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PhD Minor

Requirements, required courses and competences

NEW starting Fall 2012: Revised Ph.D. Minor in West European Studies

Requirements include 12-15 credits distributed as listed below:

  • one approved graduate course in West European History (3-4 cr)
  • one approved graduate course in West European Politics or the European Union(3cr)
  • one approved graduate course on Europe in the world (3-4 cr)
  • one approved WEUR W605 seminar or cross-listed equivalent on the literature/culture from the student's area of specialization (3-4 cr)
  • LANGUAGE REQUIREMENT: reading knowledge of at least one approved West European language

NOTE: no more than 3 of 12 credit hours may be in readings (WEUR W805) or research (WEUR W875). Only 4 credits may be taking from the student's major discipline.


CURRENT PHD MINOR REQUIREMENTS: The Ph.D. Minor requires 12 credit hours of graduate coursework. Official requirements are outlined in the Graduate School bulletin.


Requirements include:

Waivers do not count toward the 12 credit hour requirement. No more than three of the twelve credit hours may be in readings (W805) or independent research (W875).


Students seeking information about the minor and its degree requirements or enrollment should contact the West European Studies office.

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