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Conflicts of Interest

The OVPGC works with IU’s Office of Research Compliance and others within the University when an employee’s outside interests potentially conflict with their University roles and responsibilities.

With regard to Research-Related Financial Interests, federal law requires that all investigators (i.e., any University faculty and staff who have responsibility for designing research, collecting research data, performing other substantive research activities, or reporting research) complete an annual Research-Related Financial Interest Disclosure form, disclosing any Significant Financial Interests.

Under Indiana state law, an employee of a public institution, like IU, may be prosecuted for a Class D felony for knowingly or intentionally obtaining a pecuniary interest in, or deriving a profit from, a contract or purchase connected with an action by their institution. State law affords a mechanism to defend against such a charge. At IU, an employee can do so by submitting, in advance, a statement of their pecuniary interest to the Board of Trustees and the state board of accounts.

For additional details on the applicable laws and instructions on how to disclose, see the Office of Research Compliance link below.

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