Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education


Earn an income while participating in an educational endeavor or community service project. Search online job postings and make career development plans. Research and apply for scholarships, or keep track of financial aid. IU offers students many opportunities to defray the cost of college attendance, find a job, and manage finances.

Office of Service Learning Advocates for Community Engagement (ACEs)
ACEs are IU undergraduates who serve as liaisons between service-learning students and local agencies and organizations, such as youth centers or food pantries. Each ACE serves with a specific agency for at least one year coordinating service-learning students and volunteers, communicating with faculty, and engaging in the daily life of the agency.

Intensive Freshman Seminar Resident Assistants and Undergraduate Teaching Assistants
IFS is a three-credit, three-week program that occurs just before the fall semester, designed especially for incoming freshmen; participants take one of 20 courses taught by some of IU’s most dedicated teachers. Resident Assistants and Undergraduate Teaching Assistants help IFS students in adjusting to campus life.

Student Academic Centers (SAC)
SAC employs undergraduates as teaching interns, peer instructors, and supplemental instruction leaders.

Bloomington Continuing Studies
IU Bloomington Continuing Studies provides scholarships for General Studies Degree Program students and applicants, as well as scholarships for returning adult students enrolled in other bachelor’s degree programs at IU Bloomington.

Other IU Programs and Resources

Career Development Center and My IU Careers
Offers advising services on career planning and development. My IU Careers features online job postings, on-campus recruiting opportunities and event notifications.

Office of Scholarships
There are many scholarship programs available to IU students. The Office of Scholarships provides information, applications, timelines, and scholar spotlights.

Student Financial Assistance (SFA)
Source of information, forms, advising, and management for all kinds of student financial aid, including grants, scholarships, and loans. SFA provides help to those applying for and receiving financial aid, as well as those who need academic financial planning and advice.

Undergraduate Research
Many departments and centers offer research opportunities for undergraduates. Undergraduate research scholarships are also available through several programs, including the Undergraduate Research Scholarship Program and the Indiana University Cox Research Scholars Program.
Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
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