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The name of this organization is the Vietnamese Student Association, hereafter, VSA.
VSA is a social and cultural in orientation.
VSA as a social institution will provide opportunities for entertainment as decided by a simple majority of its Executive Committee, or, in the absence of an executive vote, a two-thirds majority of its popular membership.

VSA as a cultural institution will provide opportunities for enhanced understanding of Vietnamese language, history, art, religion, music, cuisine, literature, architecture, fashion and dance, as decided by the same voting majorities as expressed in Article II, Section One.

ARTICLE III: The Executive Committee
The Executive Committee consists of the following officers: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

The Executive Committee may include additional members to be present in the committee as the need dictates.

  • Section One, the First:
    All officers are selected by a simple majority vote, of all those members present and voting. The Executive Committee has discretionary power to veto elected officers at the elections; however this has to be done unanimously among the Executive Committee and with justifiable reasons.
  • Section One, the Second:
    All officers serve for a term of one academic year unless there are no other candidates. Each officer may run for re-election to the same post for a total of two terms, or two academic years.
  • Section One, the Third:
    Office vacancy may be fill by a temporarily designated member of the Vietnamese Student Association, nominated by the Executive Committee. This temporarily designated appointee would serve in the vacant office until an election can be held for that particular office; the preferable time allotment is two weeks after the relinquishment of office. The Executive Committee can also decide to keep the temporarily designated appointee until the next election, under unanimous voting.
  1. President:
    1. Call meetings, both general and executive, to order and dismiss them.
    2. Organize elections, and tally votes (with the exception of those involving himself).
    3. Appoint chairs of special committees.
    4. Maintain veto power in all executive and general decisions, with the exception of officer elections.
    5. His decisions, including the power of veto, are subject to over-rule by an otherwise unanimous vote of the Executive Committee.
  2. Vice-President: Acts as the Presidents primary aide-de-camp.
    1. Facilitates communication within VSA.
    2. Counts the votes in any Presidential election in which he is not currently participating.
    3. In the event that the President is unable to continue his duties, assumes the role of Acting President for a period of no longer than one-quarter semester, at which time an emergency Presidential election is held. If the VP (I) does not wish to assume this role, refer to Article III, Section One, Part 3.
  3. Treasurer:
    1. Keeps current and accurate data on VSAs financial situation.Any of the information regarding VSA's financial situation should be made available for the Executive Committee when requested.
    2. Is responsible for the collection of dues, and for funding proposals to the University.
    3. Collects money at fund-raising events, and is in charge of overseeing all other monetary transactions, either in person or by designated proxy.
    4. The ending balance of VSA's account should be at least the same as the beginning balance. If the amount is less, it is to be made up by that year's Executive Committee.
  4. Secretary:
    1. Is in charge of keeping accurate notes at all executive and general VSA meetings. Meeting minutes should be sent within 3 days after the meeting.
    2. Disseminates notes of meetings to appropriate personnel.
    3. May appoint a proxy record-keeper if unable to attend particular meetings.

Article I. Any new office positions made during the academic year must have the unanimous approval of the current year's Executive Committee. The office will be a part of the Executive Board until the next election. Office positions other than the main four can be appointed only with the unanimous support of the entire Executive Committee. Any of the new offices can also be terminated at the unanimous discretion of the Executive Board.

An Executive Officer may be expelled from office following either an otherwise unanimous vote from the Executive Committee or a simple majority from the Executive Committee and a three-quarter vote from the popular membership. In this case, even in the event of a presidential ouster, Article III, Section One, Part 3 takes effect.
ARTICLE IV: Membership
SECTION ONE: Entitlement

VSA is a non-profit, non-politically biased, and secular organization whose purpose is to instill and maintain a spirit of community among Vietnamese and Asians at Indiana University. VSA shall strive to promote Vietnamese culture and to encourage understanding.

Any person at Indiana University, Bloomington may join the Association by expressing such an interest to the Executive Committee.

Unless amended by a simple majority of the executive committee at the beginning of the semester, membership dues will be to the Treasurer.
ARTICLE V: Amendment Procedure
Any member of VSA can propose an amendment, which requires the following criteria to pass:
  1. The signature of any Executive Officer
  2. A simple majority vote in the affirmative from the Executive Committee and a three-quarter vote from the popular membership of the same sign.
ARTICLE VI: Ratification
This Constitution will only take effect at that time when the entire Executive Committee has voted in the affirmative for its ratification. At that moment, and onward into perpetuity or until it has been otherwise amended, it will take effect in its entirety.

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