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Career Opportunities

The study of sociology provides excellent preparation for students planning futures in professions such as law, education, medicine, and public administration.  Our graduates are also well prepared for working social agencies.  Some are caseworkers while others are employed in community development programs, counseling agencies, and rehabilitation centers.

A large number of sociology graduates find positions in the private sector in business, consulting, insurance, and banking.  Typically careers are in the fields of management, marketing, customer service, and public relations.  Still others decide to pursue some type of advanced study such as graduate work in sociology.  Recent graduates have found careers at the following companies and agencies:


Alumni Voices

Kyle Longest Jocelyn Chia Dietrich Willkie
"Sociology opens up so many opportunities.  I originally thought that I wanted to teach -- and still think I do -- but I've been able to look into business opportunities such as consulting work.  I hear about people with sociology degrees doing so many different things."

Kyle Longest

"In the job market, employees emphasize research and analytical ability.  During my summer banking internship, the analytical and research skills I've picked up as a sociology major really came in handy."

Jocelyn Chia

"Sociology broadened my spectrum and my flexibility.  I'm much more prepared to go into places I don't know and be open and less quick to make judgments.  This is critical in the business world where you'll be dealing with many people in one place."

Dietrich Willkie