Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

Assessment & Evaluation

OVPUE provides resources for instructors seeking to learn about, administer, or create testing tools for classroom assessment, student evaluation, and personal research. These include language and math placement exams and standardized tests. OVPUE can also assist with interpreting evaluations and with devising short- or long-term studies of teaching effectiveness or impact.

IU Bloomington Evaluation Services and Testing (BEST)
Helps faculty, graduate students, and administrators with course assessment, evaluation, and testing through individual and departmental consultation, research and development, course evaluations, machine scoring, and administration of placement and standardized tests – including graduate student foreign language proficiency exams.

Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITL)
Assistance with interpretation of teaching evaluations, and with identification of teaching strengths and areas of improvement. Help with the use of assessment techniques to measure and improve student learning. Consultations on the development of programmatic and departmental assessment plans.

Writing Program (CITL)
Help with evaluation of course writing components and longitudinal studies of course writing, and advice on grading and marking student writing.

Service Learning Program (CITL)
Assistance with evaluating the impact of service-learning on students and the community and with facilitation of community-based research.

Other IU Programs and Resources

Instructional Consulting, Kelley School of Business
Provides various instructional support services aimed at assisting faculty in their development as teachers, including interpretation of student evaluations of teaching, and research and dissemination of current trends in post-secondary instruction.
Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
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