About Share Fair

The IU Foreign Language Share Fair is a semi-annual event that encourages both graduate students and faculty to share inspiring ideas, useful teaching strategies, and new activities that can be widely applied in language classes.

Our vision is to create and foster a true community of language educators through interdepartmental collaboration. We believe in the supporting power of networking and learning from peers, and it is our mission to provide a casual and welcoming environment for this unique and worthy cause.

  • Meet Colleagues and other Language Instructors
  • Hear practical and proven suggestions you can use in the classroom
  • Get ideas from many different languages
  • Enjoy a variety of refreshments

Presentation Parameters

Presentations at the Share Fair are limited to 3-5 minutes. We encourage presenters to invite audience members to participate and actually "do" the classroom activities you share. In other words, the Share Fair is not a place to just "tell" and discuss theory. Rather, it is a place to "show" and "include" the audience in hands-on activities that each of us can modify as needed and use in our language classrooms!

The focus of each Share Fair event is determined by the theme for the semester. You can use the following as suggestions or hints on how to fit your idea into the theme

  • Technology (internet, e-mail, video, computer- assisted language learning)
  • our skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing)
  • Culture (big C and little c)
  • Learning strategies
  • Groupwork
  • Pragmatics; language in a social context
  • Testing and assessment


Want to sponsor us? Serve on the committee? Just have general questions? Send us an email shfair@indiana.edu

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