Novels and writings of Jean-Louis Curtis; Literary reaction in France to the French defeat in WWII; German Occupation and the Liberation for the period after 1958; Film and literature reflecting the development of a consumer society on France in the 1950s and 1960s; French films about WWII and their reflection of historical memory Bondanella, Peter Research Interests: Italian and comparative literature; Italian cinema; Translation of major Italian literary classics; Detective and spy novels Gray, Margaret Research Interests: Twentieth-century French and Francophone fiction; Contemporary literary criticism; Gender construction and politics within narrative dynamics Rottet, Kevin Research Interests: French linguistics; Lexicography of Louisiana French; Endangered minority languages; Celtic languages (especially Welsh and Breton) Scalabrini, Massimo Research Interests: Renaissance and early modern literature and culture; Lyric poetry; Heroic and mock-heroic poetry; Comic literature; Humanism Stephens, Sonya Research Interests: Illustrated editions of poetic texts ; the artist’s book


Greer, Charles Research Interests: Human—environment relations; Landscape study Knudsen, Dan Research Interests: Western and Nordic Europe; Cultural Geography; Landscape and Tourism Studies

Germanic Studies and Languages

Breger, Claudia Research Interests: Twentieth-century German literature and culture; Gender studies, Post-colonial studies; Literary, cultural and media theory; German film and theater Byler, Troy Research Interests: Language pedagogy, teacher training, workshop development and programming Breithaupt, Fritz Research Interests: European economic intellectual history; Intellectual history from 18th century to present; European Modernism; Theories of money from a cultural perspective; History of the modern self; German and Austrian modernism; German criminal history; Literary theory Even, Susanne Research Interests: Language teaching research; Drama pedagogy in foreign language learning; Bilingual texts Fraser, Catherine Research Interests: Language teaching and learning, Swedish literature Ham, Esther Research Interests: Dutch language and culture; Didactics of Dutch as a foreign language May, Gergana Research Interests: Scandinavian drama and theatre, foreign language acquisition, immigrant literature of the Scandinavian countries Rasch, William Research Interests: German philosophical tradition with an emphasis on social and political theory Robinson, Benjamin Research Interests: Socialism; Social change; Literature and philosophy; Semiotics; Literature and science; Contemporary German culture Shetter, William Research Interests: language and civilization of the Netherlands, medieval German literature, Germanic linguistics Sprouse, Rex Research Interests: History and structure of Germanic, Romance, and Celtic languages; Second language acquisition; Language contact in Western Europe Türk, Johannes Research Interests: Literary Theory, Aesthetic Theory, Rhetoric, Philosophy, The history of the German and the European Novel, Modernism, Literature and Life Sciences (especially Immunology), Trauma and Literature Wagner, Brigitta Research Interests: Film history and theory; German cinema; Urban memory; Berlin; Documentary practice; German multiculturalism


Douglas, Allen Research Interests: Twentieth-century Europe and Western Civilization; European Fascism; Europe and the Middle East; Culture of War; War and comic strips Ipsen, Carl Research Interests: 19th and 20th Century Italy and Europe; Population; Children Roos, Julia Research Interests: Twentieth-Century Germany; History of Women and Gender; History of Sexuality; Social and Cultural History; Modern Europe Schneider, Robert Research Interests: Early Modern France and Europe; Culture and Society Spang, Rebecca Research Interests: Modern France, c. 1750-1914; Cultural, social, and economic history; Numismatics

History and Philosophy of Science

Meli, Domenico Bertoloni Research Interests: Leibniz and Newton; 18th century mathematics and mechanics; Medicine in the Scientific Revolution


Hakken, David Research Interests: Socially Robust and Enduring Computing; Free/Libre and Open Source Software; Culture and Computing

International Studies

Nordahl, Per Research Interests: Migration and Integration Studies, Scandinavian History, Policies for immigrant integration in Scandinavia and the ways in which they have been implemented

Labor Studies

Duggan, Lynn Research Interests: Family Policy and Gender Inequality in East, West, and unified Germany; Gender and German labor unions


Applegate, John Research Interests: Environmental law, specifically chemicals regulation; Precautionary principle; New European chemical legislation Buxbaum, Hannah Research Interests: German/US comparative law; Private international law


Auger, Julie Research Interests: Linguistics and colloquial French; Picard; Sociolinguistics, language and gender; French in North America; Acquisition of sociolinguistic patterns Clements, Joseph Research Interests: Iberia and beyond: the linguistic legacy of Spanish and Portuguese; Origin and evolution of Daman Creole Portuguese; Spanish functional syntax


Melamed, Daniel Research Interests: J. S. Bach and older members of the Bach family, performance practice, Mozart's operas and problems of authenticity and attribution. Author of Hearing Bach's passions, J. S. Bach and the German motet, co-author (with Michael Marissen) of An Introduction to Bach studies, editor of Bach studies 2 (cambridge). Articles and reviews in JAMS, Bach-Jahrbuch, Beiträge zur Bachforschung, Journal of Musicology, Music & Letters, Early Music, Bach, Notes, and Mozart-Jahrbuch; musical editions published by Hänssler-Verlag, Carus-Verlag, Harvard University, and A-R Editions. Editor of the Journal of Musicology. Ossi, Massimo Research Interests: Early seventeenth-century Italian music theory and aesthetics, Italian lyric poetry, opera, and the Italian madrigal

Near Eastern Languages and Cultures

Harding, Cigdem Balim Research Interests: Linguistics, Languages and cultures in contact, Migration and transnational communities, Contemporary Turkic languages, peoples, and communities


Shapshay, Sandra Research Interests: 19th century German philosophy, esp. Kant and Schopenhauer; Biomedical ethics

Political Science

Craiutu, Aurelian Research Interests: European political thought; Democratic theory and consolidation, transitions to democracy; Civic culture, political learning, conceptions of patriotism and nationalism; French political thought Hellwig, Timothy Research Interests: Economic globalization; Voting behavior; Political parties; The welfare state Isaac, Jeffrey Research Interests: Twentieth century liberal political thought; Meanings of liberalism in the wake of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks Robinson, Jean Research Interests: Comparative Marriage Policies; Same-Sex Marriage Sinno, Abdulkader Research Interests: Strategy and organization in politicized group conflicts, parliamentary settings, and transnational relations; Conflict studies; Islam Studies; Islam in the West Sissenich, Beate Research Interests: EU state-building in Central and Eastern Europe; Mechanisms of rule transfer; Transnational networks and the state; Regional integration and state formation

School of Public and Environmental Affairs

Agranoff, Robert Research Interests: Intergovernmental relations; Network management; Comparative federalism (special interest in Spain); Administrative reform/changing bureaucracies Audretsch, David Research Interests: Economic policy, entrepreneurship, innovation, globalization, regional economic policy, industrial restructuring and government policy, small enterprises in Europe and the United States Auer, Matthew Research Interests: Environmental politics in Europe; International forest politics; Comparative energy policy; Foreign aid and sustainable development Bonser, Charles Research Interests: Transatlantic cooperation in policy-making; Internationalizing education and research; Non-governmental agencies and regional development Coyle, Gene Research Interests: Role of intelligence in the conduct of foreign policy, particularly as related to the competition between the superpowers in Europe over the last century; Contemporary security issues in Western Europe Gronbjerg, Kirsten Research Interests: Nonprofit and public sector relationships, American welfare system, nonprofit funding relations, and nonprofit data sources Wise, Lois Research Interests: Comparative Administrative Reform; European Free Movement of Workers/ Globalization of Professional Workforce; Organization Diversity; Immigration and Ethnicity


McManus, Patricia Research Interests: Social inequality; Gender and family; International migration; Citizenship rights and comparative welfare state institutions; Quantitative methods

Spanish and Portuguese

Bieder, Maryellen Research Interests: Spanish and European Realism and Naturalism; Contemporary Spanish and Catalan Narrative; Gender and Nation in Modern Spanish Narrative; Spanish and Catalan Women Writers Clements, Joseph Research Interests: Iberia and beyond: the linguistic legacy of Spanish and Portuguese; Origin and evolution of Daman Creole Portuguese; Spanish functional syntax Dinverno, Melissa Research Interests: 20th Century Spanish Literature, García Lorca Studies, Spanish Cultural Production of 20s, 30s and Post-War Diaspora, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Editorial/Textual Theory, Scholarly Editions Félix-Brasdefer, J. César Research Interests: Pragmatics, Discourse analysis, Cross-cultural and Interlanguage Pragmatics, Pragmatic variation, Im)politeness and face theory, Instruction of Pragmatics Geeslin, Kimberly Research Interests: Second Language Acquisition (issues in the acquisition of Spanish by English-speakers); Intersection of sociolinguistics and Second Language Acquisition (language variation and change) Illas, Edgar Research Interests: Contemporary Catalan and Spanish culture, theories of architecture, post-marxism and deconstruction, postmodernism and globalizations Rodríguez-Mondoñedo, Miguel Research Interests: Theoretical Syntax, Language Acquisition; Spanish Linguistics; Evolution of Language Sadlier, Darlene Research Interests: The Good Neighbor Years and the Office of the Coordinator for Inter-American Affairs, 1940-45 Vieira, Estela Research Interests: Space and interiority in realist fiction; Dead narrators and death in literature interior Vila-Belda, Reyes Research Interests: Poetry; Narrative and culture of 20th century Spain; Visual and Intellectual Culture Wagschal, Steven Research Interests: Literary history of madness in Spain from 1492-1680; Relationship between the Spanish poetry of Luis de Gongora and Italian Renaissance Art

West European Studies

Hess, Frank Research Interests: Rap Music in Greece and Western Europe; Film and Violence; Immigration and the Nation State

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