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Sociology Department Awards

Sociology is one of the most esteemed departments in the College of Arts and Sciences at Indiana University Bloomington.  Consistently ranked among the top programs in the country, the IU sociology department recently received a national award for excellence in teaching -- the 2001 American Sociological Association's Distinguished Contributions to Teaching Award.

This award is well deserved, as students consistently comment on the stimulating nature of classroom lectures and readings and often share what they have learned with their friends because the topics are so interesting.  The core courses for the major range in size from 25 to 45 students and many report feeling a sense of community within the department.

Majors have opportunities to intern, work on a senior honors thesis, enter an essay competition with a financial award, and receive other academic honors.  Students can also gain experience working on survey research projects.


The following IU sociologists have won university awards for teaching.

William Corsaro Professor William Corsaro, President's Award

Maurice Garnier

Professor Maurice Garnier, James Philip Holland Award

Thomas Gieryn Professor Thomas Gieryn, President's Award
Professor Bernice Pescosolido, Herman Frederic Lieber Award, Wilbert Hites Mentoring Award
Powell 98 Professor Brian Powell, President's Award, Wilbert Hites Mentoring Award
Robinson Professor Robert Robinson, Sylvia E. Bowman Award