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Sigma Xi, an international, multidisciplinary research society, honors and encourages excellence in scientific investigation and companionship and cooperation among researchers in all fields of science and engineering. Its most salient activity is to publish American Scientist , the premier journal for the scientifically literate general reader.  A new Sigma Xi resource on Evolution includes several articles from American Scientist.

Local Activities

Current Activities

Sigma Xi's annual luncheon for new faculty in the sciences is scheduled for Wednesday, Nov 03, 2010 in the alcove on the west side of the Tudor Room (left as you enter) in the Indiana Memorial Union. We will start to gather in the Tudor Room lobby at about 11:45 AM. Most of us will go to the buffet at about Noon. Details

The IUB Chapter of Sigma Xi has four annual events.

The Luncheon for new science faculty. Early each fall, Sigma Xi invite new faculty members in the sciences to be guests at a luncheon to welcome them to this community, to meet each other and to members of the IUB chapter of Sigma Xi, most of whom are faculty at IUB. We ask our guests to intruduce themselves and their research.

Invitation to Membership. At the end of the first semester and the beginning of the second semester, the membership committee seeks nominations for new members at either the associate or full level. Associate membership is designed for people early in ther research careers, typically graduate students or exceptional advanced undergraduates. The usual criterion is some form of publication or public presentation of research. Full membership is intended for people who have established a record of research, usually assessed by the usual measures of scholarly activity. Membership nominations are accepted at any time, but the membership drive is our concerted effort to inform potential members about Sigma Xi and what it does locally as well as nationally and internationally. Some of the latter are summarized in the accompanying brochure prepared by Sigma Xi's Home Office.

Supporting STARS awards. IU undergraduate STARS (Science, Technology, and Research Scholars) program has a symposium at which STARS students present their research. Members of Sigma Xi attend the symposium and select one or two outstanding presentations for awards, which include a modest honorarium and associate membership in the organization.

Annual Spring Meeting. Near the end of the second semester, Sigma Xi has its annual awards meeting at which new members are initiated and several awards are presented, including one for Indiana High School Science Teacher of the Year, one or two Outstanding Undergraduate Research Awards, the STARS awards, and the Margaret Russell Edmondson Undergraduate Research Award in Genetics sponsors by Prof. Frank Edmondson, a longtime faculty member in Astronomy and strong supporter of Sigma XI.

In addition we are taking steps to cosponsor a Science Caf‚ in this community. Sigma Xi joined with WGBH to launch the Science Caf‚ concept as a public science forum, to which the general public is invited to explore a scientific topic of current interest with one or more scientists in that field. In many communities it is held monthly. An expert informally introduces the topic of the evening. After a break for refreshments -- and to meet new people and chat, -- the participants and attendees reconvene for to discuss the topic.

Updated October 25, 2010

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