To apply to the ROTC SLCP, please send by mail or e-mail the documentation as requested. In addition to the biographical information, please write a clear and comprehensive statement of purpose, letters of reference and transcript as instructed below.


Print the application form and send it to the address below:



Balantine Hall 502

1020 E Kirkwood Ave

Bloomington IN 47405-7103

Telephone: 812-856-1159


Basic biographical, educational, and ROTC information.


Date of Birth
Email address – please note that we will notify all applicants of the status of their application by email only, so please provide an email that you monitor regularly.
Mailing Address
Home University
Class – your class standing as of June 2009 (incoming freshman, sophomore, junior, senior)
Major/Minor – your major and minor program of study at your university
ROTC Information – detachment
Point of Contact at your host ROTC detachment – we will contact your detachment to verify your eligibility
Language of Study - which strategic language offered by the SLCP you propose to study

Statement of Purpose: A 1000-word statement explaining how you propose to use knowledge of strategic languages and cultures in your professional career. Include information on your previous study of languages and cultures in general. Prior study of languages and cultures is not a prerequisite for eligibility to apply for a SLCP scholarship. Also, please indicate how you will fulfill the SLCP requirement for 2nd year or advanced-level study of your chosen strategic language (e.g. does your home university offer upper level courses in this language?). If you choose to study by distance education with Indiana University, please note this on your application.


Letters of Reference: Please have two (2) letters of reference sent to the ROTC SLCP office at IU. One of the letters should be from your ROTC commander.


University Transcript: Send a current copy of your university transcript to the IU ROTC SLCP program. For incoming freshmen, please send your high school transcript.