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Department of Kinesiology: Academic Diving Program

Academic Diving Course Descriptions

  • SPH-I 270 Introduction to Scientific Scuba (2 cr.):
    Introduction to the theory and practical skills for basic scuba. Program designed to give participants knowledge of physics and physiology as applied to breathing with a "self-contained underwater breathing apparatus" (SCUBA). Swimming ability and scuba medical history form required.

  • SPH-I 272 Scuba Knowledge Development (1 cr.):
    Web based Scuba knowledge course for completing international standards for the knowledge portion of various scuba certifications, as required by the recreational diving industry.

  • SPH-I 370 Introduction to Scientific Scuba (2 cr.):
    Knowledge and skill development for Open Water Certification, within an academic diving program. Course includes basic, openwater, and orientation to advanced scuba skills as related to conducting institutional and recreational scuba programs. Scuba Certification and scuba medical history form required. SPH-I 270 required prerequisite or concurrent.

  • SPH- I 371 Advanced Scuba (3 cr.) (Course Overview Video)
    Develop advanced SCUBA and research diving skills such as underwater documentation (including underwater photography), underwater communication systems, diver propulsion vehicles, search and recovery, limited visibility, deep diving, wreck diving, altitude diving, marine resources conservation, and Enriched Air Nitrox (EAN). IU Scuba Referral or National SCUBA certification. Students must also complete a Liability form, Statement of Understanding, and a Medical History form (with additional clearance from physician if warranted).
  • SPH-I 374 Boating Safety (2 cr.):
    Recreational small boat use and operator safety. Useful for anyone interested in handling small crafts in a recreational setting.