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Briefing Paper 1.
Zero Tolerance: Assumptions vs. Facts

Briefing Paper 2.
Unplanned Outcomes: Suspensions and Expulsions in Indiana

Briefing Paper 3.
Discipline is Always Teaching: Effective Alternatives to Zero Tolerance in Indiana’s Schools

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The papers on these links provide more detail on the analyses conducted for the Children Left Behind Briefing Papers, and additional resources on topics covered in those papers.

CLB Supplementary Paper 2-A
Disproportionality in School Discipline Among Minority Students in Indiana:Description and Analysis

National data have consistently found overrepresentation of minority students, especially African-Americans, in out-of-school suspension and expulsion. This paper presents a description and analysis of the extent to which minority students are disproportionately represented in school disciplinary outcomes in Indiana.

CLB Supplementary Paper 2-B
Factors Associated with State Rates of Out-of-School Suspension and Expulsion

Indiana's per capita rates of expulsion and out-of-school suspension, among the highest in the nation, naturally lead to questions regarding the reasons for that high ranking. In this paper we describe analyses that coded characteristics of state statutes governing suspension and expulsion, and tested the association between those characteristics and state rates of out-of-school suspension and expulsion.

CLB Supplementary Paper 2-C
The Disciplinary Practices Survey: How Do Indiana Principals Feel About Discipline?

There can be no question of the need for schools to maintain safe and disciplined school climates that are conducive to learning, but there has been great controversy over the best methods for achieving such climates. This paper describes the results of a survey of Indiana principals on their attitudes towards school discipline and violence prevention.

CLB Supplementary Paper 2-D
The Relationship between Achievement, Discipline, and Race: An Analysis of Factors Predicting ISTEP Scores

Part of the purpose of school discipline is to help ensure a school climate in which students can learn and teachers can teach; thus it makes sense to examine the relationship between school disciplinary procedures and school achievement. This paper describes the results of analyses examining the association between out-of-school suspension and ISTEP scores, controlling for a number of demographic variables.

CLB Supplementary Paper 3-A
Doing Discipline Differently:The Greenfield Middle School Story

The third briefing paper highlighted the innovative and creative strategies used by Indiana schools and communities to preserve safe school climates without removing large numbers of children from the opportunity to learn. One story in particular stood out. In this paper, we highlight and summarize an interview with Indiana Middle School Principal of the Year Jim Bever about how a shift in disciplinary philosophy and practice at Greenfield Middle School made a significant difference in both discipline and achievement.