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Recommendation Service

Learn how to open a recommendation file, who and how to ask for letters, specific recommendation information for different programs, and more.

Guides to the HPPLC / Interfolio Recommendation Service

Find out how to use the service, get tips on how to get recommendation letters, and more.

If you plan to apply to medical or dental school click HERE.

If you are prelaw, click HERE

If you are pre-OT, PT, or PA, click HERE.

If you previously had a HPPLC file for medical or health professions recommendations, and you have questions regarding the policies that applied in the past for HPPLC file holders, click HERE.

Download Forms »

Get the forms that you need right here. This includes instructions for using Interfolio to request and send your letters..  It also includes a section containing suggestions for writing letters, in case your recommenders would like some guidance.. 






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Interfolio information and instructions:

Introduction to the HPPLC / Interfolio Partnership

How Do I Create an Interfolio Account?

How Do I Request a Writer Send My Letter of Recommendation to Interfolio?

Instructions to Writers for Submitting Letters to Interfolio  

Consent to Transfer Letters from Your Existing HPPLC Account to Interfolio  [note: ONLY for students who have ALREADY opened a letter file with HPPLC.]


Call Interfolio’s quick, helpful support service toll free at (877) 997-8807 [9–6 Eastern Time M–F], email, or use Twitter @interfolio. 

About the Recommendation Service


  • ALL COMMUNICATIONS and questions about the Recommendation Service must be sent to
  • Most pre-OT, PT, and PA applicants should NOT use Interfolio. The service is generally not compatible with OT, PT, and PA application processes, or at the very least can make the process more complicated. Furthermore, OT, PT, and PA programs often prefer or require that you follow other procedures. For details, click HERE.


HPPLC is in the process of changing its Letter of Recommendation (LOR) Service!

Why this change?  First, budget and staffing cutbacks, along with an early retirement, prompted us to reevaluate the service at this time.  After careful consideration and research on a variety of options, we have decided that the most efficient and cost-effective method is to partner with Interfolio, the premier web-based credentials management service.  From now on, Interfolio will be handling the actual processing of your letters of recommendation.

What will NOT change:  HPPLC staff will continue to provide the same preprofessional advising and guidance to you on how to obtain reference letters, prepare effective applications, etc., and to help you with every step of the way to become the most well-prepared and successful applicant possible.  In addition, if you choose to use Interfolio, we urge you to “affiliate” your account with the HPPLC office (at no extra charge) — then HPPLC advisors can access your account (only if requested by you) and provide precisely the same assistance and guidance with your letters as we do now! 

What is InterfolioInterfolio allows you to create an electronic recommendation letter file that can be self-managed 24/7 from any smart phone, tablet, or computer.  You can immediately see which letters have arrived, and which have not.  You can specify which letters to send for each delivery and the order in which your documents are packaged. All delivery requests are processed within one day guaranteed (including weekends), with multiple delivery options available. For complete information, see

Interfolio is currently used by over 200 institutions of higher learning, including many Ivy’s and most Big Ten universities.  These schools and their students uniformly find Interfolio to be a convenient, quick, and secure resource.   For example, this Review by the Chronicle of Higher Education describes Interfolio as enormously helpful and most highly recommended  Please note that HPPLC will not benefit financially in any way from this partnership.


Timeline:  Eventually all active HPPLC files and letters will be transferred to Interfolio, as will any letters we receive on your behalf in the future.  This transition is well under way, and should be completed by the end of summer 2014. 

We think you will find Interfolio to be a convenient, quick, reliable and secure service!  Interfolio takes pride in and is well-known for its fast, extremely helpful support service.  For examples, see the Review referred to above.


[IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO USE INTERFOLIO you will need to make arrangements on your own with your letter writers to have individual letters sent directly to the application service or program.]



I.   ***IF YOU CURRENTLY HAVE A FILE WITH HPPLC we will pay for your subscription to Interfolio!   Please do not open an account with Interfolio on your own without our free code--we will not be able to reimburse you!


         If you have a HPPLC file, and would like a FREE Interfolio account:

  • Please take 15 seconds to fill out this short form:  When we confirm that you have an account with HPPLC, we will send you the simple instructions to open your free account.  As part of the registration process you will create your Interfolio username (usually your email address).  You can then immediately begin requesting letters from your writers!
  • After you get an account with Interfolio, we can immediately transfer the letters from your HPPLC file.  Just send us this signed CONSENT FORM, which authorizes us to transfer your current and any future letters we receive to Interfolio at no charge:

[You letters will usually be transferred to your Interfolio account within 7-10 business days, always free of charge.  If the HPPLC office continues to receive letters on your behalf in the future, they will also be transferred to your Interfolio account at no charge.]



Follow the instructions in this document, "How Do I Create an Interfolio Account," or simply go to and click "Dossier", and then "Sign Up."   You will be responsible for the subscription fee.

*As soon as you create an Interfolio account, you will immediately be able to request letters from your writers!


III.  To affiliate your Interfolio account with the HPPLC office,   AFTER you open an account with Interfolio, simply email, give them your Interfolio username, and say:  “I’d like to affiliate my account with Indiana University Prelaw/PreHealth.  Thank you.”]