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How to UNSUBSCRIBE from a HPPLC List:

It's very quick and easy to unsubscribe to a HPPLC email list!  But unfortunately, technology demands that subscribers take care of it themselves from their IU email account!

**To UNSUBSCRIBE from any of our lists, simply send a new, BLANK email (NO MESSAGE, NO SUBJECT) to the address for your area(s) listed below FROM YOUR OFFICIAL IU EMAIL ACCOUNT (i.e., sending it from gmail or yahoo will not work).  DO NOT "REPLY" TO A RECEIVED MESSAGE.    COMPOSE A NEW MESSAGE to the address LISTED BELOW.  That's it! 

Note:  the name of the list you are subscribed to is noted at the bottom of the emails you receive:  (ah) Allied Health, (chiro) Chiropractic, (dh) Dental Hygiene, (law) Law, (med) Medicine, (ot) Occupational Therapy, (opt) Optometry, (pa) Physician Assistant, (pt) Physical Therapy,  (veterinary) Pre-Vet.

"Unsubscibe" addresses are below.  Note that dental, law, and medicine have separate lists for each year in school (fr, soph, junior, sr).   If your status is borderline between two years school or you uncertain of your status, send the email to both. You may send one blank message to multiple unsubscribe addresses in the same email. 

LEAVE THE SUBJECT AND MESSAGE LINES COMPLETELY BLANK!  You will IMMEDIATELY receive an email confirmation that you are unsubscribed. 

[IF this does not work, "reply" to your last message and put "unsubscribe" in the subject line.  Please include the body of the email in the reply.  But please try the address below first.]  If you encounter problems contact HPPLC at 812-855-1873 or email 


(To unsubscribe from the prenursing email list, email and request to be removed.)



Unsubscribe email addresses.  Send a blank message and blank subject line to your list(s).  You will need to copy and paste these into your address line. 
[If you do not immediately receive confirmation that you have unsubscribed, please call HPPLC at 812-855-1873--but please try this first!  Thank you!]:


Medicine freshman:

Medicine sophomore:

Medicine junior:   

Medicine senior:  



Law freshman:    

Law sophomore: 

Law junior:          

Law senior:         


Dental freshman:

Dental sophomore:

Dental junior:      

Dental senior:     


Allied Health:      


Dental Hygiene:  

Nursing:                       (email and request to be removed)

Occupational Therapy:



Physical therapy:

Physician assistant: