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Degree Programs

The Joint Ph.D. in Public Policy Program is a collaborative endeavor between the School of Public and Environmental Affairs and the Department of Political Science. Its emphasis is on the broad field of public policy, concerning the environment of public policy; the processes of policy formation, management, and implementation; and the analysis and evaluation of policy outputs and results. The unique structure of the program allows students to specialize in a major field within the discipline of political science along with a major field in public affairs. Students in the program receive rigorous social science training, gain knowledge of institutions, processes and behaviors in the public sector, and develop further understanding of the substantive aspects of public problems and their effects on individuals and organizations.

The Ph.D. in Public Affairs Program was created to take advantage of the unique strengths of the School of Public and Environmental Affairs’ interdisciplinary faculty and research programs, both of which have earned wide recognition from peer institutions, national and international agencies, and professional groups. The curriculum equips students with the necessary skills for independent research and analysis of problems, issues, and solutions in government and the nonprofit sector in four major fields:

  • Public Finance: the theory and practice of fiscal administration, including public budgeting, revenue administration, and financial management
  • Public Management: the design and operation of government institutions, including strategic/operations management, organizational behavior in the public sector, and interrelationships between public and private organizations
  • Public Policy Analysis: research methods and quantitative techniques for policy analysis, including ex ante policy analysis and policy instruments, benefit-cost analysis, program evaluation, and applied econometrics
  • Environmental Policy: the study of the content, design and effects of public policies regarding the environment, both domestic and international, including legal, economic, and other policy tools and approaches.

The Environmental Science Ph.D. Program is a rigorous, interdisciplinary course of study. It will equip you with skills and training in the basic and applied sciences with the objectives of improving society’s understanding of environmental problems and helping manage, mitigate, and avoid those problems. Take a look at our latest ES Viewbook, also available in PDF format here.

In addition to these Ph.D. degrees, the School of Public and Environmental Affairs provides coursework and other student-related activities for those working toward doctoral degrees in other schools and colleges of Indiana University who select a minor doctoral field in public and environmental affairs. Five minor doctoral fields are available:
  • Environmental Studies Minor
  • Nonprofit Management Minor
  • Public Management Minor
  • Regional Economic Development Minor
  • Urban Affairs Minor
Students must have their proposal for a doctoral minor field approved by the advisor and appropriate Ph.D. program director before taking courses for the minor. More information about doctoral minors is available from the School of Public and Environmental Affairs Graduate Bulletin 2012-2013.