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Jennifer Caputo (email: website:

Research and Teaching Interests: Health and Well-Being, Sociology of the Life Course, Social Psychology, Sociology of the Family, Gender, Quantitative Research Methods

Dissertation Title: “Gender and Psychological Distress among Contemporary Young Adults in the U.S.”

Dissertation Committee: Jane McLeod (Chair), Eliza Pavalko, Brian Powell, Peggy Thoits, and Robin Simon (Wake Forest University)

Long Doan (email:; website:

Research and Teaching Interests: Social Psychology, Sociology of Emotions, Sociology of Family, Gender, Race/Ethnicity, Quantitative Methods, Group Processes

Dissertation Title: "How Do Stereotypes Affect Emotion Norms and Attributions?"

Dissertation Committee: Brian Powell (co-chair), Stephen Benard (co-chair), Peggy A. Thoits, Bernice A. Pescosolido

Matthew Gougherty
(email:; website:

Research and Teaching Interests: Culture, Education, Occupations/Professions, Organizations, Race/Class/Gender, Theory, Qualitative Methods, Social Interaction

Dissertation Title: “Claiming Professionalism: Education in a Public Affairs Program.”

Dissertation Committee: Tim Hallett (Chair), William Corsaro, Donna Eder, and Ethan Michelson

Rebecca K. Grady
(email:; website:

Research and Teaching Interests: Gender; Health, Mental Health, and Well-Being; Family, Work and Family; Work and Occupations; Research Methods; Cross-National Research

Dissertation Title: “Job Loss and Family Members’ Health”

Dissertation Committee: Patricia McManus (chair)

Amy Irby-Shasanmi

Research and Teaching Interests: Medical Sociology, Mental Health and Illness, Research Methods, Race and Ethnicity, The Life Course and Aging, and Family

Dissertation Title: “The Well-being of Inter-Racial and Inter-Ethnic Couples: Discrimination, Family Disapproval, and Relationship Quality as Explanatory Mechanisms”

Dissertation Committee: Peggy A. Thoits (Chair), Pamela Braboy Jackson, Jane McLeod, and Patricia McManus

HuiGuo Liu

Research and Teaching Interests: Economic Sociology, Organizations, Entrepreneurship, Sociology of Finance, Globalization, Quantitative Methods, Epidemiology

Dissertation Title: “Three Theses on IPOs from Sociological Perspectives”

Dissertation Committee: Fabio Rojas (Chair), Siri Terjesen (Kelley School of Business), Ethan Michelson, Weihua An, Arthur Alderson

Lisa R. Miller

Research and Teaching Interests: Sexualities and Sexual Health; Sociology of Gender; Aging and the Life Course; Social Psychology; Sociology of the Family; Race/Class/Gender; Quantitative and Qualitative Methods

Dissertation Title: “Dating and Sex across the Life Course: Understanding American Singles’ Attitudes and Behaviors.”

Dissertation Committee: Brian Powell (Chair), Donna Eder, Youngjoo Cha, Bernice A. Pescosolido, Eliza Pavalko, and Justin Garcia

Aaron Ponce
(email:; website:

Research and Teaching Interests: Global Sociology, Political Sociology, International Migration, Welfare State, Public Opinion, Comparative Methods

Dissertation Title: "Migration and Universalism"

Dissertation Committee: Patricia McManus (Chair), Arthur Alderson, Clem Brooks, and Brian Powell

Scott Setchfield

Research and Teaching Interests
:  Social Psychology, Social Movements, Deviance, Social Problems, Health and Illness, Sociology of Leisure, Qualitative Methods

Dissertation Title
:  “Leisure Consumption and Political Action in a State Motorcyclists’ Rights Organization”

Dissertation Committee
:  Brian Powell (co-chair), Fabio Rojas (co-chair), Tim Hallett, and Peggy Thoits

Kody Steffy
(email:; website:  

Research and Teaching Interests:
Culture, Inequality & Social Class, Work, Theory, Religion

Dissertation Title: "Experiencing Underemployment"

Dissertation Committee: Brian Steensland (chair), Arthur S. Alderson (co-chair), Peggy A. Thoits, and Jessica McCrory Calarco

Jane VanHeuvelen
(email:; website:

Research and Teaching Interests: Medical sociology, mental health and illness, research methods, social organizations and social psychology 

Dissertation Title: “Practitioners and Practice: Healthcare Workers Experience of Organizational Change”

Dissertation Committee: Bernice Pescosolido (Chair), Brian Powell, Jessica Calarco, Peggy Thoits

Tom VanHeuvelen
(email:; website:

Research and Teaching Interests: Stratification, Political Sociology, Quantitative Methods, Comparative/Historical Sociology, Sociology of Religion, Culture

Dissertation Title: "Within-Group Inequality"

Dissertation Committee: Arthur Alderson (Chair), Clem Brooks, Andrew Halpern-Manners, Patricia McManus