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Zero Tolerance: Assumptions vs. Facts

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Unplanned Outcomes: Suspensions and Expulsions in Indiana

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Discipline is Always Teaching: Effective Alternatives to Zero Tolerance in Indiana’s Schools

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       Acknowledgements                      Click here for a printable copy


The Children Left Behind Project wishes to acknowledge the dedication and contributions of a number of people without whom the production of these publications would have been impossible. First, we would like to acknowledge the Directors and Board of the Indiana Youth Services Association, as well as Dr. Jonathan Plucker, Director of the Center for Evaluation and Education Policy for their guidance and support throughout the project. In particular, we owe a large debt of gratitude to Leigh Kupersmith, publications coordinator for CEEP, for her unflagging good humor and keen editorial insights in formatting, and to Dr. Ada Simmons, Executive Associate Director of CEEP, for her contributions in logistics and editing. Thanks also go to Jessica Eaton and Naomi Sotoo of CEEP for their coding and analysis of state statutes concerning out-of-school suspension and expulsion. At IYSA, many thanks are due to Katy York for her determination and rapid response in the face of unreasonable requests, to Jim Williams for his outstanding editorial suggestions, and to Jack Killen for his assistance in bringing public awareness to these issues.

Many others around the state have contributed significantly to this effort. We are of course extremely grateful to the Lilly Endowment for their support, and especially wish to express our appreciation to our project officer, Willis Bright, for his insights and guidance. We are indebted to the members of our Advisory Board (see Project Staff) who provided invaluable advice and consultation concerning the tone and content of these publications. Appreciation is due also to a number of reviewers who provided detailed suggestions on earlier drafts of the briefing papers: Terry Spradlin and Clarissa Snapp (Indiana Department of Education), Myrtle Wilson (South Bend Community School Corporation) Jim Rubush (Richland Bean Blossom Community School Corporation), Amy Cook Lurvee ( Council of Volunteers and Organizations for Hoosiers with Disabilities (COVOH) ) and Jim Nixon (East Noble School Corporation). We wish to express our thanks to those legislators, especially Senator Luke Kenley and Representative Greg Porter, who offered suggestions on these data after their preliminary presentation during last spring' legislative session. We owe special thanks to Dr. Steven Heck, Executive Director of the Indiana Association of School Principals for his invaluable assistance in recruiting Indiana principals to be interviewed regarding model practice for the third briefing paper, and are extremely grateful to those principals who gave us their time and insights into school discipline. We also wish to express appreciation to Dr. Roger Thornton, immediate past Executive Director of the Indiana Association of Public School Superintendent, who first suggested the analyses of state statutes that appeared in the second briefing paper.

We dedicate these papers to all of Indiana's teachers, administrators, and support personnel who work incredibly hard every day to keep Indiana's schools safe and productive, and to the staff of Indiana's Youth Service Bureaus, for their unflagging advocacy for the children who are at greatest risk of being left behind.