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Recommendation Letters

Guides on Navigating the Recommendation Process

Get tips on obtaining recommendation letters, and more.

If you plan to apply to medical or dental school click HERE.

If you are prelaw, click HERE

If you are pre-OT, PT, or PA, click HERE.

HPPLC Recommendation Handouts and Forms»

Find handouts to help in navigating the recommendation process, including suggestions for your recommendation writers. 


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Call Interfolio’s quick, helpful support service toll free at (877) 997-8807.

Interfolio information and instructions:

Introduction to the HPPLC / Interfolio Partnership

How Do I Create an Interfolio Account?

How Do I Request a Writer Send My Letter of Recommendation to Interfolio?

Instructions to Writers for Submitting Letters to Interfolio  



Call Interfolio’s quick, helpful support service toll free at (877) 997-8807 [9–6 Eastern Time M–F], email, or use Twitter @interfolio. 

The HPPLC/Interfolio Recommendation Service Partnership

HPPLC has discontinued our recommendation service and has partnered with Interfolio to provide recommendation services for Indiana University students. 

IMPORTANT: ALL COMMUNICATIONS and questions regarding HPPLC's Recommendation Service must be sent to


What is InterfolioInterfolio is the premier web-based letter of recommendation management service used by many other major universities around the country.  With an Interfolio account, you can begin to accumulate recommendations years before you plan to apply.  Interfolio acts as a repository for your letters of recommendation, and when requested by you will send them to centralized application services, individual professional schools, or to other institutional recipients such as employers or scholarship agencies.

Interfolio allows you to create an electronic recommendation letter account that can be self-managed 24/7 from any smart phone, tablet, or computer.  You can immediately see which letters have arrived, and which have not. You can specify which letters to send for each delivery and the order in which your documents are packaged. All delivery requests are processed within one day guaranteed (including weekends), with multiple delivery options available. For complete information, see

If you choose to use Interfolio, you can “affiliate” your account with the HPPLC office (at no extra charge) — then HPPLC advisors can access your account (only if requested by you) and provide assistance and guidance on your letters! 

Who Should Consider Using Interfolio?


Future applicants to medical and dental schools are likely to find it highly beneficial to use Interfolio.  To learn more, click here.

If you are prelaw and considering opening an Interfolio account, click here.

Most applicants to OT, PT, and PA programs should not use Interfolio as the service is generally not compatible with these application processes.  For details, click HERE.


To open an account with Interfolio that will be affiliated with IU/HPPLC click here.  Follow the prompts to create an account.  (Please note: if you previously had a HPPLC recommendation file, do not sign up at the above link but instead contact HPPLC for instructions by sending email to

If you've already opened an account with Interfolio that is not affiliated with HPPLC, you can still affiliate.  Simply send email to, give them your Interfolio username, and say:  “I’d like to affiliate my account with Indiana University Prelaw/PreHealth.  Thank you.”



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