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HIPAA Privacy and Security

HIPAA Compliance Education

All personnel working in a HIPAA Affected Area are required to obtain training related to the regulatory obligations applicable to the HIPAA Privacy and Security requirements on an annual basis. Individuals can meet the annual HIPAA training requirement through any of the following options:

  1. Complete E Train module

    The online training modules are now available. See the doc User Instructions for Accessing E Training for Faculty, Staff, Residents & Volunteers for further details.

    Indiana University students can access the E Training system to meet the HIPAA training requirement.  If you are a Program Director or have students who need to complete HIPAA training, please contact Leslie Pfeffer for a copy of the instructions to share with your students.  If your are a student, please contact your Program Director for the instructions.
  2. Attend New Employee Compliance Orientation

    New Employee Compliance Orientation (NECO) is offered on a bimonthly basis and includes HIPAA training. To view course offerings, see the New Employee Compliance Orientation - NECO page. Though NECO is geared toward new employees, anyone wishing to obtain in-person training on HIPAA may attend. Attendees at NECO are sent an attendance record after the session concludes, and this should be forwarded to your HIPAA Liaison for tracking purposes.  NECO is offered through the Office of the Research Administration.
  3. Attend an in-person training

    If a group of individuals in your area would like to attend in-person training, we can arrange to provide training to your area with advance notice. You should contact our office via the information to the left of this page to make arrangements.
  4. Credit given for attendance at HIPAA training offered by healthcare affiliates

    If you have obtained HIPAA training through one of the healthcare affiliates such as IU Health, Wishard or Roudebush Veterans Administration Medical Center, this will meet your annual requirement. It is your responsibility to provide documentation of completion of this training to your HIPAA Liaison for tracking purposes.
  5. HIPAA Training received within your Unit

    If you have attended HIPAA training conducted for your unit by a qualified individual during the previous year, this can be counted towards the annual HIPAA training requirement. Each unit’s HIPAA Liaison should maintain the appropriate documentation of all attendees.

If you are unsure who the HIPAA Liaison for your unit is, please reference the List of Liaisons for Identified HIPAA Affected Areas.