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Lab Director

Isabelle Darcy is an Associate Professor in the Department of Second Language Studies. She obtained her Ph.D. in 2003 from the EHESS in Paris and from Mainz University in Germany.

Her specialization is in Second Language Phonology, Cognitive Science, speech perception and word recognition

Link to info | idarcy at indiana (dot) edu

Univ. Potsdam Website Office Phone: (812) 855 0033

Research Assistant Volunteer

Chung-Lin Yang has been the research assistant in the lab since September 2008 until the summer of 2010. Currently, he volunteers to help with lab organization and general technical support.

Link to info | cy1 at indiana (dot) edu


Postdoctoral Fellow

Jeff Holliday is a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Second Language Studies. He received his Ph.D. in Linguistics from The Ohio State University in 2012. He is interested in the development of L2 phonological categories, the role of orthography in L2 acquisition, and all things Korean.

Link to Jeff's website | jjhollid at indiana (dot) edu


Ph.D. Students

Aaron Albin
Linguistics, Second Language Studies
Intonational phonology of Japanese and English, second language acquisition of intonation, socio-historical approaches to loanword phonology, quantitative modeling of formant data

Link to Aaron's website | aaalbin at indiana (dot) edu

Danielle Daidone
Second Language Studies
Individual differences, perception/production link, English-speakers' L2 perception of Spanish

Link to info | ddaidone at indiana (dot) edu

Joshua Gordon
Second Language Studies
Pronunciation instruction and development, suprasegmental vs. segmental factors in foreign accent and comprehensibility

Link to info | jgordonz at indiana (dot) edu

Chisato Kojima
Linguistics, Speech and Hearing Sciences
Japanese phonetics and phonology, acquisition of L2 Japanese, acquisition of segmental length contrasts, lexical encoding vs. categorization

Link to info | kojimac at indiana (dot) edu

Franziska Krueger
Germanic Studies
Child L2 phonology, category formation, perception/production link

Link to info | fkruger at imail (dot) iu (dot) edu

Ryan Lidster
Second Language Studies
Pronunciation instruction and development, Language assessment

Link to info | rflidste at indiana (dot) edu

Miguel A. Marquez Martinez
French and Italian, Second Language Studies
Acquisition of new phonemic categories from allophonic variation, regressive nasalization in English, French nasal vowels

Link to info | mamarque at umail (dot) iu (dot) edu

Vance Schaefer
East Asian Languages and Cultures, Second Language Studies
Effect of L1 lexical pitch on the perception and acquisition of L2 tone; influence of L2 phonology on accents in World Englishes and on pronunciation teaching

Link to Vance's website | vkschaef at indiana (dot) edu

John H.G. Scott
Germanic Studies, Second Language Studies, Linguistics
L2 phonological category formation, esp. acquisition of L2 underlying phoneme repre-sentations; historical Germanic phonology; Paradigm Uniformity in OT; Chinese tone sandhi

Link to info | scottjh at indiana (dot) edu

Cate Showalter
Second Language Studies
Relationship between orthography and L2 phonological acquisition, visual word recognition, perception/production link

Link to info | catshowa at umail (dot) iu (dot) edu

Ala Simonchyk
Slavic Languages and Literatures, Second Language Studies
Acquisition of L2 Russian, pronunciation instruction, acquisition of L2 phonological processes

Link to info | alisimon at umail (dot) iu (dot) edu

Joshua Williams
Psychological and Brain Science, Cognitive Science; Speech an Hearing Sciences
behavioral and neural substrates of L2 acquisition of ASL and amodal linguistic representations; interlanguage dynamics; networks and the lexicon; deafness and reading

Link to info | willjota at umail(dot)iu (dot) edu

Chung-Lin Yang
Linguistics, Cognitive Science, Speech and Hearing Sciences
Visual word recognition, speech segmentation, cross-language speech perception/production relationship between orthography and L2 phonological acquisition.

Link to info | cy1 at indiana (dot) edu

Other Lab members, undergraduate students

Trisha Thomas
Cognitive Science Program
Acquisition of phonotactics, acquisition of L2 phonological processes and alternations.

Link to info | thomatrb at umail (dot) iu (dot) edu

Haily Merrit
Second Language Studies, French
Cox Research Scholar; Her main interests are individual differences and L2 acquisition of phonology

Link to info | halamerr at umail (dot) iu (dot) edu

Collaborators and lab alumni

Dr Lorenzo Garcia-Amaya, University of Michigan: lgarciaa at umich (dot) edu
Dr Hanyong Park , University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Kate Nearing, Michigan Tech: kmnearin at mtu (dot) edu
Dr Marda Rose , Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)
Andrew Gleiser, Google, Inc
Dr Joan C. Mora, English Department, Universitat de Barcelona
Dr Terrin Tamati, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Groningen, Netherlands
Jacob Lindsey, Graduate student, Kent State University



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People News

Congratulations to Josh Gordon who has successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis on December 17, 2014!

Congratulations to Danielle Daidone who won (again!!) a Research Award from the IU Graduate and Professional Student Organization!

Congratulations to John Scott and Vance Schaefer who won each a $2000 research grant from the Language Learning Ph.D. Grants program!

Congratulations to Chung-Lin Yang who has successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis on March 10, 2015!

Congratulations to Aaron Albin who has successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis on May 14, 2015!