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Joseph DiGrazia (e-mail:; website:

Research and Teaching Interests: Political Sociology, Social Movements, Quantitative Methods, Computational Sociology, Information and Communication Technology

Dissertation Title: "The Tea Party Movement: Right-Wing Mobilization and the Protest Cycle"

Dissertation Committee: Fabio Rojas (chair), Art Alderson, Tim Bartley (Ohio State University), Patricia McManus, Rob Robinson

Christy L. Erving (email:; website:

Research and Teaching Interests: Medical Sociology, Mental Health, Race and Ethnicity, Immigration, Gender and Health, Social Psychology

Dissertation Title: Physical-Psychiatric Comorbidity: Patterns, Mechanisms, and Theoretical Explanations of Racial Health Disparities

Dissertation Committee: Pamela B. Jackson (Chair), Patricia McManus, Eliza Pavalko, and Peggy Thoits

Kerry Greer (email:

Research and Teaching Interests: Poverty, Inequality, Organizations, Social Welfare, Nonprofits, Family, Gender, Immigration, Globalization, Social Change

Dissertation Title: “Social Service Agencies: An examination of participation, governance, and advocacy in Bloomington, Indiana”

Dissertation Committee: Robert Robinson (chair), Fabio Rojas, Donna Eder, Laura Cornell, and Andrew Libby

Amy Irby-Shasanmi (email:

Research and Teaching Interests: Medical Sociology, Mental Health and Illness, Research Methods, Race and Ethnicity, Aging and the Life Course, Family, and Race, Class, and Gender

Dissertation Title: “The Well-being of Inter-Racial and Inter-Ethnic Couples: Discrimination, Family Disapproval, and Relationship Quality as Explanatory Mechanisms”

Dissertation Committee: Peggy A. Thoits (Chair), Pamela Braboy Jackson, Jane McLeod, and Patricia McManus

Kristin Jordan (email:; website:

Research and Teaching Interests: Sociology of Education; Stratification and Inequality; Quantitative and Qualitative Methods; Survey Design and Methodology; Scholarship of Teaching and Learning; Race, Class, and Gender

Dissertation Title: "Beyond Aspirations and Admissions Decisions: The Causes and Consequences of Student College Choice”

Dissertation Committee: Pamela Barnhouse Walters (chair), Brian Powell, Jennifer Lee, Sylvia Martinez

Syndee Knight (email:

Research and Teaching Interests: Social Stratification, Crime and Deviance, Urban and Community Studies, Life Course, Research Methods, Mental Health/Illness

Dissertation Title: "From Here to Somewhere: Appalachian Migration and Social Mobility"

Dissertation Committee: Donna Eder (Chair), Arthur S. Alderson, Michelle Brown, Jane McLeod, and Eliza Pavalko

Jaime Kucinskas (email:; website:

Research and Teaaching Interests: Religion, Social and Scientific Intellectual Movements, Globalization, Gender, Inequality, Comparative Sociology

Dissertation Title: “Re-envisioning Institutional Cultures from the Inside Out : A Comparative Analysis of the Emergence of Contemplative Practices and Philosophies in Science, Education, and the Business Sector.”

Dissertation Committee: Robert V. Robinson (Chair), Brian Steensland, Fabio Rojas, Timothy Hallett, Larry Isaac.

Ke Li (email:

Research and Teaching Interests: Law and Society Studies, Sociology of Culture, Sociology of Gender, Social Theories, Criminology, Archival Research, Ethnography, Mixed Methods, China and East Asia

Dissertation Title: "Seeking Divorce in the Countryside: Marital Grievances, Dispute Resolution, and Gender Inequalities in Contemporary China"

Dissertation Committee: Ethan Michelson (Chair), Brian Steensland, Sara Friedman, Brian Powell

Alexander Lu (email:

Research and Teaching Interests:
Social Psychology, Race and Ethnicity, Emotions, Health and Illness

Dissertation Title: Victimhood, Shared Loss, and Commemoration: Emotionally Transforming Personal Traumas into Community Traumas

Dissertation Committee:
Peggy A. Thoits (chair), Timothy Hallett, Pamela Braboy Jackson, Brian Powell

Ann McCranie (email:; website:

Research and Teaching Interests: Social Networks, Medical Sociology, Mental Health, Social Organizations and Movements

Dissertation Title: "The Institutionalization of Hope? A Sociological View of the Recovery Movement in Mental Health Services"

Dissertation Committee: Bernice Pescosolido (chair), Tim Hallett, Fabio Rojas, Eric Wright

Kathleen C. Oberlin (email:; website:

Research and Teaching Interests: Sociology of Science, Social Movements, Place & Built Environment, Medical Sociology, Research Methods, Science, Technology & Society (STS), Religion & Science, Sociology of Culture, Public Sociology

Dissertation Title: “Mobilizing Epistemic Conflict: The Creation Museum and the Creationist Social Movement”

Dissertation Committee: Thomas F. Gieryn (chair), Bernice A. Pescosolido, Fabio Rojas, Brian S. Steensland

Shawna Rohrman
(email:; website:

Research and Teaching Interests: Mental Health and Illness, Medical Sociology, Race and Ethnicity, Life Course, Social Psychology, Quantitative Research Methods

Dissertation Title: "Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health Across the Transition to Adulthood"

Dissertation Committee: Jane McLeod (chair), Pamela Braboy Jackson, J. Scott Long, Eliza Pavalko, Peggy Thoits

Shawna N. Smith (email:; website:

Research and Teaching Interests: Political sociology, organizations, comparative sociology, sociology of law, stratification, statistics & research methods

Dissertation Title: "Trajectories of equality: Fair employment in the US, Great Britain and Canada"

Dissertation Committee: Tim Bartley (co-chair), Clem Brooks (co-chair), Patricia McManus, Ethan Michelson, and Youngjoo Cha