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Raymond L. Reed, M.D. (B.A. Chemistry 1948, M.D. 1953), as first-year medical student at Indiana University, 1949. (Courtesy IU Archives)

Interested in Medical School?

Attend the annual Health Programs Fair, which allows you to meet directly with medical school admissions officials who make decisions about who is accepted and who is rejected.

Welcome! Whether you are a freshman student just beginning to think about a career in medicine, or a current applicant to medical school, we invite you to explore all the sections below. The Health Professions and Prelaw Center will support you throughout the process of preparing for medical school: from advising you on the courses you should take to helping you through all the complex steps of the application process. Admission to medical school is becoming increasingly competitive. Students need to plan carefully and thoroughly from the start in order to be successful. Please read the sections below to learn more about preparing for a career in medicine.

High School Students and Parents

Important information for high school students and their parents. Also, an invitation to visit the Health Professions and Prelaw Center! Read more »

Applying for Medical School?

HPPLC offers guides to the application process and a variety of workshops on Writing a Personal Statement, Preparing Your Application, and Interview Skills. Sign up for the HPPLC email list so you will receive notices of these events, and more. Make sure to start a file with the HPPLC Recommendation Service and begin obtaining letters of recommendation early.