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Professor Félix-Brasdefer and IU study-abroad students in Mexico City

Study Abroad Opportunities in Spanish and Portuguese

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese works with the Office of Overseas Studies at IU to offer a diverse and exciting range of study abroad opportunities. Students on approved IU study abroad programs can get substantial numbers of their Spanish and Portuguese major and minor course requirements satisfied, as well as other course equivalents in many other departments.

If you are Going Abroad... (Procedures for getting department credit for overseas studies courses)

If you are planning to study abroad soon and would like to get credit for your courses in Spanish and Portuguese, please contact the Spanish advisor, Sioux Hill, for an appointment (call 855-1157).  Click here for an explanation of the procedures you must follow in order to get approval for the courses you wish to count toward your minor/major in Spanish or Portuguese.  If you plan to do study abroad in Portuguese, you should also speak to the Portuguese Program Director about your plans.

IU-Sponsored Programs

The Office of Overseas Study currently features a wide range of programs of interest to students in Spanish and Portuguese (as well as opportunities for studying Catalan and Quechua). Please note that each program is designed to suit the needs of different levels of language and coursework level. For full details on these programs, including application requirements, see the Office of Overseas Study website. Note that the listing of programs includes four summer programs: Cuernavaca, Mexico; Guanajuato, Mexico; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; and Salamanca, Spain.

Latin America:

IU-Administered Programs:

Other IU Co-Sponsored Programs:

Spain and Portugal:

Madrid Program, IU

Students from the IU Madrid Program on Excursion to Extremadura

IU-Administered Program:

Other IU Co-Sponsored Programs:

Other CIEE-Sponsored Programs:

Please complete the Study Abroad Agreement Form.
This form must be submitted to the Academic Advisor, Sioux Hill, prior to the semester or summer abroad.

Also visit Indiana University's Office of Overseas Study website.
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