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Recommendation Service

Learn how to open a recommendation file, who and how to ask for letters, specific recommendation information for different programs, and more.

A Guide to the Recommendation Service

Find out how to use the service, get tips on how to get recommendation letters, and more.

There are two Guides to the Recommendation Service: one for Prelaw Students, and another for Medical and Health Profession School Applicants.

› If you will be using the service for Medical or another Health Profession School, click HERE.

› If you will be using the service for Law School, click HERE

› If you are pre-OT, PT, or PA, click HERE.

Download Forms »

Get the forms that you need online.  This includes forms that must be given to your writers.  It also includes suggestions for writing letters, in case your recommenders would like some guidance.. 

About the Recommendation Service


  • ALL COMMUNICATIONS and questions about the Recommendation Service must be sent to
  • Most pre-OT, PT, and PA applicants should NOT use the HPPLC Recommendation Service. The service is generally not compatible with OT, PT, and PA application processes, or at the very least can make the process more complicated. Furthermore, OT, PT, and PA programs often prefer or require that you follow other procedures. For details, click HERE.

The HPPLC Recommendation Service provides a safe repository for all letters that students obtain over time from their recommenders. During the application process, and upon notification by you, our recommendation secretary sends them in a timely manner, to the proper address, in the correct format, with all required signatures, and with the correct forms. This can be a big convenience to applicants. HPPLC retains the original letters for safekeeping. 

Asking for letters at IU can be daunting, especially given the prevalence of large classes. HPPLC's Recommendation Service helps take the pain and frustration out of obtaining (and later disseminating) great letters.

Opening a file is easy. You don't need an appointment-just drop by Maxwell Hall 010 and ask the receptionist. It takes about ten minutes.

A "Recommendation File" is used to hold "Faculty" and "Professional/Personal" recommendations that the student has obtained while at Indiana University. Our HPPLC advisors highly suggest that a student obtain a recommendation from their instructor as soon as possible after having that instructor for a class, while their memory is freshest. The HPPLC file is optional for preprofessional students; it is not required. If you have questions as to whether such a file would benefit you, consult a HPPLC advisor or email


Recommendation Service Fees:

$25.00 to open a file. The file will remain active for 5 years.

An additional $5.00 will be charged for EACH electronic or postal transmission.  A single transmission may contain multiple letters. Each discreet packet of letters sent, even if sent to the same mailing address, constitutes a separate transmission. 


Your file may be maintained for an additional 5 years by paying a $10.00 maintenance fee prior to the expiration of the initial 5 year period.

If you let the initial 5 year period expire and wish to reactivate your file at a later date, you will be charged a $25.00 reactivation fee for another 5 years.

Please note:  files will be destroyed after 10 years of inactivity.