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Career Planning

Throughout your undergraduate career it is a good idea to talk with your professors about your career plans and interests. The faculty in sociology enjoy talking with students about their career plans and are happy to give advice about job options or graduate schools. They can give you advice on additional courses to take in sociology or other departments and information about possible careers. Later when you are applying for jobs, it almost always is necessary to have references from your professors, and it is easier for professors to write a detailed and thoughtful letter about a student if they have talked with the student outside the classroom.

In your senior year you also should talk with the undergraduate advisor in sociology and set up a placement file with the Career Placement Office (855-0576). Job placement strategy courses are offered through the Placement Office.

Curriculum Planning

Below we show which sociology courses are particularly relevant to specific careers. Depending on your particular career interests, you may select specific courses under each heading and combine them with the courses required of sociology majors or minors.

Business (see Business Minor)


Medicine and Other Health Areas


Sociology is a common major or minor for students planning a career in journalism. The specific sociology courses that would be useful in such a career depend on the particular area of journalism that the student plans to pursue. For example, courses in political sociology (see below) would provide a good background for a career as a political analyst. Similarly, sociology courses in social work would be useful for a job reporting on community problems.

Social Psychology/Social Work/Counseling

Gender/Women's Studies

Criminal Justice/Deviance



Alumni Voices

Kyle Longest Jocelyn Chia Dietrich Willkie
"Sociology opens up so many opportunities.  I originally thought that I wanted to teach -- and still think I do -- but I've been able to look into business opportunities such as consulting work.  I hear about people with sociology degrees doing so many different things."

Kyle Longest

"In the job market, employees emphasize research and analytical ability.  During my summer banking internship, the analytical and research skills I've picked up as a sociology major really came in handy."

Jocelyn Chia

"Sociology broadened my spectrum and my flexibility.  I'm much more prepared to go into places I don't know and be open and less quick to make judgments.  This is critical in the business world where you'll be dealing with many people in one place."

Dietrich Willkie