Our Role

  • Attorney-Client Privilege: Please do not send communications between you and attorneys in the OVPGC to third parties (such as those in contract negotiations with the University) without checking with us first, so we may protect attorney-client privileged and work product material.

  • Who We Represent: The OVPGC represents the University, including University officials acting in their official capacities. With only a few narrow exceptions, OVPGC charges no fees for the services it provides to University units and officials. For more information, see  Limited Chargeback for Services Performed by OVPGC.   The Office does not represent individual faculty, staff members or students in personal legal matters.

  • Use of J.D., and other legal professional credentials: Only attorneys who are employed by the OVPGC are authorized to use J.D., Esq., and the like, in formal communications. For more information, see Guidance on Use of Legal Credentials by Professional Staff.
  • Hiring Outside Counsel: Only the OVPGC may hire outside attorneys to assist with University business.

  • Requests for University Records: The OVPGC coordinates all responses to legal requests or demands for University records or information (subpoenas, warrants, requests under state and federal open records laws, etc.). Since these are often time-sensitive, please contact us immediately upon receipt of such requests.