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Foreign / Second Language Share Fair
Fall 2013
Presentation Proposal
"Beyond the Vocab List: From Presentation to Application"
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By this authorization I agree that I shall receive no fee, and that all right, title, and interest to the photographs/videos and verbal or written content, and use of them belongs to Indiana University.

Description of setting: 
Share Fair Fall 2013
Deadline: Tuesday, October 15
Please complete the form below. Thank You!

Name of Presenter

Current e-mail Address

Department affiliation

Title of proposed activity

Brief description of activity

Be informative, but please do not exceed 500 words.
As you describe your activity, consider providing the following information.
  • For what language level have you designed the activity? (Specify the year
    and semester, and if you are familiar with the ACTFL guidelines, you are
    encouraged to use them, even if approximating.)
  • Type of activity (written, oral, recorded, class, outside of class)
  • Is it a group activity, pair work?
  • If any, what materials do you use for the activity (handouts, any visuals,
    books, film, music, etc.)?
  • Teaching/ Learning goals: What do you as an instructor aim for your students
    to gain from this activity? (For example: introduce new material, practice, review)
    The development of which skills are you targeting with the activity you have
    designed: speaking, reading, writing, listening, all? 
  • Describe the activity.
  • How much time do you give for the entire activity and each of its components?


A) The room in which you are to present is equipped with computer, Internet and video
resources, in case you need to use them.

B) Once you have been notified of your acceptance, be prepared to provide a handout
and 30 copies of it to your audience. This handout will serve as the instructions for the
activity you present at the Share Fair.

C) For the actual presentation at the Share Fair, bear in mind that your time is limited to
only 3-5 minutes.

D) Remember that the Share Fair is not a place for a lecturing, but for hands on activities.
In other words, do not just tell us what to do, show us what and how to do it!

Enter your description here (500 words or less):

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