2015 Fall | The Social Mixer

"Warm Up, Wake Up, Wrap Up"
Friday, November 13, 2015, 2-4:30 pm
School of Education Auditorium

Do you use quick, exciting, interactive activities designed to get students to mingle with their peers, change partners, and talk to new people? We welcome teaching ideas that seek to "mix it up": tricks and tips that keep classroom energy high and encourage students to get out of their seats and talk to others! These five minute activities designed for a cognititive shift (change of pace) might be ice-breakers, warm-ups, bridges, time-fillers, quick games, or closing activities. Warm up, wake up, wrap up -- we welcome it all!


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Organizing Committee

  • Gloria Navajas Sanchez
  • Jeanne Gilbert
  • Valentyna Filimonova
  • Juliane Wuensch
  • Yunona Shcherbina
  • Sarah Kay Hurst
  • Travis Sago
  • Liz McDyer
  • Alisha Reaves
  • Misato Hiraga
  • Dilnoza Kadirova
  • Zawan Al Bulushi
  • Yilmaz Koylu

Faculty Advising Committee

Dr. Jeff Holdeman
Slavic & East European Languages & Cultures
Director of the Global Village
Dr. Xiaojing Kou
Coordinator, Center for Language Technology (CeLT)


Dr. Ariann Stern-Gottschalk

"A Great Cultural Mix: Planning Your Activity Around Target & Classroom Culture"

Director, IU Summer Language Workshop &
Lecturer, Department of Slavic & East European Languages and Cultures
| @aristern@indiana.edu

Ariann Stern-Gottschalk is a lecturer in the IU Department of Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures and Director of the Summer Language Workshop. Some of her current work focuses on developing profession development opportunities for graduate students; improving pedagogy through peer evaluation and a variety of course and classroom assessments; teaching reading; and integrating information literacy in the undergraduate curriculum.

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Evan Bracken

"Oscar After-Party"

AI, East Asian Languages & Cultures | ehbracke@umail.iu.edu

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Dr. Susanne Even

"Alternating Freeze Frames"

Faculty, Germanic Studies | evens@indiana.edu

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Zeynep Elbasan

"Ask Me About Me"

AI, Central Eurasian Studies | zelbasan@indiana.edu

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Claire Fields

"Chain Reaction"

AI, Second Language Studies | fieldsce@indiana.edu

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Laura Demsey

"Pairing Up: How to Choose New Partners Every Time"

AI, French & Italian | ldemsey@indiana.edu

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Megan DiBartolomeo

"Ask, Ask, Echange"

AI, Spanish & Portuguese | mdibarto@indiana.edu

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Elena Doludenko

"Attention! You Are Under Arrest"

AI, Slavic & East European | elendolu@indiana.edu

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Maria Fink

"Speed Dating"

Graduate Student, Germanic Studies | finkm@indiana.edu

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Margaret Glide

"Would You Rather"

AI, Spanish & Portuguese | mglide@indiana.edu

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Saulet Alpysbaeva

"Flew, Flew, Crow Flew"

FLTA, AI, Central Eurasian Studies | saualpys@indiana.edu

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