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Southeast Europe

Study of the history, language, and culture of Southeast Europe has been part of the Indiana University curriculum for East European studies since the early 1950s. The Russian and East European Institute (REEI), The Institute for European Studies, and the Department of Slavic and East European Languages & Cultures offer a variety of courses on this region. Language instruction includes four years of Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian during the academic year and intensive first-year instruction during the summer, and three years of Modern Greek during the academic year. IU has several faculty members who specialize in Southeast European studies, in fields such as language, linguistics, literature, culture, film, history, political science, anthropology, international studies, sociology, education, public health, public and environmental affairs, and law, and who offer courses and mentoring in their areas of specialization.

Library Resources

The Wells Library holds the Albanian collection, Bulgarian, Macedonian, and the former Yugoslav. The Albanian collection totals just over 1,000 volumes, about 700 of which are in Albanian, including major history and philology journals. The Bulgarian collection holds 18,500 titles of which 14,000 are in Bulgarian, including a collection of Academy publications dating back to the 1890's. The collection of former Yugoslav titles stands at an impressive 42,000 of which 5,600 are in English. The University was a depository for the Yugoslav PL-480 Program, collecting all materials published in Yugoslavia up until the end of the federal state. Since then, the collections for individual post-Yugoslav states have grown as well: 2,900 Bosnian titles, mostly in English; 17,200 Croatian titles (15,300 in Croatian); 3,500 Macedonian titles (2,000 in Macedonian); 10,700 Serbian titles (8,500 in Serbian); and the Slovene collection which stands at 8,500 (7,100 in Slovenian).

REEI has area related films and other materials for loan, including more than 50 feature fils from the region.


IU students may choose from several IU sponsored study abroad programs in Southeast Europe. They include:
Serbia, Bosnia, and Kosovo-SIT Peace and Conflict Studies Semester Program
Croatia: Social Work Practice in Post-War Communities
Doing Business in Croatia and Montenegro
Business Culture in Greece

More information about other IU- sponsored and non-IU programs can be found on the Overseas Study page.

McCloskey Fellowship Program

The McCloskey Fellowship Program was initiated in 2005 through the efforts of former congressman Frank McCloskey's late wife Roberta and the McCloskeys' friends and colleagues. Supported by the generous gifts of more than one hundred donors from across the United States and overseas, the program funds an exchange between the United States and countries of the former Yugoslavia of scholars and civil activists committed to McCloskey's vision of peace and freedom in the Balkans.
For more information and a list of past awardees please visit Frank McCloskey Fellowship Program.

Language Study

IU regularly offers Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian language instruction during the academic year and in the summer. For more information on upcoming language and content classes, see the Department of Slavic and East European Languages & Cultures for academic year opportunities and SWSEEL: The Summer Language Workshop for summer opportunities.

Modern Greek is also offered during the academic year, and for more information on upcoming classes, see the Institute for European Studies.