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Kerstin Shamberg (MA 2006)
Kerstin Shamberg

Kerstin Shamberg (née Picht) came to WEST in 2004 with an interest in German and French culture and literature. After taking Model EU during her first semester, her interests shifted toward the politics and economics of European integration.

Kerstin is a native of Germany, and has traveled in Europe several times over the years—mainly in France and Germany. The summer after Kerstin’s first semester at WEST, she studied French for six weeks in Nice, France. Currently, her favorite travel destination is the French Riviera.

After earning her MA from WEST in 2006, Kerstin worked for several years for a European art dealer in Chicago who dealt in French and German antique posters, lithographs, and pottery. Part of Kerstin’s job involved translating art texts from French and German. Later, she went on to do more translation work, mainly German, for a professional relocation service.

During the 2008 election cycle, Kerstin’s interest in European politics shifted to American politics. She decided to seek work in a journalistic editorial capacity. In 2009, Kerstin moved to New York City, where she began editing and organizing a book called Eva Scrivo on Beauty while interning at the Huffington Post. Shortly afterwards, Kerstin was hired as Associate Editor working directly with Arianna Huffington. Among other things, Kerstin managed Huffington’s social media and worked as a researcher, fact-checker and editor for Huffington’s book Third World America. During fall 2010, Kerstin became Social Media Editor at the Huffington Post. She curates the @HuffingtonPost Twitter page and educates vertical editors on social media strategy.

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