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focus on africa

April 24, 2015
IMU Oak Room

The successor to REEI’s annual Roundtable on Postcommunism, “China, Russia, and the World” is a series of annual symposia that focus on the engagement (economic, cultural, political) of China and Russia with particular regions of the world. The inaugural symposium, “Focus on Africa” will address Chinese and Russian involvements with Africa, exploring the consequences of these involvements for the continent and its peoples and tracing the motivations that have shaped the nature of Russian-African and Chinese-African relations from the Cold War into the present.
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November 19-22, 2015
Philadelphia Marriott Downtown
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This year we are proud to announce that REEI will host an Indiana University Alumni Reception on Friday, November 20, 2015 from 8:00pm to 10:00pm in the Grand Ballroom Salon D. IU will be represented at three booths in the Exhibit Hall: Slavica Publishers at booth 116, REEI and the Summer Language Workshop at booth 114, and IU Press at booth 112. The Exhibit Hall will be open 4:00pm to 8:00pm on Thursday, 9:00am to 6:00pm on Friday and Saturday, and 8:00am to 1pm on Sunday.
  • Thursday, November 19
    Suffering and Loss in Russian Literature (panel)
    • Brian Oches, "Oblomov's Prolonged Suicide"
    Frankin Hall A Room 3

    Oral History, Ethnography, Narrative: Researching the Personal and the Political in Post-Socialist Societies (roundtable)
    • Sebastian Schulman, Roundtable Organizer and Participant
    Frankin Hall A Room 4

    Exit, Voice & Loyalty in Post-Soviet Russia: Facts and Narratives about Protest and Participation
    • Regina Smyth, "The Protest Legacy: Activists’ Political Engagement after the 'For Free Elections' Movement"
    Grand Ballroom Salon L

    Dialects and Minority Languages of Eastern Europe: At Home and Abroad (panel)
    • Miriam Shrager, "Susak Dialect in New Jersey: Maintenance and Shift"
    Conference Suite 1

    Visual Culture in Late Socialism (panel)
    • Marina Antic, Discussant
    Meeting Room 401

  • Friday, November 20
    Ivan Turgenev: Fiction in the Age of Disintegration(panel)
    • Nina M. Perlina, Chair and Discussant
    Meeting Room 404

    Queer Nations, National Queers: LGBTQ Representations and the Nation in Eastern Europe (roundtable)
    • Joanna Nizynska, Chair
    Meeting Room 415

    Identifying the Enemy: Secret Policing and Censorship in a Frontline Soviet Republic (panel)
    • Padraic Kenney, Chair
    Grand Ballroom Salon H

    Indiana University Alumni Reception
    • Emily Liverman, Organizer
    Grand Ballroom Salon D

  • Saturday, November 21
    Vying for Control: The Politics of Ethnic and National Identity
    • Mark Moll, "Uncovering the Dynamics of Multiethnic Student Radicalism at Tartu University"
    Meeting Room 412

  • Sunday, November 22
    Using Authentic Materials in Teaching and Testing Russian (panel)
    • Veronika Trotter, "Authentic Text into Authentic Test? The C-test as a Tool for Assessment of Russian Language Proficiency"
    Meeting Room 302

    Against Liberal Hegemony: Towards a Critical State of the Field of Slavic Studies (roundtable)
    • Marina Antic, Roundtable Member
    Meeting Room 307

    Slavic Information Literacy in the Library and in the Classroom (panel)
    • Ariann Stern-Gottschalk, Organizer
    • Ariann Stern-Gottschalk, "Collaborating with the Librarian: Integrating Information Literacy in the Classroom"
    • Wookjin Cheun, "An Embedded Area Studies Librarian Goes to a Russian Poetry Class"
    Meeting Room 404