SLS Colloquium: Spring 2014 Overview

Fridays, 2.30 - 4.00 pm, Ballantine Hall 215

aktualisiert Apr 11 2014 (id)

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Contact: Isabelle Darcy (idarcy)
(at) indiana (dot) edu

Date Speaker Title of presentation Abstract More
Jan 31 Laurent Dekydtspotter & Claire Renaud The Parser as Language Acquisition Device (PLAD) in L2 acquisition abstract
Feb 7 Jeff Holliday L2 experience can hinder perception of non-native sounds abstract
Feb 14

Feb 21 Kathleen Bardovi-Harlig & David Stringer The lexicon in second language attrition: What happens when the cat's got your tongue?
Feb 28 Phil Lesourd The Anaphoric Island Constraint and Incorporation in Algonquian abstract

Mar 7 Kathleen Bardovi-Harlig You’re not invited to my birthday party! Disinvitations in social and professional contexts (an exploration of a highly dispreferred speech act in L1 English) abstract
Mar 14

Mar 21 Spring Break no colloquium

Mar 28

TESOL in Portland (OR)
Apr 4 Rex Sprouse Post-Lardiere De-briefing session

Apr 11 Rebekah Rast Cracking the code of a new linguistic system: First exposure studies Abstract
References cited in the talk

Apr 18 Cate Showalter A summary of orthography and phonology interactions: How orthographic information influences phonological inferences Abstract
Apr 25
no colloquium (PLL Conference)

also: Pragmatics and Language Learning, April 24-26, IMU tree suites
May 2 Sun-Young Shin & Ryan Lidster Why am I a level 2 student? Examining different standard setting methods in an ESL placement testing context Abstract also: GLAC at Purdue University