Compliance at Indiana University

Compliance Mission

Indiana University is committed to the highest ethical standards and compliance with the law.  Key to this commitment is establishing the University-wide Compliance Program. 

Compliance at IU is

  • An Enterprise-wide Commitment
  • Requiring the Contributions of Many
  • To achieve the Common Goal

The common Goal for compliance is to ensure that activities supporting the University’s Education, Research and Service missions are conducted with integrity and in accordance with the law.

There are numerous established compliance based departments, initiatives and safeguards at IU that contribute to its excellence.  The University Compliance Program is coordinated by the Chief Compliance Officer in the Office of the Vice President & General Counsel.  The role of the University Compliance Program is to work with key compliance areas and individuals throughout the University to facilitate collaboration, raise awareness, provide guidance, and address compliance concerns.

For more information about the Compliance Program, click here.

Responsibilities at IU

  • Know and follow the laws, regulations, and policies applicable to my role at IU (principles of ethical conduct for the Indiana University community may be found here);
  • Be proactive, prevent, identify and/or help mitigate noncompliant activities;
  • Report concerns of noncompliance to supervisors or IU officials with the knowledge that IU prohibits retaliation against anyone who makes a report in good faith; and
  • Ensure that reports of violations within your area of responsibility are properly reported and addressed.

IU Community Members are prohibited from:

  • Willfully violating applicable laws, regulations, and policies; and 
  • Retaliating against another community member for reporting a suspected compliance violation.

Anonymous Reporting

IU Whistleblower Policy

Contact the Compliance Office

Contact the Chief Compliance Officer

  • Marcia Gonzales, Chief Compliance Officer
  • Email:
  • Phone: (317) 274-7480

Download a Compliance Awareness Poster