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Recent Awards and Honors



Jane McLeod is the winner of two national awards.

  • American Sociological Association Sociology of Mental Health Section’s Leonard I. Pearlin Award for distinguished contributions to the sociological study of mental health.  As described on the section website: “The award honors a scholar who has made substantial contributions in theory and/or research to the sociology of mental health.” 
  • Society of the Study of Social Problems Mental Health Division’s James R. Greenley Award, also for distinguished contributions to the sociology of mental health. As described on the division website: “With this award, the division seeks to recognize individuals who have distinguished careers and made a significant impact on the field through their scholarship, teaching and community involvement.”
Jane McLeod
Jane McLeod


Long Doan, Annalise Loehr, and Lisa Miller’s paper “The Power of Love: The Role of Emotional Attributions and Standards in Heterosexuals’ Attitudes toward Same-Sex Couples” is the recipient of the ASA Emotions Section's Outstanding Graduate Student Paper award.

Annalist Loehr, Long Doan, Lisa Miller
Annalise Loehr, Long Doan, and Lisa Miller

Karen Li’s paper “What He Did Was Lawful: Divorce Litigation and Gender Inequality in Rural China” is the recipient of the ASA Sociology of Law Section Graduate Student Paper Award. The paper also received an honorable mention for the SSSP Law and Society Division’s Lindesmith Graduate Student Paper Award.

Karen Li
Karen Li

Natasha Yurk and Dan Rudel’s paper “Responsibility or Liability: Student Loan Debt and Time Use in College” received an honorable mention for the ASA Sociology of Education Section’s Stevenson Graduate Paper Award.

Sam Kye’s paper “Revisiting White Flight and Segregation: The Consequences of Ethnoburbs” received an honorable mention for the SSSP Division on Racial and Ethnic Minorities Student Paper Competition Award.

Joseph Johnston, Lisa Miller, and Jamie Oslawski-Lopez have been awarded the SAGE Teaching Innovations and Development Award.  This award is in honor of teaching accomplishments to date and future teaching contributions of sociology graduate students and assistant professors.  25 fellows are selected each year (the number of applicants typically exceeds 100).  Indiana University is the only university that has more than one fellow—which speaks to the impressive talents of these graduate students.






Bill Corsaro is the recipient of the 2013 Distinguished Career Award from the ASA Section on Children and Youth.

Bill Corsaro receives ASA Award
Bill Corsaro receiving 2013 Distinguished Career Award

Peggy Thoits is the recipient of the 2013 James R. Greenley Award for Distinguished Contributions to the Sociology of Mental Health from the SSSP Society and Mental Health Division.

Alex Lu is the inaugural recipient of the ASA’s Medical Sociology Section’s Howard B. Kaplan Memorial Award in Medical Sociology that recognizes a graduate student for outstanding research in mental health, self-concept and health, or deviance.


Tim Hallett is being awarded the 2013 Outstanding Recent Article Award from the Social Psychology Section for his 2010 American Sociological Review paper, “The Myth Incarnate: Recoupling Processes, Turmoil, and Inhabited Institutions in an Urban Elementary School.

Tim Hallett receiving ASA award
Tim Hallett receiving Outstanding Recent Article Award

Brian Powell is the winner of awards from two ASA sections

·        He is being awarded the Distinguished Article Award from the Sex and Gender Section for his 2011 Gender & Society article, “Marital Name Change as a Window into Gender Attitudes.” 

·        He is also receiving the Emotions Section Recent Contributions Award for his 2010 coauthored paper with Karthyn Lively and Lala Carr Steelman in Social Psychology Quarterly, entitled “Emotions, Equity, and the Household Division of Labor.”

Rob Robinson and Nancy Davis are being awarded honorable mentions from both the Sociology of Religion Section and the Section on Altruism, Morality & Social Solidarity for their 2012 book Claiming Society for God: Religious Movements and Social Welfare in Egypt, Israel, Italy, and the United States.

Christy Erving has been awarded the 2013 SSSP Society and Mental Health Division's Graduate Student Paper Award for her Journal of Health and Social Behavior paper "Social Support and Health: The Role of Ethnicity and Nativity among Black Americans."

Jamie Kucinskas has been awarded the 2013 Graduate Student Paper Award from the Religion Section of ASA for her paper entitled “From Buddhist-Inspired Meditation to Mindfulness as a Secular Panacea.”

Congratulations to the graduate students who received the following awards and fellowships (see our Facebook album for photos):

Preparing Future Faculty Fellowship:
Jane VanHeuvelen
Edwin H. Sutherland Teaching Award: Dana Prewitt

Social Action Award: Jaime Kucinskas

Schuessler Award for Graduate Research:
Shiri Noy
Timothy O’Brien

Stewart Family Scholarship: Sarah Hatteberg

Lindesmith-Mullins Fellowship:
Joe DiGrazia
Kevin Doran
Christy Erving (declined)
Ke Li

Graduate Student Mentor Award: Matt Grace

Atherton Bean Fellowship:
Casey Oberlin
Dana Prewitt

Advanced Departmental Fellowships:
Lisa Miller
Jamie Oslawski-Lopez
Tom VanHeuvelen
Rebecca Grady
Alexander Lu
Michael Vasseur

College Dissertation Research Fellowship: Amy Irby-Shasanmi

College Dissertation Completion Fellowship: Jaime Kucinskas

Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship:Christy Erving

And congratulations to faculty members Stephen Benard (Trustees Teaching Award), Jennifer Lee (Trustees Teaching Award) and Donna Eder (Sutherland Teaching Award).

Scott Long has been selected as a Fellow of the American Statistical Association on the basis of his “integrative writing, teaching, and statistical software on limited dependent variable models, his influential manuscripts on structural equation models, his path-breaking book on workflow, and his key role in creating a new Department of Statistics at Indiana University.”

Congratulations Scott on this much deserved recognition for your many contributions!

Robert RobinsonCSFG cover
Robert Robinson and Nancy Davis's book Claiming Society for God: Religious Movements and Social Welfare in Egypt, Israel, Italy, and the United States (Indiana University Press, 2012), has fared well in a national book competition. It is co-winner of the gold medal in the religion category of the 2013 Independent Publisher Book Awards. The "IPPY" awards recognize books published by university and independent presses. The award will be presented in a ceremony in New York City that kicks off the annual BookExpo America convention. The book also recently received the Scholarly Achievement Award of the North Central Sociological Association.

Sarah Hatteberg has been selected by President McRobbie’s office to receive the Lieber Associate Instructor Award for teaching excellence. Sarah continues a long tradition of recognition for teaching excellence among our faculty and graduate students. Congratulations Sarah!

David Heise has been awarded the 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Academy of Intercultural Research.  The International Academy of Intercultural Research is dedicated to the understanding and improvement of intercultural relations through world-class social science research.  The Lifetime Achievement Award is awarded to a scholar who has contributed significantly to the scientific and theoretical foundations of intercultural research throughout their career.

Congratulations to David for this well-deserved recognition of his work and contributions to the field!

Brian Powell Congratulations to Brian Powell on his recent election as Vice President Elect of the American Sociological Association, and he will serve as VP of the ASA in 2013-2014.   This is not only a wonderful addition to Brian’s many accomplishments, but also excellent to know that ASA will be in such good hands.  For more information on the ASA elections, please see

Congratulations to our 2012-2013 Preparing Future Faculty Fellows!

Sarah Hatteberg has been awarded the Department’s Preparing Future Faculty Fellowship for 2012-2013. As the PFF Fellow she will co-teach S506 with Brian Powell and organize the PFF Conference in Spring 2013 for the Graduate School.

Sarah Hatteberg and Alyssa Powers are also PFF Fellows shadowing faculty at DePauw University. 

Dana Prewitt and Rebecca Grady are PFF Fellows shadowing faculty at Hanover College.

Congratulations to Syndee Knight who received an Indiana University Credit Union Dissertation Fellowship for the 2012-13 academic year. Way to go, Syndee!

Congratulations to the graduate student recipients of the following awards:

Shiri Noy received a College of Arts and Sciences Dissertation Research Fellowship

Tim O'Brien received a College of Arts and Sciences Dissertation Year Fellowship

Kerry Greer received a John H. Edwards Fellowship from the University Graduate School

Emily Meanwell has received a National Academy of Education/Spencer Dissertation Fellowship for the 2012-2013 academic year.  Congratulations, Emily!

Alex Lu
Alexander Lu has won the ASA Social Psych section's graduate student paper award. The paper is "Stress and Physical Health Deterioration in the Aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita." Sociological Perspectives. 54(2):229-250. DOI:10.1525/sop.2011.54.2.229.

Congratulations, Alex!

Donna Eder Donna Eder has been awarded a Beth Wood Distinguished Service-Learning Faculty Award. This award is named in honor of Beth Wood, who taught service-learning courses in the School of Journalism until she lost her battle with cancer in November of 2009. Her teaching exemplified high quality service-learning valued by students and community partner agencies alike. The award recognizes faculty who have demonstrated excellence in three areas: 1) teaching pedagogically strong and mutually beneficial service-learning classes, 2) participating in Service-Learning Program events (as both attendees and presenters) and 3) raising visibility of service-learning on and off campus.

Congratulations to Donna for her excellent service-learning work!

Congratulations to all of our graduate students for their many successes this year.  And especially congratulations to the recipients of the following awards.

Glen D. and Dorothy E. Stewart Family Scholarship -- Dana Prewitt

Atherton-Bean Fellowship -- Casey Oberlin

Preparing Future Faculty Fellowship – Sarah Hatteberg

Sutherland Teaching Award—Sarah Hatteberg

Social Action Award—Rachel LaTouche and Casey Oberlin

Glen D. and Dororthy E. Stewart Family Scholarship – Emily Meanwell

Schuessler Award for Graduate Research – Eric Grollman and Tim O’Brien

Lindesmith-Mullins Fellowship – Shawna Smith

Graduate Student Mentor Award – Mike Vasseur

Mark Granovetter Award for Cultivating Network Ties
: Shiri Noy

Berger and Luckmann Award for Constructing One's Own Reality: Jacob Miller & Shandu Foster

Erving Goffman Award for Dramatic Flair: Natalie Friedman

Patricia McManus Award for Most Likely to Pass You on the Stairs: Jane Schlapkohl

Ann Swidler Award for Most Boss Cultural Toolkit: Lydia DiSabatino

And congratulations to Peggy Thoits for receiving the Faculty Mentor Award from the graduate students!

Congratulations to Jennifer Caputo and Emily Wurgler for winning the top 2 “best graduate paper” awards from the 2012 North Central Sociological Association competition!

Jennifer Caputo Receives Award

Jennifer’s paper "Welfare Queen" Stigma and the Well-Being of Women on Welfare” won first place.

Emily Wurgler Receives Award

Emily's paper, "Church Chums and Bible Study Buddies: The Relational Bases of Political Attitudes" won second place.

Eric GrollmanEric Grollman's article, "Multiple Forms of Perceived Discrimination and Health among Adolescents and Young Adults," was accepted for publication in the June 2012 issue of the Journal of Health and Social Behaviorm the premiere journal in medical sociology. Congratulations, Eric!

Congratulations to John Kennedy for the first-ever Association of Academic Survey Research Organizations Achievement Award, an award which is now named in his honor.  This award recognizes John’s decades of outstanding service in supporting and developing academic survey research as director for the Center for Survey Research from 1987 to 2012. 

Jane McLeod Jane McLeod has been appointed as the College of Arts and Sciences first Associate Dean for Social Sciences, beginning July 1, 2012.  In addition to her expertise on social psychology, stratification, medical sociology and the life course, Jane brings a broad range of administrative experience to the post.  Jane has served as chair of several ASA sections and is currently chair-elect of the Social Psychology section and a member of the ASA Program Committee.  Jane has previously served in many capacities at IU including Associate Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs, Director of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Sociology and Director of the Karl F. Schuessler Institute for Social Research.  Congratulations Jane!

Eric Grollman
received first place in the Midwest Sociological Society (MSS) graduate student paper award competition for his paper, “Multiple Forms of Perceived Discrimination and Health Among Adolescents and Young Adults.” The award will be presented at the MSS meetings at a special session on March 30th. Congratulations, Eric!

Congratulations to Alex Lu, Syndee Knight, Jennifer Caputo, Long Doan for recent paper awards and honorable mentions from American Sociological Association, Society for the Study of Social Problems, and American Society of Criminology for their outstanding research. Also congratulations to former graduate student, Laura Hamilton, PhD 2010, for an Honorable Mention from the ASA Dissertation Award Committee for her dissertation.

Alex Lu
Alexander Lu won the ASA's 2011 Outstanding Graduate Student Paper Award for the Race, Gender, and Class Section for his paper "Intersections of Discrimination in Immigration Law: Narrating Chinese Women's Experiences during the Chinese Exclusion Era."

Brian Powell
Brian Powell's book, COUNTED OUT: SAME-SEX RELATIONS AND AMERICANS' DEFINITIONS OF FAMILY, coauthored with Lala Carr Steelman and IU PhDs Catherine Bolzendahl and Claudia Geist, is the recipient of the American Sociological Association Sociology of Family Section's William J. Goode Award for outstanding book. This is the third award for the book: it also received the North Central Sociological Association's Scholarly Achievement Award and the Midwest Sociological Society's Distinguished Book Award.

Bernice A. Pescosolido
Bernice Pescosolido was honored with the 2011 Leonard I. Pearlin Award by the Mental Health Section of the American Sociological Association. The Leonard I. Pearlin Award honors a scholar who has made substantial contributions in theory and/or research to the sociology of mental health.

Bernice Pescosolido will be awarded Yale Alumni Association's Wilbur Lucius Cross Medal. The Wilbur Lucius Cross Medal is an honor presented each year by the Graduate School Alumni Association to a small number of outstanding alumni. The medal recognizes distinguished achievements in scholarship, teaching, academic administration, and public service.

Emily Bowman has been awarded Indiana University's 2011 Lieber Memorial Associate Instructor Award for her outstanding teaching. Each year IU recognizes the university's most outstanding instructors across the campus with this prestigious award. The award will be presented to Emily later this spring at the university's Founders Day celebration.

Jim Gibson, undergraduate advisor, has been awarded a 2010 Staff Merit Award. Congratulations to Jim for this much deserved honor and thanks to him for his wonderful advising.

Ho-fung Hung has just been awarded the World Society Foundation's first place prize in their outstanding paper competition. The World Society Foundation Award honors outstanding contributions of research papers on world society addressing a specific topic. This year's topic focused on the global economic crisis.

David Heise is the recipient of two major awards from the Mathematical Sociology Section of the ASA.

• 2010 recipient of the James Coleman Distinguished Career Award.

• 2010 recipient of the Harrison White Outstanding Book Award for his 2007 book: Expressive Order: Confirming Sentiments in Social Actions.

Kristin Jordan
Kristin Jordan won the SSSP's 2010 Student Paper Competition for the Educational Problems Division for her paper "A Competitive Edge in College Admissions: The Impact of Cultural Capital and College Admissions Preparations on College Destinations."

Robert Robinson
Robert Robinson and Nancy Davis's article published in the March 2009 issue of the American Journal of Sociology has been awarded two awards. They received the Distinguished Article Award from the ASA Section on the Sociology of Religion and the Honorable Mention Award from the ASA Section on Collective Behavior and Social Movements.

Oren Pizmony-Levy has been awarded the David Lee Stevenson Award for outstanding graduate student paper for his paper, "A Multilevel Approach to the Study of Global Curricula Script: The Case of Environmental Education 1970-2005."

Timothy O'Brien and Oren Pizmony-Levy won the SSSP's Student Competition for the Conflict, Social Action, and Change Division for their paper, "The Credibility of University Professors: Is there a Penalty on Engaged Scholarship?"

Bernice A. Pescosolido
Bernice Pescosolido has just been elected to the executive committee of the Sociological Research Association (which means that she will be SRA President in a few years). The SRA is an honor society of sociological scholars. Membership is very selective and many of our faculty have the honor of being invited members of the SRA. Bernice's election to the executive committee an exceptional honor.

Peggy Thoits
Peggy Thoits has received not one, but TWO major honors this year recognizing her distinguished contributions to the field. Peggy has been named as the 2010 recipient of the Leo G. Reeder Award from the medical sociology section. This award recognizes scholarly contributions, especially a body of work displaying an extended trajectory of productivity and encompassing theory and research. Peggy has also been named the recipient of the 2010 Cooley-Mead Award from the Social Psychology Section. This is the section's highest honor to recognize distinguished career contributions to social psychology.

Oren Pizmony-Levy
Oren Pizmony-Levy has also just learned that he has received two major awards. Oren was awarded the 2010 Wells Graduate Fellowship by the University Graduate School. This very competitive award recognizes "Visionary Leadership, Academic Excellence, Character, Social Consciousness and Generosity." Oren has also been awarded the Dr. Judith Torney-Purta Outstanding Paper Award from the Comparative and International Education Society.

Rashawn Ray
Rashawn Ray has been named the Bloomington Outstanding Black Male Leader of Tomorrow Award. A profile of Rashawn is on the City of Bloomington website – take a look!

Bernice A. Pescosolido
Distinguished Professor Bernice A. Pescosolido was selected as a recipient of the "Heroes in the Fight" award, an award recognizing exemplary care and dedication to those affected by severe and persistent mental illness. The program was established by Lilly USA, and is administered by Mental Health America of Indiana and several other organizations serving those with mental health challenges (see attached award letter). This award highlights the vast contributions Bernice's research makes to persons with mental illness. Congratulations Bernice!

The Department of Sociology congratulates the following undergraduate students for their election to Phi Beta Kappa, an honorary organization that celebrates and advocates excellence in the liberal arts and sciences.

These exceptional students are:

Christopher Near
Christopher Edward Near

Katherine Province
Katherine Province

Elizabeth Scannell
Elizabeth Scannell

Not pictured:
Samantha Foster
Danielle Elizabeth Frantonius
Amy Elizabeth Rouzer
Heidi Sue Schindel

Sheldon Stryker
Distinguished Professor Sheldon Stryker has won the W.E.B. DuBois Career of Distinguished Scholarship Award from the American Sociological Association.

The W.E.B. DuBois Career of Distinguished Scholarship Award honors scholars who have shown outstanding commitment to the profession of sociology and whose cumulative work has contributed in important ways to the advancement of the discipline. The body of lifetime work may include theoretical and/or methodological contributions. The award selection committee is particularly interested in work that substantially reorients the field in general or in a particular sub field.

Congratulations to Shel on this wonderful and much deserved award!