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May 8, 2009

Phi Beta Kappa
Jessica Ann Froehling

Lydia Ann Karjaka
Amanda Melanie Manuel

Undergraduate Social Action Award
Samantha Iba

Weatherly Award
Chris Near

Hutton Honors College Thesis Research Award
Brittany McDaniel

Hutton Honors College Travel Grant

Kayla Baumgartner
Britteny Godar
Amanda Lipetz
Chris Near
Lydia Pumphrey
Rottem Sagi
Bethany Stettenbenz
Jill Wagner
Lance Worland

Women in Science Research Conference Participants
Britteny Godar
Amanda Lipetz
Bethany Stettenbenz

College Scholarship/Award Recipients

John W. Ashton Award
Kaytlin Earley

George H. and Ruth J. Asdell Scholarship & Z.G. & Ethel Starr Clevenger Scholarship
Olivia Putnam


Kayla Baumgartner, “Corporate Identity and Corporate Defense Mechanisms: A Case Study”

Britteny Godar, “Minority Attitudes towards Children’s Mental Health”

Amanda Lipetz, “College Alcohol Policies and Student Drinking Behavior”

Brittany McDaniel, “Influences on Women’s Decisions to Work after Motherhood”

Chris Near, “Digital Reproduction of Gender:
The Cultural Production of Women’s Roles in Video  Game Box Art”

Lydia Pumphrey, “The Experiences of Parents of Children with Developmental Disabilities”

Rottem Sagi, “What is Family Policy: An American Perspective on Family Issues”

Bethany Stettenbenz, “Evaluating Stress Differences within Gender on the College Campus”

Jill Wagner, “The Sexualized Meanings of Men’s and Women’s Behaviors in Bars”

Brittni Webster, “Prescription Drug Abuse and the Rural Ghettoization of Lawrence County”

Lance Worland, “The Effects of College on the Religiosity of the Religious High School Graduates”