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Local Chapter Activities

The local chapter’s regular activities include:

  1. Fall luncheon to recognize new members of the faculty
  2. Annual invitation to join Sigma Xi and to nominate undergraduates and high school science teachers for awards
  3. Judgng the annual STARS symposium posters and presentations and making awards for the "best" poster and the "best" oral presentations.
  4. Annual banquet during which we initiate new members and make the awards to undergraduates and to a high school science teacher
  5. Our chapter website is intended to serve as a place to find science-related activities on campus and and beyond.

Other projects in various stages of development include:

  • collecting journals, professional books, and recent texts for shipment overseas to developing countries, especially in Africa. A pilot is underway in the Psychology Bldg.
  • collaborating and supporting the local science café program
  • a "science chat" each week over lunch at some central location, like the Kiva in the IMU
  • offer to provide to our legislators sources of valid scientific information
  • revive a program of visiting high school science classes and/or helping guide student research. Here are some possibilities for collaboration in such an effort:

A brochure provides the information in this page in .pdf format

All of these need extra minds and hands.

Ideas for more activities? Please get in touch with one of the officers