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Title Code Description Format Year
86 min. Albanian with English subtitles. Directed by Dhimiter Anagnosti. Based on the comedy "A Fourteen-Year-Old Bridegroom," by A.Z. Cajupi. A mother wants her only son to marry so that his new bride will share the house-hold burdens. The son obeys his parents' decision, but his wife loves another and is determined to free herself from the loveless marriage. VHS 1980

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Title Code Description Format Year
THE AGE OF CZESLAW MILOSZ DLITAGEO01A, DLITAGEO01B 185 min. Lithuanian with English subtitles. Directedly by Juozas Javaitis. This handsome documentary commemorates the 100th birthday of Czeslaw Milosz, the Nobel Prize-winning Polish-Lithuanian poet who spanned his century. Famous cultural figures, friends, and family retrace the life and work of this extraordinary thinker, joined by Milosz’s own words and a wealth of archival material. Born in a cross-border region of Lithuania in 1911, Milosz grew up a polyglot, fluent in Polish, Lithuanian, Russian, English, and French. After studying law, Milosz travelled to Paris, where he published poems, fiction, and essays. This led him to Warsaw, where he spent World War II working for underground presses. Surviving Nazi rule, he went on to serve as a cultural attache of Poland in Paris. In 1951, he defected to the West and wrote his most famous prose work, The Captive Mind. By 1960, Milosz had emigrated to the U.S. to teach at the University of California, Berkeley. Throughout, he continued to publish poetry that spoke in clear words to the human condition during times of tumult. With the fall of the Iron Curtain, Milosz returned to Poland, where he passed away in 2004 at the age of 93. More than a well-researched biography, The Age of Czeslaw Milosz is a lyrical reflection on a life spent in exile yet filled with humor, passion, and big ideas that often went against the spirit of the age. DVD 2012
(Forest of the Gods)
DLITFORE01A 117 min. Lithuanian with English and Russian subtitles. Directed by Algimanto Puipos. Extraordinary in its stylistics and original in its dramaturgy and direction, this film tells a story about a man, an artist, and a thinker who lived to be a prisoner of two totalitarian regimes, Soviet and Nazi, yet never lost his human spirit. The hero of this film, Professor, has an exceptional personality: he lives according to his Decalogue, or Ten Commandments, and principles of truth and morality. Imprisoned in a German concentration camp, Professor inevitably becomes involved in the drama of people sentenced to death. In order to survive in these extreme conditions, he has to transcend himself and the cruel reality—irony becomes his means of survival. After returning from his concentration camp, Professor writes a memoir that in sarcastic colors paints the Stutthof “Babel” of death. This work does not, however, meet the expectations of the Soviet authorities. The alleged Soviet freedom becomes another ordeal for Professor, no less challenging than the Nazi concentration camp. DVD 2006
MADE IN ESTONIA DENGMADE01A 100 min. Estonian with English subtitles. Directed by Rando Pettai. Fantasy and reality dance a wicked tango in this quirky comedy about the mis-adventures of Mill and Norm, two talented radio actors living in Estonia. While playing the roles of both men and women in their hit radio show, Mill & Norm act out their own fantasies through the characters they create. Their simple existence is quickly turned upside down by the spontaneous arrival of Gerli, an extremely beautiful woman. In a desperate struggle to win Gerli's affection, the two friends, now turned rivals, try to out-create each other. As their battles escalate, reality begins to slip through their hands thanks to the manipulations of the local Mafioso. But just when all hope seems lost, here comes a little help from NATO… DVD 2004
THE SHOE DLATSHOE01A 78 min. Latvian with English subtitles. Directed by Laila Pakalnina. Each night, Soviet tractors comb the coast looking for signs of anyone who could have infiltrated the Latvian/Soviet border. One morning three patrolmen discover a woman's shoe in the sand and footsteps leading to a quaint village. An official investigation begins. Just like Cinderella, every woman in the village tries on the shoe, though the reward for a perfect fit will not be Prince Charming! DVD 1998
TOMORROW WILL BE BETTER VENGTOMO01A English. Directed by Monika Juozapaviciute. The stories of four women from different sectors of society are woven together to make a collective portrait of the Lithuanian woman, who has had to adapt to radically new conditions since transition. An unemployed actress fights against depression after losing her beloved work. A resilient saleswoman takes up any job from selling items purchased abroad to organizing a dating service. A woman farmer courageously tries to keep her farm afloat. A political scientist from Vilnius is apparently the only one who’s had no trouble making the transition from being a part of the Soviet elite to being a part of the elite of an independent Lithuania. VHS 2003
UTTERLY ALONE DLITUTTE01A 90 min. Lithuanian with English subtitles. Directed by Jonas Vaitkus. Based on the Lithuanian resistance movement and the life of a legendary freedom fighter, Juozas Luksa. Although two of his brothers were killed fighting in the underground and two others were exiled to Siberia, Luksa continues the struggle for Lithuanian freedom as a representative of the underground movement in the West. After returning to Lithuania he continues to fight against the Soviet occupation, but is killed by the KGB at the age of 30. DVD 2004

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Title Code Description Format Year
119 min. Bulgarian with English subtitles. Directed by Peter Popzlatev. Called "A Bulgarian Drugstore Cowboy," this film is set in 1968 and depicts the life of eighteen-year old Sybilla. Sybilla's rebellion through drugs is a metaphor for the struggle between individuality and totalitarianism. VHS 1989

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Title Code Description Format Year
100 MINUTA SLAVE DBCSHUND01A 97 min., Croatian with English subtitles. Directed by Dalibor Matanic. At a point between the 19th and 20th centuries, Slava Raškaj is a deaf woman who sets off to study painting in Zagreb, while Bela Cikoš is a skilled artist living a bohemian life according to the unwritten rules of the time. One day, she comes knocking on his door… DVD-PAL 2004
(Ta divna splitska noc)
DBCSWOND01A, 01B 97 min., Croatian with English subtitles. Directed by Arsen Anton Ostojic. Set in the dark, eerie streets of medieval Split, Croatia, during the two hours before midnight on New Year's Eve, this stylish film noir spins several tales of desire, treachery, and murder. While crowds gather in the ancient city square for a rock concert, the stories of a young couple plotting a rendezvous, an addict desperate for a fix, a widow and her grieving child, and three drunken American sailors (one played by American rap musician Coolio) become fatally intertwined. DVD, DVD-PAL 2004
FINE DEAD GIRLS DBCSFINE01A 77 mins., Croatian with English subtitles. Directed by Dalibor Matanic. Iva and Marija, who are a lesbian couple, rent an apartment in Zagreb in a building that seems to be quiet and a safe environment for their love. But as time passes by, the atmosphere in the house gets more and more aggressive. Elder Olga is dominating the house. Other tenants include her calm husband and her grown-up son Daniel (who gets designs on Iva), the prostitute Lidija, an abused housewife, a widower keeping the corpse of his newly deceased wife, a gynecologist performing abortions in one flat of the house and an ex-soldier who regularly plays martial music at night. The characters are meant to display the madness of the post war Croatian society. The conservative religious father of Marija is secretly tracing his daughter and pays Lidija to try to seduce Iva, which fails. After Olga finds out that Iva and Marija are lesbians, the situation escalates to rape, murder and kidnapping. DVD 2002
(Put lubenica)
DBCSMELO01A 88 min., Croatian with English subtitles. Directed by Branko Schmidt. On the Bosnian side of the border with Croatia lives Mirko, a former drug addict and war veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome. A ruined man, he makes a living by transporting illegal immigrants across the river to Croatia for the local mafia. One day while ferrying a large number of migrants, his boat overturns and he is saved by some of his passengers. A young woman who then comes into his life shows him that there is still meaning and purpose to living. But events that follow suggest that that is not the case… DVD-PAL 2006
(Snivaj, zlato moje)
DBCSSLEE01A 112 min. Croatian with English subtitles. Directed by Neven Hitrec. A love story and coming-of-age tale ranging from irresistibly funny to tragicomic, this film takes place in a colorful Zagreb suburb in the ten years following the end of World War II. In the life of the village singing comes as naturally as speaking, and so the film every now and then takes on the character of a musical. At the center of things is the Škrinjar family. Tomica Škrinjar has been in love with the beautiful Janja since childhood, not noticing that there is a second beauty, Tonka, around nearby. DVD-PAL 2005
(Što je muškarac bez brkova?)
DBCSWHAT01A 112 min., Croatian with English subtitles. Directed by Hrvoje Hribar. A good-natured romantic comedy about the rich young widow Tatjana. When her new husband suffers a fatal accident at work, his boss pays her a sum of money, which she crazily spends on an inhospitable hill. The place turns out to be worth it in the end. She falls in love with clergyman and recovering addict Father Stipan. She also finds there Marinko, a returnee from Germany who falls unhappily in love with her, and his daughter Julija, who takes comfort in the incomprehensible haikus of the poet Stanislav. DVD-PAL 2005

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Czech Republic

Title Code Description Format Year
ADELHEID VCZEADEL01A 99 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Frantisek Vlacil. Set in the aftermath of World War II, this powerful drama concerns a former Czech soldier who inherits a manor once owned by a German family. He falls in love with Adelheid, the daughter of the previous owner, who has been reduced to servant status. An important work from director Frantisek Vlacil, who’s Marketa Lazarova (1967) was selected as the greatest Czech film in a poll of the country's top film professionals. "...a profound analysis of the human distortions caused by ideology" (Peter Hames, Central Europe Review). VHS 1969
ALICE DCZEALIC01A 94 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Jan Svankmajer. Jan Svankmajer, the Czech master of animation, has fulfilled a lifetime ambition in this interpretation of Alice in Wonderland. Svankmajer's Alice remains true to Carroll's original, but bears the stamp of his own distinctive style and obsessions in this combination of animation and live action filmmaking. "Brilliantly inventive...a piercing, original vision" (Terrence Rafferty, The New Yorker). DVD 1989
ALL MY LOVED ONES DCZEALLM01A 91 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Matej Minac. Matej Minac's heartbreaking and poignant story of one family's experience at the onset of World War II that is inspired by the real life heroics of Nicholas Winton, an English stockbroker who saved hundreds of Czech Jewish children from the Nazis. The Silbersteins are a large and close knit extended family living a good life in the Czechoslovakian countryside. Believing in the decency of mankind, they don't really pay heed to the Nazi threat. Little by little, as their daily life becomes more intolerable and their personal effects stripped away, they realize the true horror of what is coming, but it is too late. Knowing their inevitable fate, the Silberstein's have to make their toughest decision ever—do they turn their young son David, over to Nicholas Winton and risk never seeing him again? DVD 1999
ANGEL EXIST (ANDĚL EXIT) DCZEANGE01A 102 min., Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Vladimír Michálek. A gangster story from the periphery of Smíchov, an epic about the missing fifth element, a romance about blood and making choices. Every character’s path is precariously balanced on the thin line between reality and hallucination, hope and despair, and love is only another word for struggle. DVD 2000
...AND GIVE MY LOVE TO THE SWALLOWS DCZEANDG01A 87 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Jaromil Jires. The film tells the story of Maruska Kuderikova, a courageous young Moravian girl who was part of the Czech resistance during World War II. Maruska was arrested by the Nazis for her resistance work, an experience she chronicled in her makeshift diary. Director Jaromil Jires transformed her letters and diary into an uplifting tale of sacrifice for the sake of a better life and future. Jires, part of the legendary Czech New Wave, skillfully cuts between Maruska’s daily life in the Nazi prison camp to her past adventures in the resistance. The interplay between past and present, plus the evocative cinematography, makes for a poetic style that emphasizes the spirituality of the story.DVD 1972
AUTUMN SPRING DCZEAUTM01A 95 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Vladimir Michalek. A wry, bittersweet comedy that stars Vlastimil Brodsky as Fanda, an old man who refuses to grow up. Despite pleas from his wife, Emilie, and son, who want him to make some decisions about the future, he ignores them and spends his days seeking amusement and adventure. Aided by his pal and former theatre colleague, Fanda keeps his acting skills sharpened by pretending to be a host of fascinating characters. Although he bickers with his wife, their bond is palpable. But when Fanda fakes his own death, Emilie decides she's had enough and files for divorce. The couple soon realizes, however, that old age is not a time to worry; it is the time to live each day to the fullest. DVD 2002
KRASKA V NESNAZICH (Beauty in Trouble) DCZEBEAU01A 110 min. Czech with English and Czech subtitles. Directed by Jan Hrebejk. Marcela is an attractive wife and mother of two children. Her husband Jarda has a car shop where he transforms stolen cars to sumptuous vehicles. The family is in a financial and personal crisis after the floods. One day Marcela loses her patience and leaves with the children to her mother's home, but there they are subjected to the mental terror of her step-father Richard. When Marcela is feeling at her lowest, she meets a much older man, Evzen, who is rich and what's more, noble and cultivated. He lives in Tuscany and owns a villa in the Czech Republic. Marcela sees the possibility of a better life with him. DVD-PAL 2006
BLACK PETER (CERNÝ PETR) DCZEBLAC01A 85 min. Peter (Ladislav Jakim), at the age of 17, takes a job in a supermarket, where he is made store detective. Like Truffaut's Antoine Doinel, to whom he is a kind of inarticulate first cousin, he thus finds himself in a position of considerable low-level responsibility, with which he is completely unable to cope. He arrests no shoplifters—though he does follow one suspicious character all the way home without stopping him because he can't think of what he should say. With similar mastery he courts his girl (Pavla Martinkova) and suffers the lectures on success and manly labor that are regularly provided him by his father (Jan Ostroil, in an ultimately hilarious performance). "Black Peter" is about a small town's summer months: teen-age dances, swimming in a river, a band concert, luncheons, songs by local talent at the central restaurant. DVD 1964
CAPRICIOUS SUMMER DCZECAPR01A 74 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Jiri Menzel. Three middle-aged friends in a sleepy, second-class resort town are thrown into a state of sexual longing and frustration when a tightrope walker arrives with his beautiful young assistant. Director Jiri Menzel (Closely Watched Trains) also plays the tightrope walker in this gentle, wistful comedy. "Menzel's evocation of place and mood, of soft summer days threatened by winter, of regret for lost youth and opportunity, of hope for things to come, is perfection" (Tom Milne, Time Out). Capricious Summer won the top prize at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. VHS 1967
CLOSELY WATCHED TRAINS DCZECLOS01A, VCZECLOS01A 89 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Jiri Menzel. An ironic, funny film about a young man on his first job in a small town railway station, trying to get sexually initiated, but who becomes an unwitting and tragic hero. Offbeat but tender, it is a comedy about frustration, eroticism and adventure. Academy Award winner for Best Foreign Picture. DVD 1966
CODE NAME RUBY DCZECODE01A, VCZECODE01A 80 min. Czech with English subtitles. Written and directed by Jan Nemec. This controversial feature blends documentary, archival footage and fiction into an elliptical narrative in which two young people in Prague, an ancient seat for the practice of alchemy, follow the trail for the mystical philosopher's stone. History and future blend as Nemec, through brilliant montage sequences and fanciful leaps of the imagination, posits crucial questions about the legacy of the past and how it influences the individual's personal freedom and responsibility. VHS 1998
THE COLLECTED SHORTS OF JAN SVANKMAJER, Vol. 1 DCZECOLL01A 86 min. English and Czech with English subtitles. A collection of short films from famed Czech filmmmaker Jan Svankmajer, one of cinema's most consistently surprising, wildly imaginative surrealists of our time. Utilizing a delirious combination of puppets, humans, stop-motion animation and live-action, Svankmajer's films conjure up a dreamlike universe that is at once dark, macabre, witty and perversely visceral. DVD 2003
THE COLLECTED SHORTS OF JAN SVANKMAJER, Vol. 2 DCZECOLL02A 76 min. English and Czech with English subtitles. DVD 2003
THE COW VCZECOWT01A 86 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Karel Kachyna. Parable about a simple man on a remote mountain top who cares for his ailing mother until he is forced to sell their single cow in order to buy her morphine. The mother dies anyway, but is replaced by a house maid, who in turn is replaced by another woman. VHS 1994
COZY DENS (PELÍŠKY) DCZECOZY01A 116 min., Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Jan Hrebejk. Actors deliver brilliant performances in this comedy, a mosaic of family rituals, loves, and blunders set in the turbulence of the late 1960s. DVD 1999
The Cremator
DCZECREM01A 95 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Juraj Herz. The Cremator has been described in many ways – as surrealist-inspired horror, as expressionist fantasy, and as a dark and disturbing tale of terror. This brilliantly chilling film, a mix of Dr. Strangelove and Repulsion, is set in Prague during the Nazi occupation. It tells the story Karl Kopfrkingl (Rudolf Hrusinsky), a professional cremator, for whom the political climate allows free rein to his increasingly deranged impulses for the “salvation of the world.” DVD-PAL 1968
DARK BLUE WORLD DCZEDARK01A 115 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Jan Sverak. Having flown for the British Royal Air Force, Czech pilot Franta Slama (Ondrej Vetchy) finds himself imprisoned in a post-World War II totalitarian Communist labor camp for "betraying" his country. Rewinding this story, award-winning director Jan Sverak takes us back to when Franta and his young protégé Karel Vojtisek (Krystof Hadek) escape Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia to join the RAF in fighting the Germans. Frustrated at not being allowed to fly against the enemy until they can speak English and their RAF re-training is complete, a strong father/son bond between Franta and Karel quickly develops. After three months of training they are finally sent into combat, but the stress of the war, plus their mutual love for a married English woman, tests their strong friendship. Dark Blue World is a story about love, comradeship and sacrifice told with the nostalgic sentiment of classic Hollywood movies and the romance and historical backdrop of World War II. DVD 2002
DAISIES DCZEDAIS01A 74 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Vera Chytilova. In this key film from the Czech New Wave directed by Vera Chytilova, two uninhibited young women (both named Marie) turn against the numbing state of society in a madcap flurry of pranks and material destruction. Beneath the outrageous surface of this avant-garde comedy is a defiant feminist statement and an acknowledgement of the desperation that goes hand-in-hand with rebellion--a state of mind represented by one girl's attempted suicide. The film so unsettled Czech government officials (and a great many other men) that its release was held up for a year. "...the most adventurous and anarchic Czech movie of the 1960s" (The Faber Companion to Foreign Films). DVD 1966
71 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Jan Nemec. One of the breakthrough films of the Czech New Wave. Based on a short story by Arnost Lustig, it is the story of two boys who escape from a Nazi transport train, told in a visual, surrealistic style. On the same tape is Nemec and Lustig's 1960 short film, A Bite to Eat, presented in Czech with German subtitles. VHS 1964
DISTANT JOURNEY DCZEDIST01A Czech, with English subtitles. Directed by Alfred Radok. Banned for decades, this rediscovered classic of Holocaust Cinema was shot only three years after the war ended, making it one of the first films to deal with the Holocaust. The film follows the struggles of Dr. Hannah Kaufman and her family from the time of the Nazi Occupation of Prague to her experiences in the transit camp of Theresienstadt (modern Terezin). Director Alfred Radok skillfully weaves together documentary-style footage with expressionist dramatic sequences to convey both the reality of history and the nightmare of its impact. DVD 1949
DIVIDED WE FALL DCZEDIVI01A 122 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Jan Hrebejk. In German-occupied Czechoslovakia, a young couple provides shelter to a Jewish neighbor, taking extreme and sometimes comical measures to protect him and themselves. Petr Jarchovsky, with director Jan Hrebejk, adapted his own novel for this Oscar-nominated feature that won the Czech Film and Television Awards for Best Film, Director, Actor, Actress and Screenplay. "Mr. Hrebejk and Mr. Jarchovsky, working in the rich Czech tradition of absurdist humanism, construct a universe booby-trapped with impossible choices and ethical puzzles" (A.O. Scott, New York Times). DVD 2000
A DOG’S LIFE DCZEVIRG01A 84 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by M. Fric. A musician misrepresents himself and has two lovers. DVD-PAL 1933
THE FIFTH HORSEMAN IS FEAR DCZEFIFT01A 100 mins., Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Zynek Brynych. A Jewish physician in Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia works in a warehouse after the Nazi ban all Jews from holding professional positions. When he helps an injured political fugitive, he is plunged into a moral and ethical conflict. Within an historical context, director Zynek Brynych creates a thinly disguised allegory about communist Czechoslovakia that is rich in atmosphere and dark in tone. "... a nearly perfect film" (Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times). DVD 1964
FORBIDDEN DREAMS (aka DEATH OF THE BEAUTIFUL BUCK) DCZEFORB01A 86 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Karel Kachyna. A world of simple truths and the Pooper family. The father, Leo, works at Elektrolux, but his full vitality appears during the war when he takes risks under the nose of the Germans to help his family. DVD-PAL 1986
ECSTASY DGERECST01A 89 min. German with English subtitles. Directed by Gustav Machaty. This historic film originally suffered from the notoriety of its nude scene with Hedy Lamarr, the very thing has kept it in the public eye up to today. The Pope denounced it, Hitler banned it, American distributors censored it and Hedy's millionaire German munitions maker husband tried to buy up all the prints and destroy them. But there's much more to this film than that puritanical reception suggests. Hedy plays a young bride with an impotent husband who has an affair but refuses to go away with her lover when the husband commits suicide. Notable for its use of location sound and its very stylish, lyrical eroticism and images that beg psychoanalytic interpretation. DVD 1932
THE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL DCZEELSC01A, VCZEELEM01A 100 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Jan Sverak. The Elementary School explores the lives of pre-adolescent boys in a series of fondly remembered vignettes. The Nazis have departed and the Communists have not arrived, and in this idyllic interlude there is ample room for little boys, eager to grow up, to attract mischief. After one teacher is driven to the brink of madness, a new one arrives in Eda's class. Igor Hnizdo, the war hero, arrives in full military garb. Hnizdo charges the lives of many in the neighborhood, though it becomes apparent that there is more, or perhaps less, to Hnizdo than everybody at first thought. Even so, in Eda's neighborhood there is room for many different kinds of people and tolerance of their weaknesses. And so life goes on. VHS 1991
FIREMEN'S BALL DCZEFIRE01A, VCZEFIRE01A 73 min. VHS is dubbed in English, DVD is in Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Milos Forman. The situation is the annual firemen's ball in which the volunteer firemen hold a beauty contest, but things inevitably go wrong—someone steals the prize and the headcheese, and in the ensuing panic a house next door burns down. DVD 1967
THE GOOD SOLDIER SCHWEIK DCZEGOOD01A 104 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Karel Stekly. A classic of wit and irony, the film The Good Soldier Schweik is as authentic recreation of Jaroslav Hasek’s beloved uproarious comic masterpiece of war and military life. Rudolf Hrusinsky (My Sweet Little Village, Larks on a String, Capricious Summer) is brilliant as Schweik, the good soldier who never fails to want to do the “right” thing, even if his good intentions destroy his superiors and bring down the army. Like Catch-22 and M*A*S*H, Schweik revels in its down-to-earth humor, exposing absurdity at every turn. DVD 1956
THE GOOD SOLDIER SCHWEIK 2: BEG TO REPORT, SIR DCZEGOOD02A 99 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Karel Stekly. The second part of Jaroslav Hasek’s classic novel, The Good Soldier Schweik. DVD 1957
THE GRANDMOTHER DCZEBABI01A 92 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Frantisek Cap. An adaptation of a novel about a simple village woman who makes an impression on the life of her daughter's family and the people around her. She gains the respect of all, she knows how to listen, she is empathetic and she understands pain. This draws her close to a countess, a priest, a girl, crazy Viktor, and mostly her granddaughter. DVD-PAL 1940
HOMOLKOVI (The Homolkas) DCZEHOMO01A Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Jaroslav Papoušek. This three-disc set includes:
  • Ecce homo Homolka (1969, 80 min.)
    Married couple Ludva and Heduš Homolka live with their twin sons and Ludva’s parents in a Prague apartment. On Sunday everyone takes off together on a trip into nature in order to enjoy a bit of fresh air…
  • Hogo fogo Homolka (1970, 76 min.)
    This time we get to know the aged parents of Grandmother Homolka, who live in a southern Bohemian village. The Homolkas head there in their new car one Sunday in order to say their farewells to the ailing great-grandfather who is allegedly at death’s door…
  • Homolka and Tobolka (1972, 85 min.)
    The conclusion of this trilogy about the joys and sorrows of the Homolka family. We meet up again with the famous Prague family during winter recreation in the Krkonoše mountains…
DVD-PAL 1969 - 1972
STARCI NA CHMELU (The Hop Pickers) DCZEHOPP01A 88 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Ladislav Rychman. This Czech musical deals with adolescent morality and bureaucracy without being heavy handed. Under school supervision, a group of pre-teen boys and girls are busy picking hops. One boy who seeks privacy builds a secret hideaway in an attic. When a schoolgirl finds him in his retreat, innocent puppy-love blossoms, but a jealous classmate tells the teacher about the two friends, and they are suspended from school. The boy and girl accept their punishment and form an even stronger bond. The two leave the school together while their classmates ostracize the jealous informant. DVD-PAL 1964
OBSLUHOVAL JSEM ANGLICKEHO KRALE (I Served The King of England) DCZEISER01A 119 min., Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Jirí Menzel. Dreaming of becoming a millionaire, a short but ambitious Czech works his way into a posh pre-war luxury spa, where his marriage to a Hitler-loving fräulein provides him with a golden opportunity to make his fondest wish come true. Based on the novel by Bohumil Hrabal. DVD 2006
INTIMATE LIGHTING DCZEINTL01A 73 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Ivan Passer. Two old friends, both musicians, meet after ten years apart and share their memories and sense of disillusionment as they prepare for a concert in a small, provincial town. This was Ivan Passer's second film as a director (he also scripted three of Milos Forman's films) and his last before going to work in America after the Soviet invasion of Prague. "...a tender, well-observed comedy about the everyday pleasures of life, the gentle humor concealing regret" (The Faber Companion to Foreign Films). VHS 1965
Jára Cimrman ležící, spící (Jára Cimrman, Lying, Sleeping) DCZEJARA01A 81 min. Czech with English and Czech subtitles. Directed by Ladislav Smoljak. This film presents Jara Cimrman, the popular, fictional Czech genius, in a series of sketches set in the village of Liptákov. The humorous Cimrman meets several personalities of his time and provides them with advice. The film’s new approach to the Cimrman tradition explores previously unknown aspects of Mistrov’s life and works. DVD-PAL 1983
THE JOKE CZEJOKE01A 80 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Jaromil Jires. Based on a novel by Milan Kundera (The Unbearable Lightness of Being) and co-scripted by the author, this dark and ironic film was shot during the Prague Spring of 1968. After ending a postcard with a humorous reference to Trotsky, a young man is sentenced to years of hard labor for his joke. Upon his release, he sets out to take revenge by seducing the wife of the Communist Party official who turned him in. The film and book were subsequently banned in Czechoslovakia. Author and critic Amos Vogel called this film "possibly the most shattering indictment of totalitarianism to come out of a Communist country...a chilling examination of a corrupt society." DVD 1968
KARAMAZOVI (The Karamazovs) DCZEKARA01A 100 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Petr Zelenka. Based on the novel The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky, the film tells a story of Czech actors who come to Polish steelworks to perform Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov at an alternative drama festival. As rehearsals get under way, we follow not only the emotional story examining issues of faith, immortality and the salvation of the human soul, but also the relationships within the acting troupe itself, which strangely reflect Dostojevski’s "great" themes. The stage drama is transferred to the real world when a tragedy occurs during rehearsal involving one of the spectators. Karamazovi won the International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI) award in Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in 2008 and has been submitted by The Czech Republic for the 2009 Academy Award for Best Foreign Film. DVD-PAL 2008
KOLYA DCZEKOLY01A, VCZEKOLY01A 105 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Jan Sverak. A charmer of a movie, due, in no small part, to the wonderful performances of Zdenek Sverak as the confirmed, set-in-his-ways bachelor and Andrej Chalimon as the six-year-old Russian boy stranded in Prague by his mother, who first turns Sverak's life upside down and ultimately wins over his heart. An Oscar and Golden Globe-winner for Best Foreign Film, this "gem of a film" (New York Times) also features political overtones in its whimsical look at a musician reduced to playing at funerals because of his outspokenness and the fact that his brother has emigrated. DVD 1996
WILD FLOWERS (KYTICE) DCZEWILD01A 78 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by F.A. Brabec. Seven exhilarating stories that could have happened anywhere and at any time and that could apply even today because they are about love and emotion, about desires, obsessions and selfishness which does not change over the centuries. DVD-PAL 2000
LABYRINTH OF DARKNESS DCZELABR01A 152 min., Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Jirí Barta. Revered as one of the world’s most significant figures in animation, Barta has made a career fashioning stunningly gothic worlds of horror and fantasy that are infused with sublime humor and intense moral examinations. Mixing the aesthetic traditions of such artists as Gaudí, Kafka, Poe, Fritz Lang, the Brothers Quay, and Jan Švankmajer, Barta’s films are wondrous creations that go far beyond mere children’s tales. DVD 1978-1989
LARKS ON A STRING DCZELRKS01A, VCZELARK01A 96 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Jiri Menzel. While serving time for desertion, and taking steps toward re-education, a rag-tag group of workers unite as a young couple in the camp decides to marry. Even the prison guards are unable to resist the unlikely romance, as the wedding and on-site honeymoon unfold in a series of hilarious plot twists. Banned for two decades because of its criticism of the Communist regime. VHS 1969
LEMONADE JOE DCZELJOE01A, VCZELEMO01A 87 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Oldrich Lipsky. At the Trigger Whiskey Saloon, a beautiful temperance crusader is threatened by hard-drinking villains. Riding to her rescue is Lemonade Joe, who--as his moniker indicates--doesn't touch the "fire water." A sweet and often very funny spoof of Hollywood westerns from director Oldrich Lipsky, who began his career as artistic director of Prague's Satirical Theater and went on to make several memorable film comedies. VHS 1964
LUNACY DCZELUNA01A118 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Jan Svankmajer. The latest provocation from surrealist master Jan Svankmajer deliriously combines live action, stop-motion animation, kinky sex, Euro-trash violence, black comedy and lots of frisky meat puppets. In (supposedly) nineteenth-century rural France, a young man named Jean Berlot becomes caught up in the nightmarish world of a mysterious decadent Marquis: orgiastic black masses, “therapeutic” funerals and an asylum with a smorgasbord of macabre treatments and tarred-and-feathered doctors. Described by Svanskmajer himself as a “philosophical horror film,” Lunacy is based on two short stories by Edgar Allan Poe and inspired by the works of the Marquis de Sade.DVD2006
OTESANEK (Little Otik) DCZELITT01A 126 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Jan Svankmajer. Surrealist master Jan Svankmajer brings a famous Czech legend eerily to life in the darkly hilarious cautionary tale of Little Otik. An ordinary couple, Karel and Bozena, are unable to conceive a child. When Karel digs up a tree root and whittles something vaguely resembling a human baby, Bozena's maternal longings transform the stump into a living creature with a (literally) monstrous appetite that can't be met with baby formula. Svankmajer brilliantly mixes his wicked humor with his subversive politics and love of mythology into a stunning live-action fable for our times. DVD 2002
MILENCI A VRAZI (Lovers and Murderers) DCZELOVE01A 108 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Viktor Polesný. Based on the novel by Vladimir Paral, this rambunctious Czech comic drama Lovers and Murderers takes a ramshackle look at provincial life of Czechoslovakia in 1966, when housing was scarce and TV tedious. But, as the title suggests, people found other ways to entertain themselves. Crammed with subplots and sketchily drawn characters, the film tells the stories of the various residents of an apartment building whose lives are changed when young engineer Borek turns up on the scene. DVD-PAL 2004
LOVES OF A BLONDE DCZELVBL01A, VCZELOVE01A 88 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Milos Forman. This film depicts life in a small factory town in Czechoslovakia where the women outnumber men by ten to one. For teenage girls entering womanhood, this imbalance results in an impassioned desire to find out about "real life" and love. When a band of army reservists come to town, Andula meets a young pianist and passion is immediately kindled. VHS 1965
MANDRAGORA DCZEMAND01A 135 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Wiktor Grodecki. Mirek Caslavka stars as a young kid who spurns the workaday robotic lifestyle, continuing from the communist era, which has hung his father out to waste. From his drab origins he is drawn by economic liberties and flashy materialism to the toxic city of Prague, where everything can be had for a price. He is soon led into the world of male prostitution, teaming up with another boy (David Spec, the film's co-writer) as they try to survive in a world dominated by sex, drugs and teen porn. "A riveting, brutally honest portrayal" (Variety). DVD 1997
MEN OFFSIDE DCZEMENO01A 93 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Svatopluk Inneman. Men Offside is about a rivalry between two soccer fan clubs. DVD-PAL 1931
MY SWEET LITTLE VILLAGE DCZEMSLV01A, VCZEMYSW01A 100 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Jiri Menzel (Closely Watched Trains). A Laurel and Hardy-like comedy about the commonplace events which occur in a small Czech town. VHS 1986
NOTORIOUS NOBODIES DFRENOTO01A 85 mins. French with English subtitles. Directed by Stanislav Stanojevic. An award-winning political drama that proved to be years ahead of its time, this narrative follows eight stories of human rights violations occurring simultaneously in Prague, Munich, Paris, Vienna, Geneva, Montevideo, Zaire, and France during the course of one day. Stanojevic sets these fictional stories of unfortunate individuals, whose only crime is existing, in specific settings where historically these types of violations actually occurred. With its eight-story structure, human rights theme, and multiple points of view, Stanojevic prefigured such contemporary films as Crash, Traffic, and Babel. DVD 1984
ON THE COMET VCZEONTH01A 76 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Karel Zeman. This example of Czech animation of the 1950s brings to life Jules Verne's classic science fiction adventure. Appropriate for all age levels. VHS 1985
THE OSSUARY AND OTHER TALES DCZEOSSU01A 128 min., Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Jan Švankmajer. Another astounding collection of remarkable short works from an artist who has mesmerized audiences the world over and has inspired filmmakers from the Brothers Quay to Tim Burton and Terry Gilliam. DVD 1964-1989
PASTURES NEW (MEZI NAMI ZLODEJI) VRUSPAST01A 92 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Vladimir Cech. A comedy about three prisoners recently released from jail and their experiences returning home to their small village. VHS 1962
PLEASANT MOMENTS (HEZKE CHVILKY BEZ ZARUKY) DCZEPLEA01A 108 min. Czech with English Subtitles. Directed by Vera Chytilová. Hana is a psychologist and a thoroughly independent woman. Her unemployed husband, jealous of his wife, finds a younger girlfriend, but their teenage son Honzik is frustrated; everyone ignores him. Hana's patient Eva, an attractive middle-aged woman, is having problems with her 25-year-old son; she is in love with her son's friend and her son is offended by her behavior. To complete the circle, he falls in love with Hana and Honzik is utterly disgusted by their affair. Another of Hana's patients is Dub, a millionaire who can have pretty much anything, or anyone, he wants. He wants Hana. But he can't have her. DVD-PAL 2006
PRAYER FOR KATARINA HOROVITZOVA VENGPRAY01A 60 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Arnost Lustig. This is the story of a beautiful Polish singer and her passion for life, set against the backdrop of the cruel game of trading Jewish lives for those of Nazi officers imprisoned in American jails. VHS 1969
PUPENDO DCZEPUPE01A 122 min. Czech with English and Czech subtitles. Directed by Jan Hrebejk. This film shows the difficulty of life in Czechoslovakia during the 1980s. Artist Baedrich Mara is unable to find much secure work due to his public antagonism toward the ruling Communist Party. He has a wife and two children. Life begins to change when art historian Alois Fabera begins working on a piece about Baedrich, leading to a job offer from a Party official. Things are looking up, until the wrong people hear portions of the historian's writing. DVD-PAL 2002
A REPORT ON THE PARTY AND THE GUESTS VCZEREPO01A 71 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Jan Nemec. A miracle of the Czech New Wave, distinguished with being "banned forever" shortly after its completion, while The New York Times considered it to be "evocative of Kafka or Dostoevsky". A group of picnickers are led to an elegant banquet, where the "guests" quickly turn collaborators in this brilliant analysis of society and the individual. VHS 1966
VRCHNI, PRCHNI! (Run Waiter Run!) DCZERUNW01A 85 min. Czech with English and Czech subtitles. Directed by Ladislav Smoljak. It is the story of a man who had financial troubles. He was married several times and had to pay for several kids. He wanted to earn some extra money by playing in a cafe. But one drunken guest supposes he is a waiter and pays his bill to him. So the main hero finds his chance - he goes through restaurants, pretending that he is a waiter and asks people to hand their cash to him... DVD-PAL 1980
TAJNOSTI (Secrets) DCZESECR01A 93 min., Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Alice Nellis. Julie has a successful husband, a daughter, work as a translator, a devoted lover, and now a new house for her family to move into. But under this calm exterior lie many secrets that she will not be able to hide forever. When Julie hears about the death of jazz singer and pianist Nina Simone, she decides against the protests of the whole family to buy the piano that she used to play on as a child. And when at first sight of it she drops all her other problems, it becomes clear that her decision to abandon her safe routine and commit herself to the instrument will turn her life as she knows it upside-down. DVD-PAL 2007
THE SHOP ON MAIN STREET DCZESHOP01A, VSVKSHOP01A 126 min. Slovak with English subtitles. Directed by Jan Kadar and Elmar Klos. The film examines the funny and touching relationship between an elderly Jewish shopkeeper and her Nazi-appointed "Aryan controller." VHS 1965
POSTRIZINY (Short Cut) DCZESHOR01A 95 min. Czech with English and German subtitles. Written by Bohumil Hrabal an Jirí Menzel. Directed by Jirí Menzel. A comedy about how the writer Bohumil Hrabal was born, the film takes place in a small town where Hrabal’s father Francine runs a brewery and his mother Marja is the local beauty. Francine and Marja’s marriage is threatened when Uncle Pepin comes to visit, and only an accident that throws husband and wife alone together can save their marriage. DVD-PAL 1980
STESTI (Something Like Happiness) DCZESOME01A 102 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Bohdan Slama. Monika, Tonik, and Dasha grew up together in the same housing project on the outskirts of a small industrial city. Now the childhood friends are adults, each struggling with feelings of desire and loneliness, longing and failure. Though none would admit it, each craves something the other has and it’s these unspoken longings which bind then in difficult, complex, passionate friendships. Vibrant and deeply affecting, Something like Happiness is a funny, tender and very human drama of passions and lives half-understood and veering out of control, shadowed by tragedy, shot through hope. DVD 2005
SWEET LIGHT IN A DARK ROOM VCZESWEE01A 93 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Jiri Weiss. Jiri Weiss's meaningful exploration of human kindness, love, suspicion and tragedy in the face of destruction. This film tells the story of Pavel, a young Aryan student, who in an impulsive act hides a kind Jewish girl in the attic of his apartment building. VHS 1960
CAPKOVY POVIDKY (Tales by Capek) DCZETALE01A 97 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Martin Fric. The shady aspects of the life of ordinary people are found in the police cases to which Inspector Bartosek is assigned. Delving into the cases, Bartosek connects the fates of released convicts, stolen babies, a robbed colonel, and a brother commits offences against his own sister. In the end, all the characters are tried at a court of divine justice. DVD-PAL 1947
TEREZA VCZETERE01A 91 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Pavel Blumenfeld. An exciting and complicated murder mystery featuring a female police officer. Based on the novel by Anna Sedlmaye Rovia. VHS 1961
THREE WISHES FOR CINDERELLA DCZETHRE01A, DCZETHRE01B 85 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Vaclav Vorlicek. This 1973 cult classic is a sumptuous, beautifully realized retelling of the Cinderella fable with a twist; this Cinderella rides horses and shoots like a sharpshooter. Cinderella's strength of character and control over her own destiny, in addition to a wonderful set design and camerawork, distinguishes this version of the story and adds to its timeless grace. DVD 1973
HOREM PADEM (Up and Down) DCZEUPAN01A 113 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Jan Hrebejk. A dysfunctional family reunion between a college professor, his long-estranged son, and the lover they both shared. Two petty pickpockets who attempt to rob a black belt in karate. A dimwitted soccer hooligan whose wife buys a baby in a pawnshop. These are just a few of the unconnected strangers who find a common connection in the award-winning new comedy from the director of Divided We Fall. Winner of five Czech Lion Awards including Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Actress. DVD 2004
VALERIE AND HER WEEK OF WONDERS DCZEVALE01A 73 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Jaromil Jires. The line between fantasy and reality are blurred in this surreal and sexual horror tale from one of the Czech New Wave's top directors. After receiving a pair of bewitched earrings, a young girl's world is turned upside-down. Soon, vampires and carnal priests disrupt the girl's slumber, ravaging her innocence and awakening the woman within. Beautifully filmed. DVD 1970
VIRGINITY/A DOG'S LIFE DCZEVIRG01A 83 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by O. Vavra. The doomed love of a city girl caught in the vice of poverty. DVD-PAL 1937
THE WHITE DOVE DCZEWHIT01A 67 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Frantisek Vlacil. A beautiful, poetic vision from Frantisek Vlacil, the director of Marketa Lazarova. A sick carrier pigeon en route to its home on the Baltic Sea becomes lost and lands in Prague, where it is rescued and nurtured back to health by a small, frail boy. Soon the boy and the bird develop a friendship that touches all around them. DVD 1960
KLADIVO NA CARODEJNICE (Witches' Hammer) DCZEWITC01A 103 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Otakar Vavra. Much like The Crucible, this riveting drama tells the true story of the last gasp of notorious witch hunts in Bohemia. A ruthless inquisitor spins the superstitions of local peasants into religious heresy, finding cause to accuse dozens of innocent men and women of witchcraft. The inquisitor targets nobles and merchants, whose property and goods are then confiscated. After suffering an array of medieval tortures, most of the accused confess—only to be burned alive at the state as helpless villagers watch. With its bold and striking cinematography, the film captures scenes of both daring nudity and brutal torture. DVD 1970
WHO WANTS TO KILL JESSIE? DCZEWHOW01A 80 min. Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Vaclav Vorlicek. In this trippy but charming comedy, a well-respected scientist creates a formula that can remove elements from dreams. But what she doesn’t know is that these dream images can manifest themselves in the real world. When she injects her husband with the formula, his dreams of Jessie (Olga Schoberova)—the blonde, voluptuous heroine of the comic strip “Who Wants to Kill Jessie? ”—come crashing into their lives. Following closely behind are the two men chasing her—a muscle-bound superhero and gun-toting cowboy. The trio not only causes serious damage around Prague, but they still talk in comic-strip word balloons, which get in everyone’s way! DVD 1966
Bájecná léta pod psa (The Wonderful Years that Sucked) DCZEWOND01A 110 min., Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Petr Nikolaev. Kvid’s cheerful account of his birth, his adoration of his mother, and his experiences falling in love and finally conceiving a child, i.e., of the “wonderful years that sucked,” when concepts like Czechoslovakia and normalization had not yet taken on the whiff of history. DVD 1997
Dita SaxovaVCZEDITA01A98 min, Czech with English subtitles. Directed by Antonin Moskalyk. The moving-and beautifully told-story of an 18-year-old girl, living in Prague, who seems strong to everyone around her until, a year later, she inexplicably commits suicide.VHS1967

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Title Code Description Format Year
ABANDONED DHUNABAN01A 98 min. Hungarian with English subtitles. Directed by Arpad Sopsits. A nine-year-boy is abandoned at an orphanage where life is bleak and the headmaster is plainly sadistic. Enduring beatings from the staff and other boys, he finally forges a friendship that gives him the strength to stand up and lead his classmates in a revolt against their institution. Winner of the “Grand Prix des Ameriques” at the Montreal World Film Festival. DVD 2001
ADOPTION DHUNADOP01A, VHUNADOP01A 89 min. Hungarian with English subtitles. Directed by Marta Meszaros. Kati wants a child, but her married lover won't oblige- so it falls to Anna, her newfound friend, to help her have a child and learn to love and survive. A warm and intimate drama about love and friendship between two women, Adoption is a haunting, gripping vision of people struggling for love and contact in a dispassionate world. VHS 1975
BOLSHE VITA DHUNBOLS01A, VHUNBOLS01A 90 min. Hungarian and Russian with English subtitles. Directed by Ibolya Fekete. This acclaimed, multiple-award-winning film centers around a group of young people who meet in a rock pub in Budapest in the summer of 1989 during Hungary's fleeting celebration of Communism's fall. This Pynchonesque crew includes two goofy Russian musicians, an engineer who has been reduced to selling kitchen knives, and two girlfriends, English and American, in search of action. After the fun and romance, they must move on, as the mafia and the onset of new nationalist chaos closes in. VHS, DVD 1995
CHILDREN OF GLORY DHUNCHIL01A 116 min. Hungarian with English or Korean subtitles. Directed by Krisztina Goda. Children of Glory commemorates Hungary's Revolution of 1956 and the Blood in the Water match. Taking place in Budapest and at the Melbourne Olympic Games in October and November of that year, the film takes viewers into the passion and sadness of one of the most dramatic popular revolts of the twentieth century. In the same year Soviet tanks were violently suppressing the Revolution within Hungary, the Hungarian water polo team was winning over the Soviets in the Olympic pool in Melbourne, in what is sometimes described as the bloodiest water polo match in history. While telling the story of 1956 in part through fictional lead characters, the film-makers simultaneously recreated many of the key public events of the Revolution, including the huge demonstrations and the fighting in the streets of Budapest. DVD 2006
COLONEL REDL DMULCOLO01A, VGERCOLO01A 114 min. German with English subtitles. Directed by Istvan Szabo. Istvan Szabo's brilliant historic epic of intrigue, continuing his concern with responsibility and guilt established with his Mephisto. Klaus Maria Brandauer stars in the epic story of espionage, love and lust, set in Austria during the years leading up to World War I. Alfred Redl (Brandauer) rises from peasant to high-ranking member of the Imperial Austrian military, but he hides a secret life of homosexuality. Winner of the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival. DVD 1984
DELTA DHUNDELT01A 92 min. Hungarian with English subtitles. Directed by Kornel Mundruczo. Lushly photographed in the Danube Delta, this powerful story of forbidden love follows young Mihail as he returns to the countryside after years of absence to discover he has a grown half-sister, Fauna. Together they build a house on stilts in the river and become lovers until their idyllic life is broken by violence. A beautiful and disturbing study of cruelty and intolerance, DELTA is the third feature from Kornel Mundruczo, once a protégé of Bela Tarr. DVD 2008
DOLLYBIRDS DHUNDOLL01A 100 min. Hungarian with English subtitles. Directed by Péter Tímár. In Communist Hungary in the summer of 1962, teenage Attila (Sándor Almási) learns of a talent competition in which first prize is a rare and highly coveted trip to the other side of the Iron Curtain to attend an international youth convention in Helsinki. Although most of Attila's friends are equally desperate to win the prize, he has a particular will to succeed: his beloved girlfriend and her family managed to escape to Canada, and, if he wins the contest, he can defect and join her. DVD-PAL 1997
GLAMOUR DHUNGLAM01A 115 min. Hungarian with English subtitles. Directed by Frigyes Gödrös. As rain brings a flourish of frogs, the bearded, Orthodox patriarch of a Budapest furniture manufacturing family, predicts, in the aftermath of World War I, an ominous future for Hungary. He and his family live in tasteful, spacious comfort above their classy showroom, where they sell fine quality reproduction of period pieces. The brief Red terror that follows the Great War, a foreshadowing of what will befall Hungary in the wake of World War II, find the store stripped of its stock, which is returned once the communist threat subsides. By the ‘30s, the elder son has taken charge of the business and has become convinced that family needs an infusion of new blood. He marries a beautiful Germany nursery school teacher. Because Hungary has an alliance with Germany, and the Third Reich prohibits marriage between Gentiles and Jews, the couple can get around the Nazi decrees only by the teacher first becoming a divorced woman. So for three months she becomes the wife in name only of the family firm’s dutiful upholsterer. With the advent of World War II, the shop emerges as a refuge in a world gone mad and which would grow even madder with the advent of communist rule. Gödrös deftly reveals the horrors of the Stalinist era paranoia cruelty. DVD 2000
KARHOZAT (Damnation) DHUNDAMN01A, 01B 122 min. Hungarian with English subtitles. Directed by Bela Tarr. One of the late philosopher Susan Sontag's favorite films, this powerful work reveals the evolution of the cinematic method and dark metaphysical style that Hungarian auteur Bela Tarr made famous in Santantango and Werckmeister Harmonies. Black and white images seem to float out of an endless drunken dream as a reclusive loner obsessively pursues his former lover. "Damnation is the ultimate film-noir, a deeply existential rumination on the miserableness of existence and the search for a meaning or a means of escape." DVD 1987
NYOCKER! (The District!) DHUNDIST01A 95 min. Hungarian with English subtitles. Directed by Aron Gauder. A group of teens from a bad neighborhood in Budapest band together to make themselves rich by traveling back in time, burying a horde of mammoths under the city’s streets, then returning to the present and drilling for oil. As creators of a new oil-producing nation, their scheme draws the attention of Vladimir Putin (who uses the district’s Russian hookers as spies), Tony Blair and George W. Bush. In the midst of it all, star-crossed teen love is in bloom. This outrageous and visually-stunning animated satire plays like an unhinged ghetto update of Romeo and Juliet through a politically charged – and politically incorrect – kaleidoscope of clashing world views and social unrest, complete with musical numbers and a wicked soundtrack of Hungarian hip-hop. Recommended for mature audiences. DVD 2004
ELECTRA, MY LOVE DHUNELEC01A 71 min. Hungarian with English subtitles. Directed by Miklos Jancso. In an awesome leap of imagination, Miklos Jancso, one of the world's great filmmakers, relocates the classic myth of Electra to a desolate Hungarian plain. Here, the nail-biting drama plays out against the rituals of naked girls and galloping horsemen. The film is shot as a visual epic, with elaborate camera moves that are Jancso's famous signature. When Electra takes off in a red helicopter, the story catapults into the future, in a masterstroke that leaves the audience breathless. DVD 1974
FAMILY NEST DHUNFAMI01A 100 mins., Hungarian with English subtitles. Directed by Bela Tarr. This impressive first film by Hungarian auteur Bela Tarr heralded the arrival of one of late 20th century cinema's most compelling and original voices. Shot in a cinema verite style, the film captures the lives of an ordinary family in a broken society. The housing shortage in Communist-ruled Hungary forces a young couple to live with the husband's parents in a cramped, one-room apartment. The proximity of too many people in too small a space leads to tireless arguments and a feeling of unending hopelessness. DVD 1977
FATHER DHUNFATH01A 95 min. Hungarian with English subtitles. Directed by Istvan Szabo. This sensitive, intelligent study of adolescence and maturation focuses on a young man whose defense mechanism consists of idealizing the memory of his dead father. One of the key films of the Hungarian film renaissance, Father is a daring, emotionally charged film. DVD 1966
SORSTALANSAG (Fateless) DHUNFATE01A 140 min. Hungarian with English subtitles. Directed by Lajos Koltai. Based on the novel by Imre Kertesz, Fateless is the semi-biographical tale of a 14 year-old Jewish boy from Budapest, who finds himself swept up by cataclysmic events beyond his comprehension. A perfectly normal metropolitan teen who has never felt particularly connected to his religion, he is suddenly separated from his family as part of the rushed and random deportation of Budapest’s large Jewish population. Brought to a concentration camp, his existence becomes a surreal adventure in adversity and adaptation, and he is never quite sure if he is the victim of his captors, or of an absurd destiny that metes out salvation and suffering arbitrarily. When he returns home after the liberation, he misses the sense of community he experienced in the camps, feeling alienated from both his Christian neighbors who turned a blind eye to his fate, and the Jewish family friends who avoided deportation and who now want to put the war behind them. DVD 2005
FORBIDDEN RELATIONS DHUNFORB01A 92 min. Hungarian with English subtitles. Directed by Zsolt Kezdi-Kovacs. A true story of incest and its repercussions is brought to life in this exceptional drama that goes far beyond the sensationalism of the subject matter. It is a powerful tale of two lovers who discover they are half-siblings. They refuse to end their relationship even after the young woman's pregnancy puts them up against social ostracism and imprisonment. "...a delirious expression of l'amour fou, effectively filmed against a prosaic background. Driving, floating long takes, reminiscent of Kezdi-Kovacs's mentor Miklos Jancso, are used to express the uncontrollable passion of the young couple..." (Dave Kehr, Chicago Reader). DVD 1983
HANUSSEN DHUNHANU01A 117 min. German with English subtitles. Directed by Istvan Szabo. The third part to the Mephisto-Colonel Redl trilogy, this is the story of a charismatic magician and clairvoyant who predicts the future with an uncanny accuracy. When the Nazis seize power, he is forced to choose between joining them and standing alone. VHS 1989
HUKKLE DHUNHUKK01A 75 min. Hungarian with English subtitles. Directed by Gyorgy Palfi. Hungarian director Gyorgy Palfi’s debut is a mesmerizing symphony of sight and sound that chronicles a series of mysterious interconnected events both idyllic and sinister. From an elderly man’s hiccup (or hukkle) to a microscopic observation of a menagerie of animals, Hukkle lovingly magnifies the little moments of a summer day that usually pass unnoticed. With minimal dialogue, Hukkle brims with subtle secrets waiting to be unlocked and etches a quirky portrait of a rustic village where things are not what they seem. DVD 2001
HUNGARIAN FAIRY TALE DVHUNHUNG01A 97 min. Hungarian with English subtitles. Directed by Gyula Gazdag. This film begins at a performance of Mozart's Magic Flute where a beautiful young woman meets a handsome stranger. The son born of this magic night is raised by his mother, but, at the age of three, he must be given a father's name, even a fictitious one, according to Hungarian law. Years later, the son sets out to find his "father." VHS 1988
HUNGARIAN RHAPSODY VHUNHNGR01A 101 min. Hungarian with English subtitles. Directed by Miklos Jancso. Set in 1911, the film follows the central character, Istvan, a nobleman who joins ranks with the peasants in opposition to his brother, who chooses to work for the established order. Jancso achieves a dialectical relationship between the forces of history and the viewer's subjective relationship to it, probing the essence of individual choice versus historical forces. VHS 1983
HUNKY BLUES DENGHUNK01A English. Directed by Peter Forgacs. The Hungarian immigrant experience is revealed and revered in this documentary by director Peter Forgacs. The filmmaker weaves photographs, home-movie footage, and interviews into an epic saga of escape and emigration, and integration and assimilation as he chronicles the wave of Hungarians who arrived in America between 1890 and 1921. From the rural countryside of Eastern Europe to Ellis Island, Hunky Blues follows the struggles of ordinary Hungarians as they travel the well-trodden path to the American Dream. "For Forgacs, this scratchy black-and-white medium is embedded with treasures--complex private and public stories and a past that's forbidden or forgotten." DVD 2009
JOURNAL INTIME DHUNJOUR01A Hungarian with English or French subtitles. The 1984 Hungarian movie Diary for My Children (Napló gyermekeimnek) is a deeply personal film about one girl's return to a home country that she barely remembers. Set in Budapest in the late 1940s, the movie is the story of Juli (Zsuzsa Czinkóczi), a teenage girl who had been living in Soviet exile with her mother and father. Following the death of both parents, Juli has been retrieved by friends of the family. Back in Budapest, she lives with Magda (Anna Polony) and Magda's parents. It's a warm environment to begin with. Magda owes a debt to Juli's mother, her friend at one time, and the girl quickly bonds with the man that she will call Grandfather (Pál Zolnay). It's a situation, however, that was not built to last. DVD 1984
THE LAST BLUES DHUNLAST01A 96 min. Hungarian with English subtitles. Directed by Péter Gárdos. Meet Andris: a happily married husband, father of an eight-year old son and a successful businessman in Budapest, Hungary. But Andris is leading more than one life. While pretending to be away on “business” in Poland, Andris spends half a year in Cracow with his beautiful girlfriend Bea, living the life of a talented and passionate artist. Andris is doubly blessed and equally satisfied with both lives…until today. With the news that Bea is pregnant has come an impossible situation. As he drives towards his own wedding in Cracow, Andris is forced to choose between these two lives for the first time. The Last Blues follows Andris across a full 24 hours in the life of a man who thought he could have it all. DVD 2002
I LOVE BUDAPEST DHUNILOV01A 85 min. Hungarian with English subtitles. Directed by Agnes Incze. This portrait of modern Hungarian youth earned critical accolades in its homeland. It's a stylish, fast-moving account of a young woman (Gabriella Hamori in an impressive screen debut) from a rural town who comes to the city in search of a better life. She finds a job, new friends, and romance, but it's all endangered when she discovers that her closest friend's boyfriend is deeply involved with the criminal world. DVD 2001
KET FELIDO A POKOLBAN (THE LAST GOAL / TWO HALF-TIMES IN HELL) DHUNLSTG01A 122 min., Hungarian w/ English subtitles. Directed by Fabri Zoltan. Spring 1944. Nazi officers want to organize a football match for Hitler's birthday, in which Germans would play against Hungarian prisoners of war. They call for the famous Hungarian footballer, Ónódi, and order him to organize a team. Ónódi accepts, but in turn demands extra food, a ball with which he and his team can train before the match, and asks that they be allowed to concentrate on training before the match and not work. The Germans accept all the demands, but recommend Ónódi not include any Jews in his team. However, Ónódi can't organize the team only from his company, because only 8 out of 98 soldiers can play football. Therefore Ónódi recruits players from the other company. One of the players is Steiner, who is a Jew and can't play football. He lied to Ónódi because he was afraid to die. During training the footballers subdue the German corporal guarding them and try to escape. They are soon recaptured and told they will now face probable death penalty. However, the Germans order the Hungarian team to still play the match. At the beginning of the match Ónódi and his team are discouraged, as the Germans easily score three goals. The Hungarians succeed in scoring one goal and the first half ends 3-1 in favour of Germany. At the interval the German commander tells the Hungarians that they might not be executed if they lose the match. The Hungarians refuse to believe this. At the beginning of the second half they score three goals. As a result, during the match, they are executed by the Germans. DVD 1961
KONTROLL DHUNCONT01A 106 min. Hungarian with English subtitles. Directed by Nimrod Antal. The Budapest subway system, the world’s second oldest, is a dark, labyrinthine netherworld as vast and various as the city above it. There are those who spend most of their lives underground—the beleaguered ticket inspectors or “controllers”, who are assigned in teams to various sections of the system, and whose thankless job it is to ensure that no passengers ride without paying. Deployed by those in control—unseen authority figures who monitor the trains and travelers on massive grids and screens—these inspector teams area a much-despised lot. Who, on his way to work or to an appointment wants to be stopped and asked for a receipt? And who, having sneaked through a turnstile, wants to be apprehended by petty officers who represent power at its most powerless? DVD 2003
THE LITTLE VALENTINO VHUNLITT01A 102 min. Hungarian with English subtitles. Directed by Andras Jeles. The events of this deceptively simple black and white feature are concentrated on a single day. The film focuses on Laszlo, a 20-year-old driver's assistant, who spends his day and his money--which he has just stolen--in the aimlessness of everyday life. VHS 1979
A LONG WEEKEND IN PEST AND BUDA DHUNALON01A 90 min. Hungarian with English subtitles. Directed by Karoly Makk. Legendary Hungarian actors Mari Torocsik and Ivan Darvas reunite with master directory Karoly Makk for his last feature film, a contemporary romantic drama set in picturesque Budapest. Ivan (Darvas) is an aging retiree who was forced to leave Hungary during the 1956 Revolution. He comfortably lives with his wife in Switzerland, but a phone call prompts him to return to his homeland. He is reunited with a former lover (Torocsik), who has lived with many secrets that will change his life. Over 30 years before A Long Weekend..., Torocsik and Darvas starred in Makk’s internationally acclaimed Love, which daringly explored the theme of lovers separated by the state. DVD 2003
LOVE DHUNLOVE01A 92 min. Hungarian with English subtitles. Directed by Karoly Makk. In her last days, a bedridden matriarch enters into an unspoken pact with her daughter-in-law that will allow her to live proudly and die happily. The young Luca, whose husband has been seized by the secret police, concocts a story of his voyage to America and imminent success as a film-maker. VHS 1971
LOVEFILM DHUNLOVF01A 123 min. Hungarian with English subtitles. Directed by Istvan Szabo (Mephisto, Colonel Redl, Sunshine). This film follows two childhood sweethearts who are inseparable until the Nazi's invasion of Hungary. They reunite, only to be separated again in the mid-fifties when one lover rejects Communist rule and emigrates to France while the other remains in Budapest. Keeping in touch through letters, they finally meet again and must decide if their lives will remain united or apart. "A gentle but telling film about human experience and the vagaries of love" (Gene Moskowitz, Variety). A.k.a. A Film About Love. DVD 1970
MARIA'S DAY VHUNMARI01A 113 min. Hungarian with English subtitles. Directed Judit Elek. One of the most acclaimed Hungarian films, Judit Elek's film is set 17 years after the failed revolution of 1848. An aristocratic family gathers at the home of Ignac Czendrey to celebrate his youngest daughter's Name Day. In the course of the one day, the unusual past and present of the family are unfolded. The family is related to the revolutionary and legendary poet Sandor Petofi and desperately tries to live up to the Petofi myth. They dream of a heroic new epoch, but while they dream, the mundaneness of the present overcomes them. VHS 1985
MEPHISTO DGERMEPH01A, DMULMEPH01A, VMULMEPH01A 134 min. VHS dubbed in English; DVD-German with English Subtitles. Directed by Istvan Szabo. Istvan Szabo's powerful, Academy-Award winner (Best Foreign Language Film) stars Klaus Maria Brandauer as an actor in pre-war Germany whose quest for success leads him to subordinate everything--political conviction, human relationships, artistic ambition. He is ultimately drawn into a poisonous circle of evil from which he can no longer escape. DVD 1981
THE MIDAS TOUCH VHUNMIDA01A 100 min. Hungarian with English subtitles. Directed by Geza Beremenyi. The story unfolds on the flea-market in Budapest from 1945 until 1956, where Monori the merchant is the king of the market. Just like King Midas, whatever he touches turns to gold. This ability to turn a quick profit on anything from apples to lentils leads him to believe that gold is the ultimate power. In 1956 blood flows on the streets of Budapest. With gold in his sack, he is going to put the magical yellow metal to the test once more. VHS 1989
MY TWENTIETH CENTURY VHUNMYTW01A 104 min. Hungarian with English subtitles. Directed by Ildiko Enyedi. At the turn of the century, two identical twins grow up and explore their worlds in very opposite ways. The erotic and playful Dora is a soft and self-indulgent contrast to her bomb-throwing revolutionary sister Lili, who was separated from her at birth. The sisters finally cross paths on the Orient Express by sleeping with the same confused man. VHS 1990
OH, BLOODY LIFE!... VHUNOHBL01A 115 min. Hungarian with English subtitles. Directed by Peter Bacso. The first half of the 1950s is shadowed by Stalin's name in Hungary. The story is set in the spring of 1951 when a most brutal operation was undertaken--the deportation of some of Budapest's citizens who had done nothing to deserve this fate. Lucy, the young actress, is also deported because her former husband was an aristocrat. VHS 1988
OPIUM: DIARY OF A MADWOMAN DHUNOPIU01A 109 min., Hungarian with English subtitles. Directed by János Szász. 1913. Dr. Josef Brenner (Ulrich Thomsen), a compulsive morphine addict, transfers to a mental institution for troubled women. There he meets a deeply disturbed patient, Gizella (Kirsti Stubø), who believes she is possessed by evil. The two begin a dangerous affair which threatens to destroy them both in this Faustian tale of obsession, addiction and madness. DVD 2007
THE OUTSIDER DHUNOUTS01A 122 mni., Hungarian with English subtitles. Directed by Bela Tarr. Bela Tarr's second film (and one of only two shot in color) offers a naturalistic view of life in modern Budapest. The film's self-absorbed and aimless protagonist floats through life with no direction or purpose. His only escape is through music, dancing, and drinking at the local tavern. Tarr communicates a world of limited options and few opportunities through vivid close-ups and evocative urban locales. DVD 1979
THE PREFAB PEOPLE DHUNPREF01A 82 min. Hungarian with English subtitles. Directed by Bela Tarr. The last of Bela Tarr’s trio of domestic dramas, The Prefab People follows the day-to-day struggle of a young couple trying to make a better life. The husband seeks escape from his monotonous job, while the wife needs more help from her husband to raise the family. Along with Family Nest and The Outsider, this film explores the struggles of everyday in gripping documentary style. Celebrated for his nihilistic tales of desperate people unable to escape their human or social conditions, Tarr is one of the most distinctive talents in world cinema, first drawing international acclaim with this domestic trilogy. DVD 1982
THE PORCELAIN DOLL DHUNPORC01A 75 min. Hungarian with English subtitles. Directed by Peter Gardos. Adapted from Ervin Lazar’s novel Star Farm, the stories focus on life, death, and resurrection. The first involves a gawky but athletic teenager who bests a series of visiting soldiers in various athletic competitions. In the second, a visiting state official promises he can resurrect the dead, prompting the villagers to exhume four bodies with startling results. Finally, an elderly couple outwits the authorities who want them to relocate with a highly unusual trick! DVD 2005
THE REAL SANTA (AZ IGAZI MIKULÁS) DHUNREAL01A 92 min. Hungarian with English subtitles. Once upon a time, a homeless bar pianist named Misu took a job playing Santa Claus in a department store. That same day, Liza escaped from an orphanage and went in search of Santa to relay her Christmas wish -- a bike. On that cold, wintry day, Liza tells Misu her wish, but he can't promise her the bike, nor afford to buy her one. But the determined little girl won't give up. Popular Hungarian actor Gyorgy Cserhalmi (Zelary) channels Billy Bob Thornton from Bad Santa, only with more dramatic and poignant results, in this unusual tale of loss and love from Peter Gardos. DVD 2005
THE RED AND THE WHITE DHUNREDA01A 92 min. Hungarian with English subtitles. Directed by Miklos Jancso. Miklos Jancso's haunting work about the absurdity and evil of war. Set in Central Russia during the Civil War of 1918, the story details the constant shifting of power between the White guards and the Red soldiers, first at an abandoned monastery, and later, at a field hospital. Using the wide-screen technique consisting of very long takes and a ceaselessly tracking camera movement, Jancso has fashioned a brilliant visual style that gives his film the quality of a surreal nightmare. DVD 1968
RED EARTH VRUSREDE01A 105 min. Hungarian with English subtitles. Directed by Laszlo Vitezy. A shrewd satire about the miracles of life under Hungarian socialism. A bauxite mixer discovers his pigs have unearthed high quality bauxite from his back yard. The buaxite prospectors refuse to acknowledge that Szanto and his pigs made the lucky strike, crediting, instead, careful and methodical planning. VHS 1993
THE ROUND UP VHUNROUN01A 90 min. Hungarian with English subtitles. Directed by Miklos Jancso. Set in an isolated 1868 Hungarian prison camp amidst a vast, featureless plain. The film reveals the subtler forms of physical and psychological torture used to turn the men against one another and betray confidences which will result in others being shot or hanged. VHS 1966
SINBAD VHUNSINB01A 78 min. Hungarian with English subtitles. Directed by Zolan Huszariik. Sinbad is based on a novel by Gyula Krudy which tells the story of the reminiscences by an aging Don Juan of past romantic encounters. The story is set around the turn of the century in Hungary. Sinbad is praised for its strong use of color on film. VHS 1970
STOP MOM THERESA! DHUNSTOP01A 127 min. Hungarian with English subtitles. A smash comedy hit in Hungary. Directed by Peter Bergendy. STOP MOM THERESA! Follows the misadventures of career girl Kata Keki, who decides to stop doing good for others and focus on her quest for Mr. Right. Her brother Miki and her gaggle of gal pals keep her on the right track, while her mom pressures her to settle down. DVD 2004
TAXIDERMIADHUNTAXI01A91 min. Hungarian with English subtitles. From the nightmarish imagination of Gyorgy Palfi comes Taxidermia, a surrealistic assault on the senses following three generations of men (an obese speed eater, an embalmer of giant cats, and a man who shoots flames out of his penis) who are all damned from birth. DVD2006
25, FIREMEN'S STREET VHUNTWEN01A 93 min. Hungarian with English subtitles. Directed by Istvan Szabo. The setting is an old house on the eve of its demolition; during a hot summer night, the numerous inhabitants indulge in dreams and recollections of the events of the past thirty years. VHS 1973
VASKA EASOFFDRUSVASKA01A, DRUSVASKA01B 76 min. Russian with Hungarian narration and with English subtitles. Directed by Peter Gothar. In this fractured fairy tale for adults, two thieves – Vaska and Vanya – steal the czar’s treasure from the bank of St. Petersburg by opening the roof with a sardine-can key taken from the neat of a griffin. And, this is only the start of their misadventures: Vaska is temporarily beheaded, the Red Guards are hot in their heels, and copious amounts of vodka are consumed by all. Set in Russia during the Soviet era, Vaska Easooff was derived from a mythical story passed among the Communist labor camps. It satirizes life under the Communist regime through imagination and originality while harking back to classic Russian folktales and literature. DVD1995
A VERY MORAL NIGHT VHUNAVER01A 103 min. Hungarian with English subtitles. Directed by Koroly Makk. A spirited turn of the century tale of a poor medical student lodging cheaply and happily in a bordello. When his widowed mother makes a surprise visit, the madam and the girls set about converting the place into a respectable boarding house. VHS 1977
WE NEVER DIE VHUNWENE01A 90 min. Hungarian with English subtitles. Directed by Robert Koltai A wonderful, unabashedly raunchy period comedy that takes place in the 1960's with Uncle Gyuszi about to take his gawky teenaged nephew Imi along with him from fair to fair to sell his fabulous wooden hangers. For Imi, this is also to be an educational trip on the ways of life, happiness and love. They follow Uncle's golden rules: Don't take life too seriously, and find the humor in every situation. VHS 1993
WHERE WERE YOU MY SON? DHUNWHER01A 115 min. Hungarian with English subtitles. Directed by Róbert Alföldi. Andor, a gentle young man, is the obedient son who still lives with his eccentric mother Rebeka, a once celebrated actress. She has not left her apartment since her career started to fail, compounding her possessiveness for her son. The mother is connected to life by her successful daughter who lives abroad and wants nothing to do with her mother. It seems that Andor has no desire or will to break free of his semi-catatonic life until sensual Eszter makes an appearance, at which point he begins to dream of a life beyond the walls. Their erotic relationship opens Andor’s repressed sexual appetite that goes beyond Eszter and seems to awaken childhood memories of what might have been intimate times with his mother. The characters become locked within the cages of their own madness. DVD 2007
THE WITNESS VHUNWITN01A 110 min. Hungarian with English subtitles. Directed by Peter Bacso. This film was banned for more than nine years. Set in 1949, the film is a political satire that mixes forms and styles, symbolism and screwball farce. The story concerns a middle level functionary who's imprisoned and eventually manipulated into providing testimony against his best friend, a government minister on trial for treason. VHS 1968

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Title Code Description Format Year
BEFORE THE RAIN DMACBEFR01A, VMACBEFO01A 112 min. Macedonian and English with English subtitles. Directed by Milcho Manchevsky. In a monastery in Macedonia, a young man must abandon his vows of silence to save a girl from a hate-filled mob. In London, a woman torn between a loveless marriage and a passionate affair with a war photographer finds fate dictates a choice she couldn't make on her own. An in Yugoslavia, the photographer returns to a nation divided by religious hatred and violence. His effort to salvage some small portion of peace will have an impact no one could foresee, and bring all three stories full circle. Nominated for the 1995 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. VHS 1995
DUST DENGDUST01A 124 min. English. Directed by Milcho Manchevski. At the turn of the last century, two brothers, Luke (David Wenham) and Elijah (Joseph Fiennes) fall in love with the same woman. When she chooses the younger of the two, the embittered older brother travels to Europe where he becomes a ruthless mercenary…but the revolution soon takes a personal twist with one brother hanging on the edge of life and death. DVD 2001
THE GREAT WATER DMACGREA01A 90 min. Macedonian with English subtitles, Directed Ivo Trajkov. After the end of World War II, Young Lem, like so many war orphans, wanders aimlessly through the Macedonian countryside only to be caught by communist soldiers. They take him to the children's orphanage, in fact, a labor camp were kids go to be ideologically "reprogrammed." Lem endures terrible abuse at the hands of the camp leaders, but one day, a mysterious older boy appears at the orphanage. Lem chases after him, and the two become partners in religiously tinged crime. DVD 2005
GOODBYE, 20th CENTURY VMACGOOD01A 90min. Macedonian with English subtitles. Directed by Aleksandar Popovski and Darko Mitrevski. With wholly bizarre imagery and embracing a nihilistic vision of human depravity and futility, this Macedonian feature takes place in three different time periods (2019, 1919 and 1999). Santa Claus is a messenger of death, incestuous love brings a curse of immortality, and general cruelty reigns in this film of a generation which has grown up and lives at the threshold of war. VHS 2000
MIRAGE DPOLMIRA01A 107 min. Macedonian with English subtitles. Directed by Svetozar Ristovski. Tortured by a tumultuous home life and school bullies, young Marko finds hope when his teacher encourages him to enter a poetry competition in Paris. But when the teacher cowers before the same bullies and eventually dashes the boy’s hopes and dreams, Marko seeks guidance from another role model: a mercenary who tells him in life one must “either eat or be eaten”. DVD 2004

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Title Code Description Format Year
AFTERMATH DPOLAFTE01A 110 min. Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Władysław Pasikowski. Two brothers uncover a dark secret that forces them to confront the history of their family, their village and their nation. A tense and gripping thriller inspired by actual events, Aftermath caused controversy in its native Poland due to its present-day reckoning with a dark period in that country’s history. DVD2013
ASHES AND DIAMONDS DPOLASHE01A 105 min. Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Andrzej Wajda. Rural Poland, on the last day of World War II. The Nazis have surrendered, and the Red Army has criss-crossed the country. With the battle against the Nazis over, a new struggle emerges: the struggle against the Communists. A group of Polish patriots boldly set out to assassinate a mid-level Communist party functionary. Maciek, a James Dean in dark glasses, is the trigger-man. But when he spots a gorgeous blonde behind the bar, his priorities change. DVD1961
BORDER STREET DPOLBRDR01A 110 min. Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Aleksandr Ford. One of the first post-World War II films to deal with the Holocaust, BORDER STREET recreates the circumstances surrounding the doomed Warsaw Ghetto uprising, in which a small, heroic band of Jews chose to resist the Nazis rather than face deportation to Auschwitz or Treblinka. The story unfolds through the eyes of four characters who live in the same building: Davidek and Jadzia are two Jewish youths who fight the Nazis as their only choice of survival, while gentiles Bronek and Wladek consider the occupation an insult to their Polish heritage. Aleksander Ford’s heart-wrenching film focuses on the common goals of the Poles and Jews as they stage a valiant effort to rid themselves of the Nazi menace. BORDER STREET is at once a compelling drama and a page out of history. DVD1948
MIEDZY USTAMI A BRZEGIEM PUCHARU (Between the Cup and the Lip)DPOLBETW01A 112 min. Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Zbigniew Kuzminski. The young and charismatic count Wentzel Croy-Dulmen falls in love with an enigmatic stranger, a beautiful young woman who is a cousin of his grandmother living in Poland. His desire for her necessitates a full-scale reconsideration of his thoughts and ideas about Poland. DVD2008
DUZE ZWIERZE (The Big Animal)DPOLBIGA01A 72 min., Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Jerzy Stuhr. Jerzy Stuhr stars as Zygmunt Sawicki, an ordinary bank clerk in a small Polish town who awakens one morning to discover a camel outside his kitchen window. As he and his wife grow increasingly fond of their pet, the animal evokes their neighbors’ jealousy and greed. While the Sawickis are determined to protect their friend, the townspeople and local bureaucrats seem bent on exploiting the great beast. From a script by Krzysztof Kieslowski. DVD2000
PRZYPADEK (Blind Chance)DPOLBLIN01A 114 min., Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Krzysztof Kieslowski. Facing an unclear future, Witek, an earnest young medical student, chooses to put his education on hold. With his head full of the promising and ominous portents of his new adult life, Witek hurries to catch the last train to Warsaw. As he races down the platform, the film blossoms into three scenarios in which catching or missing the train spawns completely different futures. Whether as a Communist Party member, a dissident, or a healer and devoted husband, Witek’s destiny is shaped by unhappy youth, troubled present, and, in Kieslowski’s words, “powers that meddle with our fate.” DVD1981
BLUE Belongs to the West European Studies Department. Please contact them at to inquire about checking out this title. 98 min. Directed by Krzysztof Kieslowski. Juliette Binoche stars in this provocative thriller, a role for which she won the Cesar Award and the Venice Film Festival Award as best actress. She becomes entangled in a mysterious web of passion and lies after she digs into the past life of her recently and unexpectedly deceased husband. Part One of Polish director Krzysztof Kieslowski's acclaimed trilogy, Three Colors.  1993
BOLEK AND LOLEK GO CAMPINGDPOLBOLE01A 63 min., without dialogue. In this collection of seven animated cartoons, camping is a favorite pasttime for young friends Bolek and Lolek. Hunting for mushrooms in the forest, swimming in the lake, and fishing all make the little heroes happy and joyful. Perfect viewing for the entire family. DVD 
BOLEK AND LOLEK IN THE WILD WESTDPOLBOLE02A 63 min., without dialogue. Bolek and Lolek imagine adventures around the world for themselves. In this set of seven cartoons, their exploits in the Wild West are depicted with plenty of clever sound effects and movement. DVD 
BOLEK AND LOLEK ON VACATIONDPOLBORD01A, VPOLBORD01A 63 min., without dialogue. Bolek and Lolek return in another collection of seven cartoons, this time in a quest for the perfect vacation. Vacation time for them is always full of exciting adventures that involve making new friends and exploring new places. DVD 
GRANICA (The Border)DPOLBORD01A, VPOLBORD01A 90 min. Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Jozef Lejtes. Forbidden love leads to misery and death in this classic of early Polish cinema. With E. Barszczewska, L. Zelichowska, and J. Pichekski. VHS1938
ROZMOWY KONTROLOWANE (Calls Controlled) DPOLCALL01A 93 min., Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Sylwester Checinski. A comedy on hardly laughable subjects that takes place during the martial law of 1981 Poland. The main character, played by well-known comedian Stanislaw Tym, finds himself in funny situation trying to please both Solidarity members and government officials.DVD1991
AMATOR (Camera Buff)DPOLCAME01A 103 min., Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Krzysztof Kieslowski. “I’m frightened of real tears,” Kieslowski once said. “In fact, I don’t even know if I have the right to photograph them.” In this film, this question becomes the epicenter of the life of Filip Mosz. Happily married and economically secure, he buys a camera with the intention of filming his newborn child. But when a powerful factory director recruits him to film an important board meeting, Filip’s fascination with the medium grows into passionate dedication. At the command of a larger film unit and networking to enrich his career, Filip eventually reaches a deadlock with his wife and friends and the director who previously supported his cinematic ambitions. DVD1979
THE DECALOGUEDPOLDECA01A, 02A, 03A 10 episodes of 55 min. Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Krzysztof Kieslowski. Krzysztof Kieslowski's Decalogue explores the timeless moral issues of human existence through ten contemporary tales, each based on one of the Ten Commandments. Originally produced for Polish television, this brilliant series of ten separate but subtly intertwining films transcended the boundaries of film and TV, winning honors in both arenas as it played around the world. Each episode was co-written by Kieslowski's longtime collaborator Krzysztof Piesiewicz and features music by Zbigniew Preisner. On three separate DVDs. DVD1999
DEMONY WOJNY (Demons of War)DPOLDEMO01A 97 min. Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Wladyslaw Pasikowski. Major Keller is in command of a unit stationed in Bosnia. Orders from headquarters are clear: no armed intervention. But Keller has a different understanding of the role of peacekeeping forces. When a helicopter with Polish soldiers on board crashes in the mountains, Keller orders an immediate rescue operation. Against the prohibition of his command, he sets out for the mountains along with a group of his best people – on terrain left under the rule of Skijo, the cruelty of whose bandits is already legendary. DVD1998
EVERYTHING FOR SALEDPOLEVER01A 94 min. Polish with English subtitles. Direced by Andrzej Wajda. Director Andrzej Wajda (Maids of Wilko) pays tribute to his late friend and collaborator, Polish actor Zbigniew Cybulski, in this behind-the-scenes look at a film set disrupted by the sudden death of their leading man, who died trying to jump onto a moving train - the same manner in which Cybulski died. Not letting grief derail their work, the cast and crew deal with the loss while completing the film without their star. DVD1968
EUROPA EUROPADMULEURO01A, VPOLEURO01A 100 min. Polish and German with English subtitles. Directed by Agnieszka Holland. A powerful story of a courageous German-Jewish teenager who survived World War II by concealing his identity and living as a Nazi during seven harrowing years through three countries. Based on a true story. VHS1991
FAMILY LIFE DPOLFMLF01A, VPOLFAMI01A 93 min. Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Krzysztof Zanussi. After six years in Warsaw, a design engineer reluctantly returns home to a dilapidated mansion in the country. There he must confront his alcoholic father and a slightly deranged sister, as well as his own life. VHS 1971
FAUSTINA DPOLFAUS01A, VPOLFAUS01A 88 min. Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Jerry Lukaszewicz. This film is an artistic representation of the mythical life led by Sister Faustina Kowalska, a member of the Congregation of Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy, based upon experiences recorded in her spiritual diary. It is a feature of a religious character that depicts the complexity of human nature and the impenetrable mystery of its relationship with God.VHS1995
POGODA NA JUTRO (Forecast for Tomorrow)DPOLFORE01A 96 min. Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Jerzy Stuhr. Director Jerzy Stuhr also stars in this film about a Solidarity member and family man who disappears to live in a monastery. Seventeen years later, he is recognized by his wife and son while performing at a music festival. Ejected from the monastery and living at home again, he has to adapt to new family and political realities. One daughter is now dealing drugs, while another is a stripper on a television show. His son is working for a corrupt politician, and his wife has taken a new lover. DVD2003
THE GARDEN OF EARTHLY DELIGHTSDENGGARD01A 104 min., English. Directed by Lech Majewski. When London art historian Claudine meets engineer Chris, it is love and lust at first sight. But their spiritual and erotic connection is threatened by a devastating and deadly illness. Her remaining days numbered, Claudine chooses to fan the flames of her obsession with Hieronymus Bosch by taking her lover on a trip to Venice, where the artist’s work becomes the background for their physical passion and emotional discovery. DVD2004
A GENERATION VPOLAGEN01A 85 min. Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Andrzej Wajda. The first film in Wajda's war trilogy (including Kanal, Ashes and Diamonds), A Generation began a Polish film renaissance. Wajda, who fought in the Resistance during World War II, offers a striking unsentimental appraisal of heroism in the tale of a Polish youth who fights the Nazis after he falls in love with a Resistance leader. Barely out of their teens, he and his brash friends approach their first mission – to help escapees during the Warsaw ghetto uprising – like a game of cops and robbers. The game turns deadly and the innocence of a generation is lost under the grueling conditions of war. Features Roman Polanski in the cast. VHS1954
GLASS LIPSDPOLGLAS01A 94 min., no dialogue. Directed by Lech Majewski. Composed of thirty-three short films entitled Blood of a Poet. Banished to an asylum, a traumatized young poet relives his tormented childhood in a cascade of wordless images and tableaux. Imprisoned in a lifelong bedlam presided over by an abusive father and a passively seductive mother, the poet uses his ebbing sanity as a means of escape. DVD 2007
GOSPEL ACCORDING TO HARRYDENGGOSP01A 81 min., English. Directed by Lech Majewski. Viggo Mortensen plays Wes, a young husband locked in co-dependent discontent with his beautiful but needy wife Karen. Their future prospects as barren as the sun-bleached dunes that are the surreal setting for their one-room existence, Wes and Karen go through the dehumanizing motions of a modern life in which happiness is as ephemeral and elusive as the grains of sand beneath their feet. DVD1994
H.M. DESERTERSDPOLHMDE01A 160 min. Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Jan Majewski. A bunch of "Politically suspected" soldiers from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, whose job is to guard a camp of Italian POW's, desert their post. Their adventure has just begun. DVD1986
SANATORIUM POD KLEPSYDRA (The Hourglass Sanatorium)DPOLHMDE01A 124 min., Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Wojciech J. Has. A young man named Joseph visits his dying father in a mysterious sanatorium and discovers that time does not exist in its real form inside. He soon finds himself in a web of memories, fantasies, and frustrations of his childhood. Based on a novel by Bruno Schulz, this surrealist film has been compared to the best works of Gilliam, Greenaway, and Bunuel. DVD1973
SCUM MANIFESTODPOLSCUM01A 27 min. Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Jill Godmilow, Joanna Krakwska, and Magda Mosiewicz. "Life in this society being, at best, an utter bore and no aspect of society being at all relevant to women, there remains to civic-minded, responsible, thrill-seeking females only to overthrow the government, eliminate the money system, institute complete automation and destroy the male sex." So begins the infamous 1967 text, SCUM Manifesto, by Valerie Solanas - best known as the woman who shot Andy Warhol. This Polish-language version is an exact replica of the film made in 1976 by feminist Carole Roussopoulos and actress Delphine Seyrig, who performed a French translation of about 12 essential paragraphs, line by line, and typed it up - on camera. Phrase by phrase the text emerges as a catalyzing provocation toward the decolonization of the female mind. It is the filmmakers' hope that other women will replicate this film in their own countries and in their own languages, so that Solanas' text continues to circulate in this time of confusion and collapse. DVD2016
IMAGE BEFORE MY EYES DENGIMGB01A, VENGIMAG01A, DENGIMGB01A 90 min. English. Directed by Josh Waletzky. Prior to WWII, Jewish Poland was a rich civilization, the largest and most important center of Jewish culture and creativity in the world. This remarkable documentary about Polish Jewry in the decades that preceded the WWII utilizes a skillful mixture of rare film footage, memorabilia, photos, music and interviews to portray a rich and varied way of life. The “old world” romanticized in folk literature is made quite real in this memorable film. The film is about rich and poor; the religious and secular; the shtetl and city; the worldly and the provincial VHS N/A
IN DARKNESSDPOLDARK01A 144 min. Polish with English subtitles. From acclaimed director Agnieszka Holland, In Darkness is based on a true story. Leopold Socha, a sewer worker and petty thief in Lvov, a Nazi-occupied city in Poland, one day encounters a group of Jews trying to escape the liquidation of the ghetto. He hides them for money in the labyrinth of the town’s sewers beneath the bustling activity of the city above. What starts out as a straightforward and cynical business arrangement turns into something very unexpected: the unlikely alliance between Socha and the Jews as the enterprise seeps deeper into Socha’s conscience. The film is also an extraordinary story of survival as these men, women and children all try to outwit certain death during 14 months of ever increasing and intense danger. DVD2011
INNOCENT SORCERORSDPOLINSO01A 86 min. Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Andrzej Wajda. A bachelor doctor, who is also a jazz musician, can't quite commit himself to his superficial girlfriend. He and his aimless friends find any kind of human contact or emotional commitment a troubling and ultimately uninviting prospect. VHS1960
KANALDPOLCANA01A 96 min. Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Andrzej Wajda. Kanal begins on the 56th day of the Warsaw Uprising against the Nazis. A ragtag group of trained and untrained Resistance fighters hold the frontline. They try to live a relatively normal life, and even play the piano. They achieve many small victories, but must retreat into the sewers. But the darkness stretches on forever. DVD1957
KINGSIZEDPOLKNGS01A, VPOLKING01A 108 min. Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Juliusz Machulski. This allegory made in Poland during the communist era contrasts two imaginary worlds, one made up of dwarves and the other by people of normal stature. The more servile inhabitants of the gnome kingdom are rewarded with "kingsize" drops that allow them to assume human form. Many former gnomes having entered the human world become so enchanted that they are reluctant to return. VHS1988
LANDSCAPE AFTER BATTLEDPOLLAND01A 101 min. Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Andrzej Wajda. Polish director Andrzej Wajda tells a beautiful and fatalistic story of love found in the aftermath of the Holocaust. Based on the writings of Tadeusz Borowski, an Auschwitz survivor who committed suicide at the age of 29, the film follows two concentration camp survivors who have an affair while waiting repatriation after World War II. DVD1979
TREDOWATA (Leper)DPOLLEPE01A 100 min., Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Jerzy Hoffman. A moving melodramatic story of a forbidden love affair between a young nobleman and a beautiful teacher of a high society school. The townsfolk try to destroy the feelings between these two people of different social positions. DVD1976
LOUDER THAN BOMBSDPOLLOUD01A 92 min. Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Przemyslaw Wojcieszek. Twenty one-year old Marcin is forced to grapple with responsibility and change when his father dies and he is left in charge of funeral arrangements. On top of that, his girlfriend announces she is leaving their industrial town in southern Poland for the United States. With references to James Dean and The Smiths, this very fine coming-of-age drama manages to capture the hopes buried beneath the surface of brooding youth. DVD2001
MAN OF IRONDPOLMNIR01A, VPOLMANO01A 200 min. Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Andrzej Wajda. Seamlessly weaving documentary and fictional footage, Man of Iron is a remarkable synthesis of art and history in the making. The subject is the Polish Solidarity strike at the Gdansk shipyard in the summer of 1980. Wajda tells his story through the eyes of an alcoholic TV journalist who’s order to smear one of Solidarity’s key figures, the “Man of Iron”. His investigation results in a series of flashbacks, including some rare footage of the abortive 1968 and 1970 strike attempts, that gives us a fascinating and heartfelt picture of this turbulent period of Poland’s history. Adding to the film’s credibility is the appearance of Lech Walesa in the documentary and fictional portions of the film. VHS1981
MOTHER JOAN OF THE ANGELSDPOLMJOA01A, VPOLMOTH01A 108 min. Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Jerzy Kawalerowicz. A priest, investigating demonic possession among the nuns in a 17th-century polish convent, becomes the object of desire of the Mother Superior. This is a story of repressed desire and the punishment the nun and priest inflict on themselves for their passions. VHS1960
MY NIKIFOR (MOJ NIKIFOR) DPOLMYNI01A 97 min. Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Krzysztof Krauze. The film is based on the life story of Nikifor Krynicki (aka Epifan Drowniak), a famed naïve painter discovered by another artist, Marian Wlosinski. The latter was working on the decor of the spa buildings in Krynice, where Nikifor offered his paintings to the spa guests. From there, Nikifor settled into Marian's studio. Fascinated with the purity and grace of Nikifor’s work, Marian gave up his own career in order to devote himself to caring after the genius artist.DVD2004
BEZ KONCA (No End)DPOLNOEN01A 103 min., Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Krzysztof Kieslowski. Antek was one of the few lawyers willing to take on political cases in a period of enforced martial law. Upon his death, his wife Ulla struggles to cope with her grief, but eventually takes on the task of finding another attorney to take over one of Antek’s cases and defend a man jailed for leading a labor strike. After connecting a colleague from Antek’s past with the prisoner’s wife, a series of mysterious signals make Ulla believe that Antek is warning her about the man chosen to replace him. DVD1985
TYDZIEN Z ZYCIA MEZCZYZNY (One Week from a Man's Life)DPOLONEW01A 93 min. Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Jerzy Stuhr. Adam Borowski is an attentive lawyer who investigates anything from child abandonment to racially motivated attacks. While he is professional and poised in his work life, he applies a different set of moral codes to his private life. Over the course of a week, Adam’s personal issues gain in urgency. He overextends his financial capabilities, while a beautiful young mistress and a terminally ill mother add to the stress he finds himself under. DVD1999
THE PIANISTDENGPIAN01A 150 min. English. Directed by Roman Polanski. Nominated for seven Academy Awards including Best Picture. Stars Oscar-winning Adrien Brody in the true-life story of brilliant pianist and composer Wladyslaw Szpilman, the most acclaimed young musician of his time until his promising career was interrupted by the onset of World War II. The film follows Szpilman's heroic journey of survival with the unlikely help from a sympathetic German officer. A truly unforgettable epic, testifying to both the power of hope and the resiliency of the human spirit. DVD2003
PSY (The Pigs) PSY 104 min. Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Władysław Pasikowski. Poland, right after fall of communism, early 90’s. Former agents of SB (Communist Secret Service) are undergoing re-evaluation, by which new democratic Police directorship is trying to decide whether or not they are able to be incorporated into new Police. Franz Mauer (Bogusław Linda) is one of them. He has a notorious service record, is ruthless, but devoted to service - the only thing he cares about, since he became estranged from his wife and son. Eventually he is recruited to Police. But one of his best friends, Olgierd, isn't. Facing unemployment, Olgierd joins a newly created crime group (consisting of many ex-SB agents) which operates in drug smuggling business. Soon, Franz and Olgierd - who try to cooperate in spite of new circumstances - find each other enemies. Besides, Franz's relationship with Angela - a young girl whom Franz befriended, becomes more and more complicated as the story continues, especially after Angela meets Olgierd. DVD 1992
PROVINCIAL ACTORSVRUSPROV01A 104 min. Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Agnieszka Holland. This film is set in the microcosm of a group of actors working in the provinces. While the actors are staging a play, ambition, jealousy and betrayal dominate their interpersonal relations. The leading actor longs for stardom but his dreams have placed his marriage into an impossible situation. VHS1979
REDBelongs to the West European Studies Department. Please contact them at to inquire about checking out this title. 99 min. Directed by Krzysztof Kieslowski. Krzysztof Kieslowski's striking conclusion of his Three Colors trilogy stars Irene Jacob as a model, separated from her lover, who is brought by accident into the life of the aging Jean-Louis Trintignant, retired judge and electronic peeping Tom. As Irene slowly uncovers her lover's secret life, she discovers that her own past is inevitably linked to her destiny. With Jean-Pierre Lorit and Frederique Feder.  1994
ROCK BOTTOMVPOLROCK01A 83 min. Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Roland Rowinski. A contemporary Polish film with the music of Grzegorz Ciechowski, the subject of which is the lack of understanding and hope among young people. VHS1987
THE ROE’S ROOMDPOLROES01A 90 min., Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Lech Majewski. Within their apartment, a father, mother, and son bear the dulling yoke of an ordinary urban life. His mind and heart borne aloft by the cycle of seasons and the images and music within him, the son transforms his cloistered existence into a richly poetic emotional utopia. As autumn arrives, cracking flakes of plaster become falling leaves. With spring, a cold hard floor comes alive with meadow grass and love beckons in the form of a beautiful girl’s outstretched hand. DVD1997
THE SARAGOSSA MANUSCRIPT DPOLSARA01A, VRUSSARA01A 185 min. Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Wojciech J. Has. Enter the dazzling world of The Saragossa Manuscript, a magical text discovered during the Napoleonic Wars. Capt. Alphonse van Worden lives out the book’s intricate storylines as he embarks on a journey across Spain, now populated with ghosts, demons, debauched royalty, and mystical priests. Spanning centuries and nations, the manuscript’s reach includes stories both humorous and horrifying, gleeful and grotesque, before the final chilling revelation brings it to a close. DVD1965
BLIZNA (The Scar)DPOLSCAR01A 102 min., Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Krzysztof Kieslowski. “Is everything under control?” demands an ambitious small-town Communist official preparing to receive a delegation from Warsaw. At stake is a large factory contract that would mean hundreds of jobs for a dirt-poor rural province. But winning the contract creates more problems than it solves, and the “quiet conscience” of reluctant factory director Stefan Bednarz becomes the moral center of a sprawling, Altmanesque tapestry of greed, petty conspiracy, and self-righteous grudge holding. DVD1976
KROTKI FILM O ZABIJANIU (A Short Film About Killing) DPOLSHKI01A 81 min., Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Krzysztof Kieslowski. Three strangers occupying different worlds within decrepit modern Warsaw unknowingly share parallel destinies. A misanthropic cabby lavishes scorn on everyone and everything. A young drifter searches for himself in a shop window reflection while hiding his face from police. A would-be attorney defends his optimism in a bar exam. Through an appalling act of violence, the three are united in a spectacle of wasted life that defies morality, upends empathy, and makes martyrs of monsters. DVD1988
KROTKI FILM O MILOSCI (A Short Film About Love) DPOLSHLOV01A 83 min., Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Krzysztof Kieslowski. Orphaned teenager Tomek’s voyeuristic scrutiny of neighboring windows spawns a romantic fascination with Magda, a beautiful and promiscuous older woman. His attempts to reach her grow in both resourcefulness and success. Once face to face with her, Tomek confronts his own doubt and the impenetrable cynicism and disappointment that keep Magda unreachable. Meanwhile, the spiritual beauty that Tomek’s infatuation may awaken within Magda sets the stage for torment and redemption of Shakespearean dimensions. DVD1988
THE SPRING TO COMEVPOLSPRI01A 146 min. Polish and Russian with English subtitles. Directed by Filip Bajon. As the Russian Revolution sweeps over the city of Baku, a young Pole sees tragedy strike his family and friends, causing him to leave for Poland. Once there he finds his country in a dramatic struggle and his own life takes several tumultuous turns. Starring Mateusz Damiecki, Krystyna Janda (The Decalogue, Weekend Stories) and Janusz Gajos (Three Colors: White). "...stunning...Damiecki has star power" (Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times). Based on Stefan Zeromski's 1924 novel. VHS2001
MIS (Teddy Bear)DPOLTEDD01A 111 min., Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Stanislaw Bareja. The most acclaimed Polish comedy describing the nonsense of everyday life in the 70s. The president of the sports club “Rainbow,” nicknamed “Bear,” is planning to go to London with his team. He is stopped at the border because his passport is missing several pages, which Bear suspects were torn out by his ex-wife. She wants to prevent him from leaving Poland and accessing the London bank account where they his their life savings. Now a mistress of a high-ranking Communist official, she wants to get there first to empty the account. DVD1981
65 min. Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Marek Piwowski and Janusz Glowacki. The first movie in post-war Poland to achieve cult status, A Trip Down the River is an absurd comedy featuring a group of picturesque characters. It showcases a cross section of Polish society in the late sixties, spending their holidays on a boat trip to nowhere. VHS/DVD1970
WHITEBelongs to the West European Studies Department. Please contact them at to inquire about checking out this title. 92 min. French and Polish with English subtitles. The second part of Polish director Krzysztof Kieslowski's Blue-White-Red trilogy, based on the concepts of the French tri-color flag. A Polish man's life disintegrates when his new French bride deserts him after only six months. Forced to begin anew, he returns to Poland and plans a clever scheme of revenge against her. Julie Delpy is great as the young wife.  1993
WITHOUT ANESTHESIAVENGWITH01A 116 min. Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Andrzej Wajda. This contemporary parable offers an unmatched look at the face of Poland before the fall of Communism. A famous Polish foreign correspondent returns home from an assignment abroad to find his marriage and career falling apart. Written by Agnieszka Holland. VHS1979
WITH FIRE AND SWORD, PARTS 1 & 2 DPOLWITH01A, DPOLWITH01B, DPOLWITH02A 182 min. Polish with English subtitles. Directed by Jerzy Hoffman. At the time of its release, this lavish historical epic was the most expensive Polish film ever made. Based on a novel by Henryk Sienkiewicz (Quo Vadis?), this grand drama is set in 17th century Poland during the Cossack uprising against the Polish nobility. As the violent confrontation builds, there is also a battle for the heart of a beautiful girl between a dashing Pole and a brutish Ukrainian. This was the first novel in a trilogy of historical adventures by Sienkiewicz; the others (Colonel Wolodyjowski and The Deluge) have also been brought to the screen by director Jerzy Hoffman. "...a great epic of the Wild East, all the more fresh for its reliance on low-tech horsepower and old-time storytelling in an age of digital-FX blockbuster madness" (Matt Radz, Montreal Gazette). DVD1989
A YEAR OF THE QUIET SUNDPOLAYEA01A 109 min., Polish and English with English subtitles. Directed by Krzysztof Zanussi. In this drama set in the wake of WWII, an American soldier forms a delicate friendship with a war widow amid the devastation of 1946 Poland. In spite of the language barrier, painful memories of their past, and the many cultural divisions that separate them, Norman and Emilia dare to steal a moment of happiness in the shadow of misery. DVD1984

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Title Code Description Format Year
12:08 EAST OF BUCHAREST DROMTWEL01A 89 min. Romanian with English subtitles, Directed by Corneliu Porumboiu. On the 16th Anniversary of the fall of Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, a local anchorman of a nearby provincial town invites two of his acquaintances to share their moments of revolutionary glory on his talk show. One is an impish, insightful retiree who sometimes poses as Santa Claus, the other a henpecked, hard-drinking teacher who has just devoted his entire salary to his drinking debts. Together they will remember the day when they stormed their town hall calling “down with Ceausescu”, or did they? Winner of the 2006 Cannes Film Festival Camera d'Or. DVD 2006
ASFALT TANGO (Asphalt Tango) DROMASPH01A 100 min. Romanian with English subtitles. Directed by Nae Caranfil. In the turbulent 1990’s the defining characteristics of Romania were spontaneous strikes, hyperinflation, and everyone dreaming of becoming a boss. Marion (Charlotte Rampling), a sly and sophisticated Frenchwoman, convinces 11 beautiful Romanian women to board a bus and travel to Paris, accompanied by a dubious manager (Florin Calinescu) and a scrupulous driver (Constantin Cotimanis). Among them is the ballet dancer Dora (Catalina Rahaianu). Her husband, Andrei (Mircea Diaconu), can not accept the idea that he has been abandoned and pursues her across Romania in a trip spiced with car thefts, armed attacks, and kidnapping. A road trip film and a comedy, in which Nae Caranfil draws with love and perfection a restless and romantic image of Romania. DVD-PAL 1996
ATUNCI I-AM CONDAMNAT PE TOTI LA MOARTE (Then I Sentenced Them All to Death) DROMTHEN01A, DROMTHEN01B Romanian with English subtitles. Directed by Sergiu Nicolaescu. Based on the novel Ipu’s Death by Titus Ppovici, this troubling film presents the drama of a small Transylvanian village during World War II. Ipu is a “village idiot”, who becomes friends with a boy (Cristian Sofron) traumatized by the death of his father. These two find refuge in an imaginary world, playing among the ruined village. Dark and overwhelming, this film explores the behavior and reactions of situations when hypocrisy, cynicism, and cowardice occur in contradiction with honesty, courage, and above all the force of the sacrifice of…the village idiot. DVD-PAL 1971
BALUL DE SAMBATA SEARA(Saturday Night Dance) DROMSATU01A 108 min., Papa (Sebastian Papaiani) is a gregarious and charming young man always in search of the “perfect love.” He hides his shyness and awkwardness under a mask of a sly trickster. Working as a driver on a construction site, he meets many beautiful young women. He is particularly taken with two ladies: a sweet blonde (Ana Szeles) and a captivating brunette (Mariela Petrescu). In order to choose the “best” one, he puts the two young women to the test inventing a story where he is a victim of a horrible accident in order to observe their reactions. After his return from the hospital, he discovers that he was abandoned by both women. The film received good reviews from viewers and critics in Australia, Tunisia, France, Portugal, Russia, Italy, Bulgaria, Spain and Germany. DVD,PAL 1968
BINECUVANTTA FII INCHISOARE (Bless You, Prison) DROMBLES01A 87 min. Romanian with English subtitles. Directed by Nicolae Margineanu. Based on Nicole Valery-Grossu's best seller autobiographic novel Bless you, prison, the film is a true story. A young intellectual woman, Nicole, is arrested in the years of Stalinism for being an active member of an opposition party. There follow three months of exhausting interrogation and isolation. Alone in a cell, she undergoes a spiritual experience similar to that of the great mystics. She proceeds to an in-depth soul-searching that helps her discover the power of faith and steels her to put up resistance. Nicole goes through the ordeal of communist prisons, conflicts and risky activities, and manages to provide a heartening example for the other inmates. Daily prison life is not drab but full of unexpected happenings like a story. DVD-PAL 2002
BULETIN DE BUCURESTI (Bucharest Identity Card) DROMBUCH01A 88 min. Romanian without English subtitles. Directed by Virgil Calotescu. After graduating from the Agronomy Faculty, Silvia does not want to leave for his assigned work place, somewhere in the countryside, and instead remains in Bucharest and marries as a taxi driver, Radu, who has a Bucharest identity card but needs money. However, they divorce, and things take a different turn as an actual romance starts between the two. Silvia leaves to work at a farm, departing from the troublesome “Bucharest Identity Card”. DVD-PAL 1982
CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’ DROMCALI01A 155 min. Romanian and English with Romanian and English subtitles. Directed by Cristian Nemescu. Overzealous railway official Doiaru stops an American military transport on its way to Kosovo to support the NATO intervention. Inhabitants of the tiny Romanian village welcome the group of marines led by Captain Jones with a range of expectations that reveal a great deal about the relationship between Romania and the United States. DVD-PAL 2007
TRAP FOR HIRED GUNS (CAPCANA MERCENARILOR) DROMTRAP01A 108 min. Romanian without English subtitles. Directed by Sergiu Nicolaescu. In the winter of 1918, the First World War has ended, changing the lives of those involved. Solders, whose only occupation has been fighting become mercenaries, ready to do anything to insure their survival. Baron von Gortz (Gheorghe Cozorici) leads a expedition to retake his property in Transylvania from local villagers. On the other side is Captain Andrei (Sergiu Nicolasecu), who leads a group of soldiers to save the villagers. Amza Pella, Mircea Albulescu and Ion Besoiu perform memorable roles in a movie set in the post-war atmosphere of unrest in Transylvania after its union with Romania on December 1, 1918. DVD-PAL 1980
FIFTEEN (CINCISPREZECE) DROMFIFT01A 95 min. Romanian with English subtitles. Directed by Sergiu Nicolaescu. December 16, 1989, Timisoara: Marinica (Cristi Iacob) is a sailor, a simple boy to whom life has not offered much until he meets Imola (Ioana Moldovan), a beautiful girl of Timisoara. Marinica gets married because of an expected a child, and seeks a religious ceremony before this birth. Their love is innocent, playful, charming, and simple, until when the historic events of December 1989 intervene. December 21, 2004, Bucharest: Ireena (Maia Morgenstern) comes to Romania, researching an article for Le Parisien Libre, the publication where she works. She must write an article about Romania 15 years after the Revolution. She chooses to write about the fate of a country looking for a child born 15 years ago in Timisoara. DVD-PAL 2005
A POLICE INSPECTOR CALLS (UN COMISAR ACUZA) DROMAPOL01A 109 min. Romanian with English subtitles. Directed by Sergiu Nicolaescu. Police inspector Moldovan (Sergiu Nicolaescu) is charged with investigating who assassinated political prisoners at the Viraga Prison on the night of 26-27 November. The authorities hope that by choosing the non-partisan inspector, they will convince the public that the authorities are attempting to solve the crime. However, the authorities really want cases the crimes forgotten. Yet Moldovan is incorruptible, and does not cede to the pressure and intimidation. In spite of these tactics, Moldovan discovers the truth and wants to bring it to the surface. At this moment, legionar commandos under the command of Paraipan (Gheorghe Dinica) will do anything to prevent this from occurring… DVD-PAL 1973
THE CRAZY STRANGER (GADJO DILO) VGEOCRAZ01A 97 min. French and Romany with English subtitles. Directed by Tony Gatlif. The director of Latcho Drom and Mondo delivers another seductive exploration of Gypsy culture in this vibrant tale of a young Parisian who comes to Romania to track down a legendary folk singer, finding romance along the way. "A spontaneity and freshness rare in movies…the talk is raw, the atmosphere is earthy, the drink is strong and the sex is not exactly refined" (Peter Stack, San Francisco Chronicle). "A great, free, emotionally powerful pageant that, at its best, makes your body and soul dance" (Michael Wilmington, Chicago Tribune). VHS 1998
THE DEATH OF MR. LAZARESCU DROMDEAT01A 153 min. Romanian with English subtitles. Directed by Cristi Puiu. After suffering terrible headaches which he can no longer fear, Dante Lazarescu finally call for an ambulance. Accompanied by paramedic Mioara, who becomes his lone ally, Lazarescu begins his night-long journey in search of proper medical care. DVD 2006
ELEVATOR DROMELEV01A 85 min. Romanian with English subtitles. Directed by George Dorobantu. A boy and a girl, high school teenagers, want to get away from the world and be alone in the afternoon, so they hide in an abandoned factory on the outskirts of town. While there, they fall in a trap of their own intention, and get stuck in a cargo elevator. There is no one around to hear them, and nobody knows where they are. Tension arises after each failed attempt to escape, as they must deal with the fact that their entire universe is now reduced to a metal box smaller than a room. DVD1999
FILANTROPICA (Philanthropy) DROMPHIL01A 107 min. Romanian with English subtitles. Directed by Nae Caranfil. In 21st century Bucharest, going out on the town on a Saturday evening on the arm of a beautiful woman is a financial challenge. Ovidiu (Mircea Diaconu), a modest high school teacher, can not afford this. Nevertheless, he must, for he is over his head in love with Diana (Viorica Voda), a 20 year old ambitious femme fatale. In his quest to become something more substantial than a high school teacher, Oliviu plunges into a fabulous world…Swinging between a life as a prince and pauper, Oliviu juggles two women, as he is freshly enriched in the eyes of Diana, yet also the humble husband of Miruna (Mara Nicolescu). All while living a fatiguing double life, under the “protection” of Pepe (Gheorghe Dinica)… DVD-PAL 2002
4 MONTHS, 3 WEEKS AND 2 DAYS DROMFOUR01A 113 min. Romanian with English subtitles. Directed by Cristian Mungiu. Two college roommates have 24 hours to make the ultimate choice as they finalize arrangements for a black market abortion. What follows is a gripping, heart-stopping drama, set before the fall of Communism, about friendship, sacrifice and desperation. Winner of the 2007 Cannes Palm d’Or and Named Best Film of the Year by the National, Los Angeles and Chicago Film Critics Associations, 4 Months 3 Weeks and 2 Days keeps audiences on the edge of their seats with some of the most breathless and bracing filmmaking of the year. DVD 2007
ANGER (FURIA) DROMANGE01A Directed by Radu Muntean. DVD-PAL 2002
INDEPENDENTA ROMANIEI: RASBOIUL ROMOMANO, RUSO, TURC 1877 (Romanian Independence: Romanian-Russo-Turkic War 1877) DROMRMNI01A 82 min. Silent. Directed by Aristide Demetriade. The Romanian Army was mobilized for the filming of this historical film of the 1877-1878 Russo-Turkish war, which formalized Romania’s independence. DVD-PAL 1912
INIMA DE TIGAN—CELE MAI BUNE MOMENTE (Gypsy Heart—the best moments) DROMGYPS01A 180 min. Romanian. Scenes from the popular Romanian soap opera Gypsy Heart. DVD-PAL  
INTALNIREA (The Meeting) DROMMEET01A 92 min. Romanian. Directed by Sergiu Nicolescu. A story of love and adventure set against the somber background of the Second World War and the cold beauty of the Danube Delta. Inspired by French cinema in both its subject matter and its approach. DVD-PAL 1982
MOROMETII (The Moromete Family) DROMMORO01A 142 min. Romanian with English subtitles. Directed by Stere Gulea. Against the background of a social shift – which will prove irreversible – the film follows the break-up of a traditional peasant family. The desperate test of authority for the head of the family – Ilie Moromete – as he clings to this reality fails. With Ilie Moromete recedes a social prototype that represented a century of Romanian society. DVD-PAL 1988
US, THE FRONT LINE (NOI, CEI DIN LINIA INTAI) DROMLAST01A 156 min. Romanian without English subtitles. Directed by Sergiu Nicolaescu. After the splendid “August 23,” Romanian troops fought with the Soviet Army to Budapest. There they had an extremely favorable position for the first attack on the Hungarian Parliament. A few days before the final attack, the Romanians were extracted from Budapest by Stalin’s direct order. DVD-PAL 1985
STORMY NIGHT (O NOAPTE FURTUNOASA) DROMSTOR01A 67 min. Romanian without English subtitles. Directed by Jean Georgescu. A production of Ion Caragiale’s play O Noapte Furtunoasa (A Stormy Night), and filmed under difficult conditions, it was the only Romanian film to premier during World War II. DVD 1943
OCCIDENT (West) DROMOCCI01A 100 min., Occident is an account of three stories that take place in one week. The lives of the main protagonists of the three stories become closely intertwined and interdependent, each story shedding new light on the recurring events which involve the characters from all three stories. The central characters in one story become secondary in another, however, tangentially and inadvertently influencing the lives of all characters involved. Part one tells the story of Luci and Sorina, a couple on the verge of breaking up due to economic hardship. Now at nearly 30 the thought of marrying a foreigner and leaving the country for a better life does not seem immoral to Sorina anymore. Part two tells the story of a romantic and naïve girl Mihaela, who is left at the altar by her fiancé. Her mother takes matters into her own hands (taking it upon herself to arrange her daughter’s future)by employing a dating agency and arranging a number of dates with strange men, while Michaela has a crush on her co-worker Luci. Part three is the story of Michaela’s father, a policeman. His only desire is to retire to the country and see his daughter happily married. The policeman is sought by Nae, a former convicted criminal who, after many years, returns to Romania to find Luci. DVD,PAL2002
THE OAK VROMOAKT01A 105 min. Romanian with English subtitles. Directed by Lucien Pintelle. While Romanian Communism collapses around her, a young woman, the defiant Nela, sets off into the desolate countryside. The apocalyptic road movie evokes a haunting world of extravagant dysfunction and edgy humor. VHS 1992
THE PUNISHMENT (OSANDA) DROMPUNI01A 100 min. Romanian with English subtitles. Directed by Sergiu Nicolaescu. Manlache (Amza Pellea) returns after 12 years to his village, having done 10 years of hard time and two wars. Nothing remains the same. Rusandra (Ioana Pavelescu) – his love – is alongside him when he is wrongly accused of murdering the nobleman Paraianu. His dramatic fate is the main subject of this film. DVD-PAL 1976
PADUREA SPANZURATILOR (Forest of the Hanged) DROMFORE01A 158 min. Romanian without English subtitles. Directed by Liviu Ciulei. The action occurs during World War I, somewhere in Transylvania on the Austro-Hungarian front, and starts with the hanging of the Czech lieutenant Svoboda, who was caught attempting to desert to the enemy. Lieutenant Apostol Bologa, who took part in the court martial, arrives at the site of the execution and gives the order that all ship-shape. The so-called execution will mark everyone, including Bologa. Among those disapproving this crime is also a new arrival, Captain Klapka, who is also a Czech. DVD-PAL 1964
THE FOREST WOMAN (PADUREANCA) DROMFORS01A Directed by Nicolae Margineanu. Director Nicolae Margineanu puts his delicate touch on this masterpiece, novel-based film, a dramatic love story set in the midst of a cholera epidemic. The unfulfilled love between the son of a wealthy peasant and beautiful but poor girl, has definite overtones of "Pride and Prejudice" set in the Austro-Hungarian empire at the end of the XIX century. Iorgovan, the prodigal son, is on a collision course not only with his family, but also with his servant, Sofron, over beautiful Simina. DVD-PAL 1987
PHANTOM FATHER DROMPHAN01A 93 mins., Romanian with English subtitles. Directed by Lucian Georgescu. "The stranger than paradise" Robert "dreamer" Traum meets in front "Cinema Paradiso" with Sami-the-projectionist after an adventurous, mysterious and funny journey, to finally find love. Unique, yet symbolic, this is the story of an American professor of Jewish descent who is compelled to turn his back on a successful career and get on the road that takes him through danger, the unknown and the surreal, back to the roots to reclaim his identity. The quest takes the hero, masterfully portrayed by Peter Greenaway and Francis Ford Coppola actor Marcel Iures, back to the Old World that rewards our traveler with a double love story. On the one hand he finds romantic love, on the other the passion for old cinema, nomad, popular, naïve and generous. This film uses as a starting point the short story "Almost Oriental" by writer Barry Gifford ("Wild at Heart", "Lost Highway", "Perdita Durango") who also has a cameo in the film. A tender and nostalgic homage brought to a past era. The Phantom Father combines stylistically the postmodern and classical cinema, assisted by superb photography, a haunting soundtrack and great performances. It marks the feature film debut of writer/producer Lucian Georgescu. The movie had an extraordinary preview screening during this year's edition of Transylvania International Film Festival, was selected in the official competitive sections of the Montreal IFF (world premiere), Uruguay, Mannheim-Heidelberg, Byron Bay (Australia), Capetown (South Africa) and Mons film festivals. DVD 2012
POLICE, ADJECTIVE DROMPOLI01A 115 min. Romanian with English subtitles. Directed by Corneliu Porumboiu. From the director of 12:08 East of Bucharest comes this satiric cop drama set in a Bucharest police department, where the bureaucracy of old still holds sway. Cristi (Dragos Bucur), a young detective who recently married, is eager to please his superiors. He is put on the case of a teenage hash smoker suspected of dealing drugs--an unlikely conclusion, but one to be followed through. Cristi studies the poor perp with great detail, which slowly leads to marital and psychological unease. Why is a minor's small indiscretion worthy of an extended stakeout? According to Cristi's overbearing, "Old Guard" captain, the answer is simple: "Procedure." However, if the new breed of Romanian realism has anything to teach us, it's that plain surfaces hide plenty of mysteries. Co-starring Vlad Ivanov (4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days) as the captain, and Irina Saulescu as Cristi's wife. DVD 2009
LOOK AHEAD WITH ANGER (PRIVEST INAINTE CU MANIE) DROMLOOK01A, 01B 75 min. Romanian without English subtitles. Directed by Nicolae Margineanu. Romania after the events of December 1989 is in a period of transition, full of uncertainty and chaos…Fane, a skilled worker is an old dissident who had been politically prosecuted under the old regime. Now he is unemployed and his family is a victim of the transition…Fica has become a prostitute, his oldest son goes to prison, and his youngest son has become a small time thief. Fane can not understand the abrupt transition from the revolution, when he was a hero, to a life full of betrayal and wickedness… DVD-PAL 1993
REQUIEM FOR DOMINIC VRUSREQU01A 88 min. German with English subtitles. Directed by Robert Dornhelm. Recommended for mature audiences only. Amid the 1989 anti-communist revolution in Romania, political exile Paul Weiss struggles to learn the fate of a childhood friend, Dominic Paraschiv, only to discover that his wounded comrade has been confined like an animal, accused of the terroristic murder of 80 innocent workers. Desperate to uncover the truth, Paul descends into an unreal, nightmare world of revolutionary chaos. Based on a true story. VHS 1991
RESTUL E TACERE (The Rest is Silence) DROMREST01A 135 min. Romanian and French with English subtitles. Directed by Nae Caranfil. An aspiring young Romanian film director, Grigore Brezianu, secures the support of financial tycoon Leon Popescu to make a feature film about Romania’s war of independence in 1877. Grigore’s creativity and determination meet with many obstacles, from ruthless competition and prima donnas to unfavorable weather and betrayal. Set in early twentieth century Bucharest, Restul e Tacere paints a complex and colorful picture of the early Romanian film industry and life in the Romanian Kingdom more broadly. DVD-PAL 2008
ROMING DROMROMI01A 120 min. Czech and Romanian with Romanian subtitles. Directed by Jiri Vejdelek. This comedy tells the story of Somali, the king of a small gypsy clan, who lives with his wife and eight children by the train tracks on the outskirts of an industrial city. Somali’s story promotes a universal message of human solidarity and tolerance. DVD-PAL 2007
RYNA DROMRYNA01A 94 min. Romanian and Spanish with English subtitles. Directed by Ruxandra Zenide. A beautiful teenager struggles to satisfy the demands of her overbearing father while seeking her own identity. Ryna has been raised as a boy because her mechanic father is obsessed with having a son. Despite her enforced short hair and oil-stained clothes, Ryna’s beauty is apparent. Her potential suitors include the young postman, her father’s manipulative friend the mayor, and Georges, a handsome French anthropologist conducting a study in the town. Georges tells her of the world outside the Danube Delta, a dream Ryna barely allows herself to consider. When her mother leaves, unable to tolerate any more of her husband’s abuse, Ryna defies her father and wears a dress to the town fair. The simple act of independence triggers a series of events that lead to a tragic end; and a fateful choice for Ryna. DVD 2005
STAN BOLOVAN VENGSTAN01A 15 min. In this Romanian tale, Stan takes a job as a dragon slayer, but finds it more profitable to outsmart the dragon. Suitable for lower elementary. This film is labeled as Teletales No. 3. VHS 1984
STONE WEDDING VENGSTON01A 90 min. Romanian with English subtitles. Directed by Mircea Veroin. Two short films based on stories by the classic Romanian writer deal with peasant life and traditions in the Carpathian mountains. Includes Fefeleaga (directed by Mircea Veroiu) and At a Wedding (directed by Dan Pita). VHS 1972
STRIGOI, THE UNDEAD DROMSTRI01A 106 mins., Romanian with English subtitles. Directed by Faye Jackson. Podoleni Village may seem like a typical Eastern European town, but when a young local named Vlad goes searching for his grandfather s runaway dog, he uncovers a mysterious death. As Vlad digs deeper into the possible murder mystery, his trail leads him to the Tirescus an ex-Communist couple who happen to be the richest landowners in town. Though Vlad is determined to confront the Tirescus, his quest takes a sudden detour when he learns that the two bullies may be bloodsuckers in more ways than one... Strigoi: The Undead is a Vampire movie that defies categorization. Shedding a fantastic light on a post-Communist Romanian village, the film introduces us to an ancient myth: Strigoi, the belief that people who have been wronged can rise again after death to seek justice and satisfy their thirst for blood. A deeply human take on an old horror story, this dark comedy explores the old world versus the new and delves into the heart of modern Romania. DVD 2011
ULTIMA NOAPTE DE DRAGOSTE (The Last Night of Love) DROMLSTN01A 99 min. Romanian without English subtitles. Directed by Sergiu Nicolaescu. An adaptation of the novel Ultima noapte de dragoste, întâia noapte de razboi (The Last Night of Love, the First Night of War) by Camil Petrescu, the film is the story of Stefan Gheorghidiu. Drafted into the Romanian Army during World War I, Stefan is forced to leave behind the woman he loves. While on the front, he only thinks of her, remembering every moment they spent together, practically going insane. DVD-PAL 1979
ULTIMUL CARTUS (The Last Bullet) DROMLSTB01A 100 min. Romanian with English subtitles. Directed by Sergiu Nicolaescu. Ultimul Cartus (The Last Bullet) of Commissar Miclovan is still buring in Roman’s pocket (Ilarion Ciobanu). During an attempt to avenge his friend’s death, he manages to solve an international espionage case. Directed in a suspenseful manner, the actors take to the Romanian public (Ilarion Ciobanu, Sebastian Papaiani, George Constantin, Amza Pellea), the film is an excellent sequel in the classic style of police films of Sergiu Nicolaescu. DVD-PAL 1973
AN UNFORGETTABLE SUMMER VROMANUN01A 82 min. Romanian with English subtitles. Directed by Lucian Pintelle. A Romanian soldier must choose between family loyalty and political allegiance in this disturbing Romanian drama set in 1925. Captain Petri Dumitriu has been reassigned to a lonely outpost on the Danube after his wife refuses the advances of a highly ranked general. On the Danube, Dumitriu's life is thrown into turmoil after Romanian soldiers are brutally slain in an ambush by Macedonian bandits. In retaliation, Dumitriu is ordered to execute the innocent local Bulgarians who work in his family's garden. VHS 1994
THE 11TH COMMANDMENT (A UNSPREZECEA PORUNCA) DROMELVN01A 138 min. Romanian with English subtitles. Directed by Mircea Daneliuc. The action occurs during the last days of World War II, when everyone resembling Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun, Goebells, Borman, and the other Nazi leaders were arrested and put in lagers for true Fascist crimes to be discovered and punished. This starts the long nightmare for these accused, who will suffer for these accusations. For a year they live in total isolation from the rest of the world, going through a hellish existence. In the end, those remaining alive will follow Ida towards liberty, and only Heintz, their leader, remains in the camp, who did not have the courage to face the unknown and goes mad. DVD-PAL 1991
THE WAY I SPENT THE END OF THE WORLD DROMWAYI01A 106 min. Romanian with English subtitles. Directed by Catalin Mitulescu. Bucharest 1989, the last year of Ceausescu’s dictatorship. Eva (Dorotee Petre) lives with her parents and her seven year old brother, Lalalilu. One day at school, Eva and her boyfriend accidentally break a bust of Ceausescu. They are forced to confess their crime before a disciplinary committee, and Eva is expelled from school and transferred to a reformatory school. There she meets Andrei, and decides to escape from Romania with him. Lalalilu becomes convinced that Ceausescu is the main reason for Eva’s decision to leave. So, with his friends from school, he devises a plan to kill the dictator. DVD 2006

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Yiddish/Jewish History

Title Code Description Format Year
THE DYBBUKVYIDDYBB01A 121 min. Yiddish with English subtitles, with Cantor Gerszon Sirota. The Dybbuk is the most widely produced play in the history of Jewish theater. It has been performed in Yiddish, Hebrew, German, Polish, English, Ukrainian, Swedish, Bulgarian, Czech, Serbian, French and Japanese. "Romantic tragedy involving possession and exorcism. Intensely moving, every time you see it. As indispensable as Traviata or Butterfly". --Stefan Zucker VHS1937
95 min. Yiddish with English subtitles. Directed by Edgar G. Ulmer. A restored Yiddish classic about a pastoral romance based on Peretz Hirschbein's legendary tale of a young student who leaves the Yeshiva to wander across the Pale in search of "true Jews." When the orphaned, otherworldly scholar happens upon a family of Jewish peasants who take him in as a boarder and tutor for their children, an interesting juxtaposition of lifestyles ensues. VHS1937
JEWISH LUCKVSILJEWI01A, DSILJEWL01A 100 min. Silent with Yiddish and English titles. Directed by Alecsander Granowskij, this film is an adaptation to the cinema of Menachem Mendel Letters by Shalom Aleichem. Each one of those letters tells the story of a Jew who is leaving his house and going to wander on the roads in search of his luck, finds it, but finally loses it all and finds himself again at the starting point. In this film the hero leaves his village and tries his luck in various jobs from selling corsets to selling insurance, and eventually goes into the match-making business. VHS1935
A LETTER TO MOTHERVYIDALET01A 106 min. Yiddish with English subtitles. Directed by Joseph Green. One of the most famous of Yiddish-language American films. Set in the Polish Ukraine and New York City, the film traces the break-up of a family due to stress, poverty, the chaos of war, and the difficulties of immigrant life. With Berta Gerstein and Lucy Gehrman. VHS1938
LITTLE MOTHERVYIDLITT01A 100 min. Yiddish with English subtitles. Directed by Joseph Green. Joseph Green directs this Yiddish-language, American-made film about a young girl (the famous Molly Picon) who is left with the responsibilities of tending house for a helpless and ungrateful family of seven. VHS1938
MAMELEVYIDMAME01A 100 min. Yiddish with English subtitles. A Newly Restored Joseph Green Yiddish Film Classic. Set in Lodz, Poland, Mamele embraces pre-war Polish Jewish life in all its diversity portraying tenenments, nightclubs, religious Jews celebrating the festival of Succot, unemployed Jews, and Jewish gangsters. Still, the film unquestionably belongs to Molly Picon, “Queen of the Yiddish musicals,” singing the theme song “Abi gezunt” and, in one of the film’s high points, acting her way through the stages of a woman’s life from childhood to old age. VHS 1994
MEMORY OF WATERDMULMEMO01A 82 min. Spanish, Russian, and Hebrew with English subtitles. Directed by Hector Faver. Holocaust survivor Joseph Gruferman reflects back on his life as he lay dying. His memories go as far back as his childhood in Russia, where his mother dominated the family. He also recollects his adulthood in France, where his wife had died 30 years earlier, and where his daughter now searches for a sense of identity. Inspired by Lombardian legends, director Hector Faver fuses his own memory of what happened at the Jewish Cemetery of Carpentras with documentary fragments of concentration camps and with the fictional account of Gruferman’s life. The result is a meditative work that celebrates the power of the memory of emotion. DVD 1994
THE SINGING BLACKSMITHVYIDSING01A 95 min. Yiddish with English subtitles. Directed by Edgar G. Ulmer. David Pinski's classic story of a blacksmith who sees too many women and drinks far too much liquor. Then he meets Tamare and his life drastically changes, or does it? In this charming story, set in Eastern Europe but filmed in New Jersey, we are treated to a quaintly romantic film in the tradition of classic Yiddish comedy-drama. VHS1938
SUMMER IN IVYEVENGSUMM01A 72 min., English. Directed by Tamar Rogoff and Daisy Wright. This unusual docu-drama chronicles events that took place during one remarkable summer, when American choreographer Tamar Rogoff staged a large-scale international theater production in a forest outside a remote, dirt-road village in Belarus. The production was inspired by Rogoff’s first visit to Ivye in 1991 to see the home of her ancestors. Her father’s diaries from 1935 described Ivye as a place of great learning, culture and beauty. On arrival, she found an isolated country town with painted wooden houses and cars driving around cows in the road. When Rogoff inquired about her relatives, an old woman led her to the Ivye Woods, explaining that on a single day—May 12, 1941—2,524 Jewish residents of the town, including 29 Rogoffs, were killed there by the Nazis. From that moment, Rogoff conceived of a performance that would pay homage to these people and the layers of life that filled this once vibrant, predominantly Jewish town. Three years later, she brought together an unlikely mix of actors—including renowned Lithuanian actor Kostas Smoriginas and Yiddish theater veteran David Rogow—dancers, musicians and local townspeople to create a performance that surrealistically echoed life in Ivye before World War II. With warmth and humor, the film captures the group’s attempts to transcend differences in language, religion and culture in order to tell a moving story of love and loss. VHS2001
TEVYE THE DAIRYMANVYIDTEVY01A 96 min. Yiddish with English subtitles. Directed by Maurice Schwartz. This memorable adaptation of Sholem Aleichem's play centers on Tevye, the dairyman, and his daughter Khave, who falls in love with Fedye, the Gentile son of a Ukrainian peasant. Her courtship and marriage pit Tevye's deep-seated faith and loyalty to tradition. Made from a completely restored print. "With all due respect for Zero Mostel and Topol in Fiddler on the Roof, it was Maurice Schwartz, the great Yiddish actor/director, who first showed Tevye the Dairyman in his full light as a mensch for all seasons. A rare opportunity to see Schwartz in what may have been his most magnificent role" (Judy Stone, San Francisco Chronicle). VHS1939
WE ARE GOING TO AMERICADRUSWARE01A, VRUSWARE01A 118 min. Yiddish and Russian with English subtitles. Directed by Yefim Gribov. The familiar tale of an immigrant family's journey to America is turned into a magical mystery tour as seen through the eyes of 11-year old Motl. The boy's imagination spins wildly as he and his family--loaded down with all their worldly goods and their other-worldly "baggage"--make their way from the shtetl to America. Inspired by the paintings of Marc Chagall, director Efim Gribov interprets the workings of Motl's imagination via comic and grotesque figures, ghosts from the past, and a dreamy, surreal atmosphere. The film's tragi-comic tone and theme involving the American Dream make for an inspired viewing experience. Also known as My Yedem v Ameriku. DVD1992
YIDL WITH HIS FIDDLEVYIDYIDL01A 92 min. Yiddish with English subtitles. Directed by Joseph Green. The classic Yiddish language musical-comedy that has been called the best Yiddish motion picture of all time. Molly Picon plays a shtetl girl who, disguised as a boy, goes off with her father and a band of traveling musicians into the Polish countryside. VHS1938

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Former Yugoslavia

Title Code Description Format Year
THE BLACKSDBCSBLAC01A 78 min. Croatian with English subtitles. Directed by Goran Dević and Zvonimir Jurić. Set during World War II, The Blacks follows the tale of a fictional paramilitary group as they set out to retrieve the bodies of fallen comrades, a mission that gradually reveals the true horrors carried out under the cover of war. Sparking controversy amongst Croatian audiences with its strong anti-nationalist sentiment, The Blacks is a hard-hitting portrayal of the war crimes allegedly committed against the Serbian people during WWII, and their link to the acts of slaughter perpetuated a half-decade later. DVD-PAL2009
AWAKENING FROM THE DEADDRUSAWAK01A134 min. Serbo-Croatian with English subtitles. Directed by Milos Radivojevic. A seductive tale that opens a lingering past, Awakening from the Dead is set against the outrageous background of the Belgrade bombings. The film follows Miki, a former professor who arises out of his grave in one last desperate attempt to harness the tendrils of his life. With the clock of death pervasively ticking, Miki races to do more in death than he ever did in life; liberating those close to him from their illusions as well as himself from his own.DVD2005
BALKAN EXPRESSVBCSBALK01A102 min. Dubbed in English. Directed by Branko Baleti. The Balkan Express is a band of roving musicians whose music is just a cover for their real work as con men. When the Nazis move in, things take a turn for the worse. Despite chaos, repression, and war, a greater understanding and an appreciation of the comedy that lies beneath the tragedy of life can emerge.VHS1984
BELI BELI SVET (WHITE WHITE WORLD) DSERWHTE01A115 min. Serbian. In the town of Bor, a deteriorating mining centre in southeast Serbia, lives King. He is a man of about 40, once a miner, now a local bar owner. He was once involved with Ruzica, the town beauty and the wife of his boxing coach Animal. When Animal found out about their affair, Ruzica killed him. After seven years in jail Ruzica comes back to Bor. She goes to see King, only to find out that he is involved with another woman: her young daughter Rosa. DVD 2011
BLACK CAT, WHITE CATVBCSBLAC01A129 min. Serbo-Croatian and Romany with English subtitles. Directed by Emir Kusturica. Emir Kusturica pushes his whimsical comic fantasy style to new, manic heights in this frantic, frequently hilarious fable of Gypsy life, mob debts, arranged marriage and true romance. Gorgeously shot by cinematographer Thierry Arbogast, this vibrant, joyfully excessive film won Kusturica Best Director honors at the Venice Film Festival. "...a reckless, explosive production that does everything the movies have forgotten how to do... it's thrilling to see something this profane, mythic and, most of all, not bored with life, love and the possibilities of cinema" (Andrew O'Hehir,
CABARET BALKANVBCSCABA01A102 min. Serbo-Croatian with English subtitles. Directed by Goran Paskaljevic. Set against the explosive backdrop of the Balkan wars, Cabaret Balkan delivers comedy with a vengeance in a cinematic tour-de-force that collected 1998 Best Film honors from the European Film Awards and the Venice International Film Festival. How the lives of various Yugoslavian citizens--a cab driver, friends in a gym, a girl on a bus, a performance artist and more--intersect during one unpredictable night forms the story of this fiercely comic film that has been hailed as "one of the best pictures of the year." (Rod Dreher, New York Post)VHS1998
108 min. Croatian with English subtitles. Directed by Rajko Grilic. The spectacular, true story of a Croatian 1920s Robin Hood, a fanatic ex-soldier and Bolshevik who tried to bring the Revolution to Yugoslavia. A visually complex, engrossing, sensual and unsettling action-adventure movie which is also a serious political drama, Charuga began by robbing from the rich and giving to the poor. But as with many self-styled revolutionaries, he soon robs from everyone and keeps it all for himself.VHS1991
DO YOU REMEMBER DOLLY BELL?DBCSDOLL01A, VBCSDOYO01A106 min. Serbo-Croatian with English subtitles. Directed by Emir Kusturica. Tale of a young man's entry into adulthood. Set in the early 60's, Kusturica grafts the Pathos of the Eastern European village movie into a complex tale of intrusive cultures, when Western influences such as fashion and rock and roll and the promise of European socialism threatened to roll over traditional customs, practiced rituals and Tito's political reign.VHS1981
FRAULEINDBCSFRAU01A81 min., Swiss-German, German, Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian with English subtitles. Directed by Andrea Staka. Ruza left Belgrade over 25 years ago to seek a new life in Zurich and has completely detached herself from the past. She owns a cafeteria and maintains an orderly, joyless existence. Ana, a young itinerant woman who has fled Sarajevo, comes to the cafeteria to look for work. Ruza hires her but is annoyed by her efforts to inject life into the cafeteria. Ana, who hides a tragic secret, begins to thaw Ruza's chill, and their relationship will change both women in unexpected ways. This disc also includes the short film Happiness (2006, 11 min., directed by Sophie Barthes), in which one evening, after work, Iwona buys a box of happiness in a strange discount store and has to decide what to do with it.DVD2006
GORA VATRA (Fuse)DBCSFUSE01A105 min. Serbo-Croatian with English subtitles. Directed by Pjer Zalica. Two years after the Bosnian civil war, the Bosnian town of Tesanj is slowly rebuilding itself, when it's announced the U.S. President Bill Clinton will pay a visit. The mayor immediately understands the possibilities—putting his town on the map and attracting tourists and fresh capital. The town sets about hiding or destroying any evidence of malfeasance and unrest, pretending that all is well between the town and its Serbian neighbors. In the end, plans go amiss, but all is not lost.DVD-PAL2003
GO WESTDBCSGOWE01A97 min. Serbo-Croatian with English subtitles. Directed by Ahmed Imamovic. Set during the Yugoslav war of the 1990s, Go West follows the story of two young lovers, Kenan, a Muslim cellist, and Milan, a Serbian student, as they try to flee the fighting around them and the daily discrimination they face. As the siege of Sarajevo persists, Kenan’s faith makes him a prime target. To avoid questioning that would lead to his death; he dresses as a woman and takes on the role of Milan’s wife. When the two arrive in Milan’s home town, hoping to find refuge, Kenan is introduced as Milan’s bride. The townspeople seem convinced but will the charge last long enough for the two men to find a way out of Bosnia and make it to Milan’s dream land of Holland? Winner of the Best Film Award at the 2005 Sarajevo Film Festival, the film forced Bosnia to examine the way they deal with human rights and homosexuality within their own society.DVD2005
GRBAVICA: THE LAND OF MY DREAMSDBCSGRBA01A90 min. Serbo-Croatian with English subtitles. Directed by Jasmila Zbanic. Nominated as one of the top five films in Europe in 2006 and winner of numerous festival awards, Grbavica is a touching film about a single mother (Esma) who lives with her young daughter (Sara) in the Grbavica district of Sarajevo, a neighborhood once used as an internment camp during the Yugoslav wars. When Sara wants to go on a school trip, questions arise about her father, who supposedly died as a war martyr. What secret is Esma hiding? The truth, threatening to tear them apart, will eventually bring them back together in what becomes a beautiful and tender story that you will not forget.DVD2005
THE HARMS CASEVBCSHARM01A90 min. Serbo-Croatian with English subtitles. Directed by Slobodan Pesic. Based on the life and writing of Daniel Harms, a Russian avant-garde poet of the 1920s who has become a cult figure in Yugoslavia.VHS1988
HEY BABU RIBAVBCSHEYB01A109 min. Serbo-Croatian with English subtitles. Directed by Jovan Acin. A coming-of-age story of four teens from Belgrade who love American movies, jazz, and a girl called Esther. The brutal but often hilarious circumstances of their childhood include a memorable initiation into the world of sex. Rated R.VHS1987
IN THE JAWS OF LIFEVBCSINTH01A95 min. Serbo-Croatian with English subtitles. Directed by Rajko Grlic. A middle-aged woman filmmaker is producing a soap opera entitled "The Jaws of Life," which follows the personal life of a very confused young clerk. This erotic farce details the parallels between the filmmaker and her protagonist. The various men that pass through their lives make for a series of amusing, sometimes poignant situations. The loose comic flow of the film makes it both ironic and bittersweet.VHS1985
INNOCENCE UNPROTECTEDDBCSINNO01A78 min. Serbo-Croatian with English subtitles. Directed by Dusan Makavejev. This film combines the first Serbian talkie, made in 1942 by the Yugoslav strongman Dragoljub Aleksic, with interviews with the film makers twenty years later. The result is a cinematic collage that is a funny and daring mix of a wide variety of film footage. Part documentary and part bizarre comedy, this film is both strange and unforgettable entertainment as well as a serious portrait of the war period in Yugoslavia. VHS1968
INNOCENCE UNPROTECTEDDBCSINNO01A, VBCSINNO01A79 min., Serbo-Croatian with English subtitles. Directed by Dusan Makavejev. This utterly unclassifiable film is one of Dusan Makavejev's most freewheeling farces, assembled from the "lost" footage of the first Serbian talkie, a silly melodrama titled Innocence Unprotected, made during the Nazi occupation; contemporary interviews with the megaman who made it and other crew members; and images of the World War II destruction, and subsequent rebuilding, of Belgrade. And at its center is a (real-life) character you won't soon forget: Dragoljub Aleksic, an artist whom Makavejev uses as the absurd and wondrous basis for a look back at his country's tumultuous recent history.VHS1968
WHEN I GROW UP, I’LL BE A KANGAROO (KANG)DRUSWHEN01A 92 min. Serbian with English subtitles. Directed by Radivoje Andrić. When I Grow Up, I'll Be a Kangaroo comprises three intertwined stories set in the Belgrade suburb of Voždovac. In the first, Voždovac native Braca tries to pick up Iris, a model from the city centre. In the second story, Šomi and Duje bet on the London football club Eastwich, where their school friend is goalkeeper, against favorite Manchester United. In the third story, Avaks and Hibrid spend their day killing time on the roof of their apartment building waiting for something to happen. Their philosophy is “I make the most profit when I sit at home: no income but no expenses.” And then Avaks sees something strange happen in the sky. DVD2004
LOVE AFFAIR: OR, THE CASE OF THE MISSING SWITCHBOARD OPERATORVBCSLOVE01A70 min. Serbo-Croatian with English subtitles. Directed by Dusan Makaveyev. This film is a radical investigation of the relationship between sex and politics. It is the story of a young switchboard operator who falls in love with a sanitary worker until she allows herself to be seduced by a younger, more glamorous man.VHS1967
LOVE AFFAIR, OR THE CASE OF THE MISSING SWITCHBOARD OPERATORDBCSLOVE01A68 min., Serbo-Croatian with English subtitles. Directed by Dusan Makavejev. In outline, this is the story of the tragic romance between a young telephonist (Eva Ras) and a middle-aged rodent sanitation specialist (Slobodan Aligrudic) in Belgrade. Yet in Dusan Makavejev's manic hands, this second feature becomes an endlessly surprising, time-shifting exploration of love and freedom. Featuring interludes of interviews with a sexologist and a criminologist, as well as some of the most elegant dramatic filmmaking of the director's career, Love Affair, based on a true incident, further demonstrated Makavejev's adeptness at mixing and matching genres, and his odd, sophisticated humanism.DVD1965
LOVING GLANCESDBCSLOVI01A97 min. Serbo-Croatian with English subtitles. Directed by Srdjan Karanovic. A funny romantic fantasy about lost loves and dating dilemmas, this film is set in 1995 post-war Belgrade and amidst the city's sea of refugees. The handsome student Labud has been lonely since his fiancé left for Chicago. He tries a computer dating service, which leads him to meet the beautiful Romana. As Labud tries to become romantically involved, he is visited by a series of opinionated and meddlesome ghosts: family members and friends who died during the war but return to offer advice on his love affair. This rare post-Balkan war film showcases refugees trying to eke out a normal life - and fall in love - in this strange landscape. DVD2004
MAN IS NOT A BIRDVBCSMANI01A80 min. Serbo-Croatian with English subtitles. Directed by Dusan Makavejev. This film is a work of genius that takes place in a mining town in eastern Serbia. The central characters are an engineer in one of the factories and a young hairdresser with whom he has an affair.VHS1966
MAN IS NOT A BIRDDBCSMANI01A78 min., Serbo-Croatian with English subtitles. Directed by Dusan Makavejev. Man is Not a Bird is an antic, free-form portrait of the love lives of two less-than-heroic men who labor in a copper factory. For this first feature, following years of making documentaries and experimental shorts, Dusan Makavejev and his crew set up shop in Bor, a mining town in the mountains near Yugoslavia's border with Bulgaria, interviewing the workers in the region and even shooting footage inside the local ore factories. Yet the result is hardly a staid tribute to the working class. DVD1965
NO MAN'S LANDDBCSNOMA01A98 min. Serbo-Croatian, French, and English, with English subtitles. Directed by Danis Tanovic. The bleak absurdity of the Bosnian-Serbian conflict and the outside world's impotent response to it is unforgettably portrayed in this dark satire directed by Danis Tanovic. Three soldiers--two Bosnians and one Serb--end up trapped in the trenches that serve as a dividing line between armies. One soldier, originally left for dead, is used as a booby trap on a landmine, leading to an unexpected dilemma without an apparent resolution. "...often harrowing to watch, but it can also be shockingly entertaining as it deftly mixes macabre humor, pathos, and horror" (Stephen Farber, Movieline). DVD2001
OBITUARY FOR ESCOBARDBCSOBIT01A 90 min. Serbian-Croatian without subtitles. Directed by Milorad Milinkovic. Obituary for Escobar is a black comedy with a romantic twist. Gandhi is a criminal, whose childhood has led him towards a criminal adult life. He meets the mysterious Lela and falls madly in love with her. The film is layered with emotions and deals with some very interesting issues: is everything in life just a coincidence or is everything predestined, and if it is, can one change one's destiny? The film also deals with the very sensitive issue of a gender/sex change, and the eternally repeated questions: can repentance lead to salvation, and is forgiveness possible? DVD2008
ON THE PATH (Na Putu)DBCSONTH01A100 min. Set in Sarajevo, the film tells the story of a young couple Luna and Amar. Though both Luna and Amar are Bosnians from Muslim backgrounds, they lead totally secular lives, enjoying a tender, strongly sexual relationship. After the trauma of losing his brother, Amar turns to alcohol and loses his job. His old army friend, a devout Muslim, finds him a new job teaching computer studies to children in a fundamentalist camp. While visiting her boyfriend, Luna is disturbed by the rigorous practice of fundamentalist Islam at the camp, later discovering that Amar had become a radical Islamist himself.DVD2010
THE POPOVITCH BROTHERS OF SOUTH CHICAGODMULPOPO01A 60 min. English with English subtitles. Directed by Jill Godmilow. In a small community of steel workers, truck drivers, and teachers on the South Side of Chicago, a musical group called the Popovich Brothers maintained the traditional music and rich culture of their Serbian homeland by performing in local venues. During the 1970s, when this poignant, but entertaining, documentary was produced, the Popovich Brothers had been performing for almost 50 years, bringing this music to young generations eager to embrace the culture and values of their parents' native country. Just as the brothers preserve the traditions of another time and place, so does this documentary, offering a snapshot of Chicago's Serbian-American community. DVD1978
PRETTY VILLAGE, PRETTY FLAMEDBCSPRETT01A125 min. Serbo-Croatian with English Subtitles. Directed by Srdjan Dragojevic. Two young boys, Halil, a Muslim, and Milan, a Serb, watch the inauguration of the new Brotherhood and Unity Tunnel in their neighborhood in 1980. Twelve years later, Milan lies in a hospital bed, badly injured. Wounded Serbs and Muslims recover in the same hospital. Recalling the events that brought him there, Milan finds it hard to believe that he is again that close to his recent enemies. He remembers the vicious firefight where their Muslim enemies trapped him and a group of Serb soldiers in the very same tunnel in a ten-day siege. And now Halil and Milan are on opposing sides, their friendship tattered and in ruins. This provocative and disturbing movie is based on an incident that happened in the first winter of the war in Bosnia in 1992.DVD1998
SIBERIAN LADY MACBETHDBCSSIBE01A93 min. Serbo-Croation with English subtitles. Directed by Andrzej Wajda. Andrzej Wajda shot this extraordinary film in Yugoslavia, during a period of self-imposed political exile. Fury is a Woman ranks with Akira Kurosawa's Throne of Blood as one of the most successful screen translations of Shakespeare ever made. "Not only has the director succeeded in catching the spirit of the time and the place; he has also managed to create the sense of timelessness inherent to the tragedy" (Richard Roud, Sight & Sound). With Olivera Markovic and Ljuba Tadic.DVD1961
OPROSTI ZA KUNG FU (Sorry for the Kung Fu)DBCSSORR01A73 min. Serbo-Croatian with English subtitles. Directed by Ognjen Svilicic. A single expectant mother confronts her narrow minded family in Ognjen Svilicic’s award winning film. Pregnant Mirjana returns to her native village from Germany at the end of the Balkan wars. Her family is mortified that she does not have a husband and quickly enlists the aid of the local Mafioso to marry her off before they are ostracized by their reactionary neighbors. Mirjana steadfastly refuses to submit to their matchmaking and instead is drawn to Mate, the local detonator of land mines from the war. A tenuous truce is struck between Mirjana and her family – until she gives birth to an Asian baby… DVD2004
TEARS FOR SALEDBCSTEAR01A 90 min. Serbian-Croatian without subtitles. Directed by Uros Stojanovic. The film tells the story of two sisters, who grew up in a small Serbian village in the beginning of the 1930s. The village is torn by wars and years long bloodshed. There are no men left in the village. The protagonists Ognjenka and Mala Boginja decide to go to the city, kidnap some men and return life to their village. DVD2008
TIME OF THE GYPSIES DBCSTIME01A, VENGTIME01A136 min. Romany and Serbo-Croatian with English subtitles. Directed by Emir Kusturica. Winner of best director at Cannes, this film is a beguiling inside look at the education of a young gypsy in Eastern Europe. Mixing magical realism, visual humor, and dramatic pathos, it is the story of Pheran, a life-loving teen with telekinetic gifts. Lured by promises of wealth, he leaves his beloved grandmother and girlfriend to join the gang of Ahmed, a flamboyant criminal with a scam for all seasons. Pheran's schooling at Ahmed's hands is at once comic and heartbreaking. DVD1989
TITO AND ME DBCSTITO01A, VBCSTITO01A104 min. Serbo-Croatian with English subtitles. Directed by Goran Markovic. A poignant comedy set in 1950's Belgrade, Zoran is the 10-year-old boy who adores Yugoslavia's leader Marshall Tito and Jasna, a 12-year-old orphan girl. When Jasna goes on a walking tour of Tito's homeland, Zoran follows with hilariously disastrous results. VHS1994
THE TOURDBCSTOUR01A 102 min. Serbian-Croatian without subtitles. Directed by Goran Markovic. Year 1993, the bleakest time of war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A group of actors from Belgrade, utterly unaware of what they are setting themselves up for, embark on a search for quick earnings - on a "tour" around the Serbian Krajina. However, there they are thrust into the heart of war and begin to wander from war front to war front, from one army to the next. DVD2008
ULYSSES’ GAZEBelongs to the West European Studies Department. Please contact them at to inquire about checking out this title.173 min. English and Greek with English subtitles. Theo Angelopoulos' triumphantly haunting Cannes Film Festival Jury Prize-winning film tracing the journey of Greek-American director "Mr. A" (Harvey Keitel) across the Balkans in search of several lost reels of film. Along the way, he has several passionate encounters with various women who have been, or may have been, part of his life. Filled with stunning imagery, the film travels through war-torn Balkans giving a compelling eyewitness account. With Erland Josephson. 1997
UNDERGROUND DBCSUNDE01A, DBCSUNDE01B VBCSUNDE01A167 min. Serbo-Croatian with English subtitles. Directed by Emir Kusturica. Winner of the Best Film Award at the Cannes Film Festival. In the midst of war, two friends attain riches and heroic praise dealing arms to the war's resistance fighters. The friends move their operation into a cellar packed with refugees, where one remains until the end of the war. The other friend, meanwhile, grows rich from the toils of those in the cellar. Fifteen years pass before those underground emerge to seek their revenge. VHS, DVD1995
VUKOVARVENGVUKO01A94 min. Serbo-Croatian with English subtitles. Directed by Boro Draskovic. Filmed in the bombed-out city of Vukovar during 1993, this film depicts the emotions of this war-torn region. Vukovar presents the story of a Serb and a Croat, friends from childhood, who marry and are then torn apart by the war which ravages their native Yugoslavia. VHS1994
WHEN FATHER WAS AWAY ON BUSINESSDBCSWHNF01A, VBCSWHEN01A144 min. Serbo-Croatian with English subtitles. Directed by Emir Kusturica. Although father has been sent to the mines for fooling around with the voluptuous object of desire of a Communist Party Official, six-year old son Malik thinks he is away on business. VHS1985
WHEN I CLOSE MY EYESDSVNWHEN01A99 min. Slovenian with English subtitles. Directed by Franci Slak. Political intrigue meets romantic obsession in this enigmatic thriller. When the rural post office where Ana works is robbed by a young biker, she takes advantage of the confusion after the robbery to steal some money for herself. Despite the suspicions of the police regarding her complicity in the crime, she develops a bizarre attraction to the criminal and becomes increasingly focused on tracking him down, unwitting delving into a deeper mystery involving her father's death during her childhood. "This tightly crafted, subtly suspenseful, and visually stunning thriller a must-see" (Chicago Sun-Times). DVD1993
WHO'S SINGING OVER THERE?VBCSWHOS01A86 min. Serbo-Croatian with English subtitles. Directed by Slobodan Sijan. This subversive, inventive, humorous feature helped define the "black cinema" of Yugoslavia. It is set on a bus of provincials who are making their way to Belgrade unaware that tragedy awaits them on April 6, 1941, when Nazi Germany will launch a savage attack on Belgrade. VHS1980
WITNESSESDBCSWITN01A88 min. Serbo-Croatian with English subtitles. Directed by Vinko Bresan. A man is murdered when three soldiers unexpectedly find him at home while they are planting a bomb. After blowing up his house, the young men discover someone has witnessed everything. The ensuring police investigation takes over the small town in Croatia on the front line of the civil war. Sometimes a story must be relived through various viewpoints before the truth can be revealed, as Witnesses interweaves stories of confronting ethnic hatred and deep moral ambiguities.DVD2003
THE WOUNDSDBCSWOUN01A103 min. Serbo-Croatian with English subtitles. Directed by Srdjan Dragojevic. Simultaneously exhilarating and despairing, this dynamic feature from the director of Pretty Village, Pretty Flame follows two youths as they become more and more involved in the underworld in Belgrade. Eventually they are victimized by the culture of violence that they willingly embraced, but it doesn't stop their self-destructive ways or their emergence as unlikely TV stars. The film works as a powerful indictment of the senseless bloodshed in the former Yugoslavia and the media's acceptance of that bloodshed. Veteran actor Miki Manojlovic (Underground, Cabaret Balkan) lends a fine supporting performance to the film, while the newcomers in the lead roles convey the thrill-seeking spirit of their characters. DVD1998
WR: MYSTERIES OF THE ORGANISMDBCSWRMY01A, VENGWRMY01A84 min. English and Serbo-Croatian with English subtitles. Directed by Dusan Makavejev. Called "an outrageous, exuberant, marvelous work," by Amos Vogel in Film Comment and "a weird and hilarious fantasy...witty and exuberant" by The New York Times, WR: Mysteries of the Organism is a unique blend of fact and fiction, and Dusan Makavejev's landmark film. It deftly juxtaposes the story of the sexual encounter between the beautiful, liberated Milena and a repressed Soviet figure-skating champion with an exploration of the life and theories of psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich. The "WR" in the film's title stands for either "Wilhelm Reich" or "World Revolution." Makavejev describes it as "a black comedy, political circus, a fantasy on the fascism and communism of human bodies, the political life of human genitals, a proclamation of the pornographic essence of any system of authority and power over others...If you watch for more than five minutes, you become my accomplice." With Dravic, Jagoda Kaloper, Tuli Kupferberg, Jackie Curtis. VHS1971
ZENITH DENGZENI01A 93 min. English with English subtitles. Directed by Vladan Nikolic. A retro-futuristic steam-punk thriller, about two men in two time periods, whose search for the same grand conspiracy leads them to question their own humanity. Starting from a fictional recreation of the Obedience to Authority experiment, Zenith plunges into exploring multifaceted dimensions of the human experience. Zenith follows two parallel stories - of father and son - now, and 40 years into the future. Searching for the same elusive conspiracy, both father and son find no answers; instead, their journeys unravel their lives and force them to look deep and hard at themselves and their surroundings. In the end, they are both confronted with the same Faustian bargain - but each one chooses a very different path. DVD2010

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