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Areas of Study


Our faculty have diverse interests spanning the core areas of the discipline. For example, interest in each of the following substantive areas is shared by two or more faculty in our department: political sociology, stratification, culture, education, family, medical sociology, mental health, childhood, aging and the life course, organizations, sexuality, gender, race and ethnicity, international development, work and occupations, social demography, and social networks. Our faculty are proficient in diverse methodologies as well, including advanced statistical techniques, ethnography, in-depth interviewing, and comparative/historical approaches.

Our program is designed to provide students with broad training in theory and methods in the discipline in conjunction with expertise in a substantive area of their choice. All students take courses in social psychology, social organization, theory and methods/statistics. Students also develop expertise in a subfield of their choice, which they demonstrate with a qualifying exam in that area. In recent years, students have taken exams in social psychology, medical sociology, mental health, political sociology, social movements, education, gender, childhood, sexuality, aging and the life course, deviance, globalization, family, stratification, race, community, work and occupations and organizations.

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