Specifications of the USS Spiegel Grove



Specifications of the USS Spiegel Grove

Remarks:  Portable helicopter platform.  Can carry 3 LCU, 18 LCM (6) or 9 LCM (6) in 119.2 x 14.6 well deck with 975 m of vehicle parking space forward of the docking well.  Two 50-ton cranes.  Originally had 16 76.2-mm DP (II x 8) now have one mount forward to starboard, and two amidships.  Two Mk 56 and 63 gunfire-control systems removed in 1977.  Last active U.S. ships with SPS-6 air-search radar.  Being decommissioned to reserve for retention for possible emergency mobilization; LSD 32 extended in active service two years, was to have decommissioned 30-98-87. 

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USS Spiegel Grove History courtesy of the Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships

USS Spiegel Grove Images courtesy of the U.S. Naval Institute

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